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#BanSelfieSticks - Help Us Spread The Word!

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I think I saw one selfie stick in all the times I went to Knott's and Disney back in September.

Most people I saw there, were taking just selfies or still asking others to take the photo for them.



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Emily and I take a lot of trips. I'd love to be able to have a selfie stick and use it responsibly to take pictures of us at the places and parks we visit. BUT, I can't get past the idea of looking like an idiot and being lumped with the general population of people I see using them. I care too much about what people think.


So, yes. Ban selfie sticks.

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Panda Power Selfie Stick goes hand in hand with Panda Power Power Glove.


Although my favorite of that line of merchandise is still Panda Power Pop-Up Panda.

Not actual merchandise official names



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You know... I may be in the minority here... But I see NOTHING wrong with SelfieSticks......................



When they are used correctly, and when they are used for what they were intended to be used for.



Although, let's be fair- you've all cringed at the sight of one at some point in your life.

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This is a picture from my London TR which I did not post, but I feel it is relevant to this topic. Trying to take a nice picture of Canary Wharf from Greenwich, then this pops up! What the hell!! Look at the size of it. They were down a bank quite a long way too.



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