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#BanSelfieSticks - Help Us Spread The Word!

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These things are really starting to get on my nerves. I never really knew what the big problem with them was, but now I have been seeing more and more of them and it is definitely a problem.


At Darien Lake, someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to stick one out just inches from a zooming Boomerang train in the station. What did the ride ops do about it? Nothing. Nothing at all. Next thing you know somebody is going to get impaled by one of these and rides will be shut down for weeks under investigation. Sounds kind of extreme, but in NY it wouldn't surprise me.

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Another person got attacked by a bison in Yellowstone while trying to take a selfie with a bison less than 6 yards behind her and her daughter.


Just goes to show you that people don't necessarily need selfie sticks to be dumb asses.

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I've got this small joke given to me, to use in my role as The Barker, in my local summer theatre's

Village Fair (circa 1843), which precedes a showing of the musical Oliver! I'm out in the audience as

they come in to find their seats, etc. So I greet them, and then tell them...


"You are more welcome to go up onto the stage and take close up photos of the set, with yourselves

in it. Selfies, too. But I must warn you. Management does not allow Selfie Sticks in any form or manner,

clearly for the reason...selfies sticks were not invented in 1843!

I get a good laugh from the group. They know and appreciate the comment.


C`mon Guv, you know selfie sticks didn`t exist back then. (o;

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Worst. Invention. Ever.


Personally I think a Selfie Stick is a good invention if used the way it was meant to be used. When we took a family vacation to NYC it was nice to have a Selfie Stick with us because we could get the entire family in one picture without having to ask some random stranger to take the picture. However, we made sure we were never in anyone's way, and that we weren't the typical "Selfie Stick Users" kind of people. However, I do think a Selfie Stick on ANY kind of theme park attraction is just an ignorant idea. I can see why parks ban them, and I fully support any park who wishes to do so!

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You know... I may be in the minority here... But I see NOTHING wrong with SelfieSticks......................



When they are used correctly, and when they are used for what they were intended to be used for. I will admit, I have a SelfieStick... Only because I got it for free. But I can not tell you how useful the SelfieStick was on family vacation in NYC. I was able to get really good family photos without having to ask a random stranger to take the picture for us, and we never had to have someone from our group miss out on being in the photo, so they could take the picture for us.


With that being said, I made sure I was never getting any anyone else's way, or causing an issue when I used the SeflieStick, and I would NEVER in a million years take a SelfieStick to an amusement park.


I guess in the end I do think SelifeSticks should be ban in ALL amusement parks for the safety of others, but when used correclty, and when used for what they were designed for (great group photos without having to have someone else take the photo) then I think SelfieSticks are a great invention.

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You know... I may be in the minority here... But I see NOTHING wrong with SelfieSticks......................



When they are used correctly...

And that's the problem. 99% of the people using them are doing stupid things with them. I have watched, and SEVERAL occasions someone get on a ride like Big Thunder Mountain or Expedition Everest and wave around their selfie sticks like a golf club nearing hitting people having to duck out of the way.


I'm so glad that Disney and so many other parks have banned them.

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