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Hello Alveys!


I'm interested in working for an amusement park over the summer (basically either that or working at summer camp are my top options right now) and I know it'll be soon that I'd need to apply so I wanted to ask a few questions.


Which parks offer employee housing? I know Cedar Point does but I heard that it's really crappy housing, and I read somewhere that Disney World has limited employee housing, but I'm not sure how hard it is to get into. I live in California but I'm interested in going out of state for the summer.


Which parks or companies would be the most appealing to actually work for?


How hard is it to get a job at Disney World? I've been browsing their summer internships but I don't think they've posted all of them yet and what they've posted so far I'm not really qualified for; I'm studying English and Math. Go figure.


Also, do you know anything about working with animals at Seaworld? How hard is it to work into a whale trainer or dolphin trainer position? It's always been my dream to work with whales or dolphins but again, not sure if I'm qualified.


Any information you might have about getting a summer job at an amusement park and the desirability of actually doing this is appreciated!

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Summer jobs at theme parks are awesome. They can also be brutal in every way imaginable. And surprisingly not too different from working at a summer camp, especially if you live on site. (I've not stayed in CP's housing, but I have a lot of experience (working) at summer camps). Both will involve long hours, all sorts of weather, people being idiots, and probably drama between coworkers. From what I've read, housing and food will also be eerily similar between camps and parks. Oh, and it may very well be the best summer ever, with amazing friends, work experience (which always looks good to potential employers, having working in a customer service position), and you can pretty much guarantee unlimited access to a theme park all summer long.

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Be aware that it will be difficult to move into a full-time non internship position at Seaworld right now. Disney is the best about hiring full time. But Disney's Internships are not just for summer usually, they last through the fall. Universal has internships posted and Legoland is also an option.


There is ample housing near disney though all of their affiliated housing is for college-based programs, and if you check the web (craigslist/facebook/padmapper) two months before you leave you should be able to find a sub-lease.


In Orlando, if you work for Seaworld (a 28 hour cap for part-timers) you will have free access to any parks owned by Seaworld, as well as Universal, Legoland and many area attractions. For Universal you also get free access to Busch and Seaworld. Disney will grant you free access to their parks. Legoland participates in the same program as Seaworld but I'm unsure of their access.


I would really recommend finding an internship (or begging for one) if you can, anywhere in the country. It is summer so anywhere you go will be beautiful and different from California. An internship of any kind will serve you better than 3 months on a crew. As long as you are paid 9 dollars an hour you should be able to afford to live cheaply.

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