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How painful is Manhattan Express at NYNY for You?

How painful/smooth is Manhattan express for you?  

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  1. 1. How painful/smooth is Manhattan express for you?

    • Super smooth
    • It is ok and it makes fun
    • It rattefluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo, but you can survive it
    • Painful like the death

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Rode it a few years ago, and it really was not *THAT* bad. I mean it was rough, yes. But I feel like it gets so much negative attention for being "OMG, THIS IS THE MOST ROUGH COASTER EVER MADE! BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!" When really, it is not that bad. Yes, its rough, and yes you get some head banging, but it does not deserve the amount "hate" that it gets.


Did I enjoy it? Yes. Will I ride it again? Yes. Do I think it is an amazing roller coaster? No. But it can still be enjoyable. However, this is just my opinion, and I am probably in the minority here.

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It's a painful coaster. If you have to ride it which I don't suggest. There are coupons out there. Save some money at least. Better yet just put the $14 you would pay to ride in a slot machine and do max bet. Once you lose it all, say well that suck. That's how you feel after riding the coaster.

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Many coasters that people find intolerantly rough, I just find painfully boring. This is one of them. I live in Vegas, and I have been dragged on this thing more times than I care to admit.


It's rough, but I've never found it painful. What I do find it is dull. Average drops, boring vertical loop and then the worst mid course this side of Flight Of Fear. It grabs so hard that it barely makes the second half, and those end bunny hops do absolutely nothing.


People talk about the roughness, but to me it's just a nothing ride.

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I have always chosen to skip ME. The price of the ride along with its scathing reviews have diminished any interest in it. Though I feel I should do it anyways as some sort of right of passage.

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Rode it once. One of the worst coasters on the planet. Will never ride again.


Plus it's expensive, and takes money away from spending it on all the awesome food in Vegas.




Exactly, there are better things to spend money on like strippers!

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