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"Ironside" My Wooden Coaster Model

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So finally the track is completed. I did the final curve into the station from the brake run at last. Plus I added stairs to and from the station I also added a tiny control panel inside the station there the operator stands, And I Added a hand rail to the lift hill. I'm currently messing around with little things like vending machines and maybe some lockers to see what they might look like. And also I added extra tires to the brake run. Enjoy the photos. I think this project will be completed very soon, and I have a few ideas for what's going to be my next project.


The final curve into the station


More of the station


Station exit stairs


Another general view of the whole layout




Brake run


A general look at the model


Messing around with the mock up vending machine and you can see the little control panel in the station

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Looks great! The station roof kinda reminds me to Wodan's (Europapark) roof

In the very beginning of the model, I was kind of thinking about making a GCI model based on Wodan hence to the station design. I love the roof on Wodan so I wanted to do my version. But then I just so loved the look of the RMC coasters and the way the track looks on Goliath I went with that idea and kept the Wodan ish theme.

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The model looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see what your next project is!! (My vote goes to a TTD model.)


Really though, great work!! Your model looks amazing!!


Isn't it though? Each one is always a learning process for the next one and this is the first one! Any ideas what you think you might like to try next? I imagine you will probably take a break or work on something new?


Did you find that taking close up detail photos for others to see forced your hand at being really attentive to detail? I know that's true for me.

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For my first coaster model I think it's turning out pretty okay. And definitely the close up photos make you pay more attention to detail. There's somethings I wish I had done different. But I found my ideas and skills improved as I was building it, so the parts I made a year ago aren't maybe how I would of done them now.


I'm actually going to take a small break from modelling once it's finished but Im thinking about making a EuroFighter or another smaller steel coaster out of plastic, I have no desire to build a wooden coaster any time soon lol.


Today I was playing around with shrubs, rocks and flowers for extra detail. I made an entrance for the tower ride which is called Shield Blast. And added warning signs in front of each ride. Here's the pictures.




The tower entrance.


I added rocks and some grass to the bottom of the trees for an added effect


The flowers I added to the queue line


The tower exit.

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Over time I was growing a strong dislike to the building I made for the model, So I wanted to make it better, when removing a few sections the whole thing fell apart and the deco got spoiled. But this turned out to be a good thing, I saved some of the good bits and rebuilt it, this time I went for more of a facade front like you get in real parks. Also I added a few tiny control maintenance panels to the brake run and the top of the lift.


Mean while, while I was waiting for the glue to dry, I through together a section of B&M track. Dive machine model perhaps?


new building


I like this much better.


the back side.



b&m track. very rough but could be a good idea.




The little maintenance box


And the other one.

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Okay, so for christmas I got some street lamps today I wired them up with a switch to turn them on and off. So i'v put a few into the model along with some benches, bins and some planters. Just got a couple little things to tidy up and then I will take some proper photos with my good camera and not my mobile to post








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So I present to you all, My model roller coaster/Theme park scene. 'Ironside the Viking Warrior'. A RMC track topper style coaster, complete with a S&S shot and drop tower 'Shield Blast' The Model is complete with people and working street lights. It took over 1 year to build with some complications along the way, but I'm so happy how it turned out. I hope you enjoyed my project and thanks for the support when I went through moments of wanting to give up and never seeing it's completion day. So I now bring you the photo's, Enjoy



















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I'm going to try really hard to make my next project OPERATIONAL! I'm hoping the trains will be able to roll around from start to finish, but they might not coast on their own...gonna have to think hard about how to do that.


This will be epic! the trains will have to be weighted, but I'm sure your more than capable of doing this I cant wait to see it. and thanks of you comments

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