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[RCT3] Thrill World (2000 Opening Day)

New ride for 2001!  

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  1. 1. New ride for 2001!

    • Gravity- Round Up
    • Family Star- Restaurant
    • Power Tower- Launched Drop Tower
    • The Ultimate- Zipper

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It is a park called Thrill World. There are tons of trees, a roller coaster and a big wheel. It is April 15th 2000 and the park has officially opened its gates...



Overview of the park. The Oldie and the Big Wheel are seen.


You might be questioning... Why is there a Side Friction coaster?


You see, we had to save up hundreds of thousands to pay to build discontinued ride types. It was around twice as much than in-date ones. The coaster was moved to a 'coaster yard' where old coasters are dismantled but still refurbished, hoping to be restored soon. It is the only Side Friction in Europe now after the United States got one from Spain. There are only three Side Frictions in the world.



Birds' eye view of the park.


This is just the park from above.



A security guard.


The park inspector was in the long line for The Oldie, maybe just testing it out. The guard said:


'It sure is a pleasure here. Almost everyone has a happy face on and so many people are having a great time. The Big Wheel views of just some flat land and some hills barely in sight needs to change. Otherwise, The Oldie has been drawing in great crowds with such a classic ride. It has been in the coaster yard for forty years and now it is back.'


Anyway... we need YOUR help to introduce a new ride for 2001! Just fill in the poll. This will be done every five years.


We currently sell:






Also, we have toilets. Any improvements? Thank you!

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