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Photo TR: Blackpool - Oct 2014

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Back in October I took a trip up to Blackpool as part of my Scare Kingdom visit. Normally when it comes to Blackpool the main focus is the Pleasure Beach which of course I did visit (You will see that in part 2!) but there is also a lot of attractions on the promenade that are worth visiting. I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to visit some attractions I had either never done or hadn't done in years before I left for Scare Kingdom.


First up was the Adventure Golf course located just outside Pleasure Beach. This course opened in 2008 and I never managed to get a chance to play the course until now. This course isn't like a crazy golf course, there is no windmills, crazy objects to avoid or giant mutant golf ball eating monsters trying to stop you getting the ball in the hole. The course is all very well landscaped with natural looking obstacles and very well landscaped. I personally loved it and I think it is a lot better than the offering you get at Alton Towers. Now I don't know if thats just to do with how well this course is maintained compared to Altons but still it was a great course and I felt it had just the right balance of easy and challenging holes.


Next up was Ripley's Believe it or Not. I haven't been inside this attraction is at least 12 years so I had no idea what to expect this time round. Honestly I don't think the attraction has changed much since back then and walking through I remembered a lot of the exhibits from when I was a kid. Some of the exhibits and the attractions are definitely looking dated and the whole experience does need a bit of an update but for £6 entry you can't go in expecting a super modern museum. I wouldn't say don't visit the attraction if you are there but if you need something to kill and hour or so for the price you pay it is a good way to kill time and there is a couple of interesting things inside the attraction.


Finally before I left for Scare Kingdom it was a nice walk down the promenade to visit Coral Island. Coral Island I believe at one point was Europe's largest indoor arcade but I could just be imagining things. Every time I visit Blackpool I make sure to go to Coral Island, maybe I have a gambling problems or it could just be there is something really awesome about it. There is actually 2 rides inside the building which have both seen upgrades in recent years. First there is the Pirate Flyer shooting monorail. This is an interesting ride with all the random shooting of LED signs for no apparent reason but you can judge the ride for yourself from the POV further down the report. Next up was the Pirates Quest Ghost Train which I'm pretty sure was upgraded for this year as I don't remember the weird function the ride now has. From what I could understand is the button they have on the ride vehicle had to be pushed every time you saw a ride light come on within the attraction. I have no idea what this is meant to represent and it didn't seem to work at all when I was on the ride so all seemed a bit pointless really. The ride doesn't need a gimmick like that in my eyes as it was actually extremely well themed and I quite enjoyed it. If you watch the POV further down the report you can judge for yourself what you think and if you can figure out what the button represents please let me know!


Once I had spent some time in Coral Island it was time to leave for Scare Kingdom of which I'm still physiologically scared from! But as you have seen that report already how about some photos from Blackpool?



The drive started off pretty well until this ominous cloud reared its ugly head!


Then for the rest of the drive it was just constant rain. All 9 and a hour HOURS of it! Stupid traffic and stupid M6!


Finally arriving late evening food was in order. This cheesy garlic bread from Frankie and Bennie's was AMAZING.


As was the gammon! It really was a great meal.


Pleasure Beach is teasing me even when I go out to get something to eat! Don't worry I will see you in a couple of days!


Back in the hotel I could sleep as there was darts to watch! (If anyone is wondering Michael Van Gerwen won!)


After a good nights sleep after the darts it was time to start the day and what better way to do that than with McDonalds!


Fuelled up and ready to go it was time to kick arse on the golf course!


The prices are not bad in my opinion and if it keeps the course maintained as well as it is I'm all for it.


Can you see the focus and dedication in my eyes?


The landscaping here is fantastic for a mini golf course and all the holes are well looked after.


You are looking correctly that is an actual jump over actual water. How on earth did H&S okay this? Thats a law suit right there!


This was my personal favourite hole as I got a hole in one!


After making Tiger Woods look like an amateur on the golf course.........it was time (Believe it or Not! ;)) to visit Ripleys.


Can you out gurn this guy?


When I saw this I instantly thought of the episode of Family Guy where Peter gets super fat and Stewie is in his folds cleaning him.


Yay free drinks..........


In here was a guy getting drunk on cider. I thought I was looking in the mirror for a while.


This effect messed with my eyes! I don't know about anyone else but my eyes just can seem to focus on it properly and it makes my head hurt.


This was my favourite thing in the museum!


It just a shame it doesn't really look much like Thomas.


As if I wasn't insecure about my size before!


"You spin me right round baby right round!"


Take a look at some of the exhibits in Ripleys here!





Sadly on this trip I didn't get to visit the Sandcastle Waterpark. Maybe next year ;)


On the way to Coral Island a quick trip to HMV was in order to pick up a new holder for my annual pass!


Pirates Quest Ghost Train was first up with its weird button bashing function.


It is indeed Blackpools latest ghost train especially considering Carneskys Ghost Train closed down.


Enter the pirate fire exit door!


This is one of the red light that appear that indicate you should hit the button. Nothing happened when you did though.


Some of the theming in here was surprisingly good but I think the red lights are very distracting.


One more red light then freeeeddddoooooommmmmmmm


Check out a POV of the Pirates Quest Ghost Train here!





Next up was the Pirate Flyer!


Must have been too much for this guy!


Time to start our journey!


As you can see the arcade is pretty big!




Seems we have found the pirates booty!


"Under the sea, under the sea!"


Anyone know the way to the toilet?


One more POV? Sure why not! Check out Pirate Flyer here!





After my pirate flying lesson it was time to leave and head of to Scare Kingdom but not before quick stop to the home of the World Matchplay of Darts!


So this it for part one of my Blackpool adventure. Next up is Blackpool Pleasure Beach featuring a whole load of Valhalla!


Hope you have enjoyed the report so far, feel free to comment. Part 2 coming soon!



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I don't understand the "free drink" thing at Ripley's. . why is that a gag that there's no drink?


what's the "Believe it or Not?" part?


The free drink thing is just a gag and proves that you get nothing for free in this world.


The Believe it or Not part is just how strange some of the exhibits are. Some of the exhibits are supposed to be so strange/weird that guests question how true the claims can be.


Ham topped with a fried egg? What a great country!


That is one of my favourite meals and I always recommend it to anyone. The only way it could have been better would have been if they had given me two eggs, but maybe thats just me being greedy.

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Okay so this has taken me a bit longer than I planned but I can finally get around to posting the Pleasure Beach part of the update.


Once again Blackpool Pleasure Beach managed to impress the hell out of me. The staff were fantastic, the park was very clean and I don't think I saw a single breakdown during the whole day. I really had a fantastic day. If you have never been to Pleasure Beach I really recommend you try and get out to the park. They have a great selection of rides with some really unique rides throw in as well. While there was nothing new for last year this year we will see the installation of Red Arrows Sky Force which is a brand new Gerstlauetr Sky Fly! But that didn't stop the park being amazing as usual and that was always helped by the use of a Q-Bot and Valhalla!


I could go on and on about how awesome of a trip I had but I know you don't wanna read all that so here is the pictures and a video!



Yay for the VIP entrance!


Entering the park underneath a 2 coasters! Who doesn't love that?


First stop was the new for 2013 attraction, Wallace and Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic!


This ride has so many clever references to Blackpool and Pleasure Beach inside its almost like hidden Mickey but with Blackpool references!


And the trains are giant slippers, how awesome is that?


How many parks have such nice fabric on their ride seats?


Does everyone like my new car?


For those that don't know Wallace and Gromit replaced the parks long standing Gold Mine ride. While it was a sad loss to see that ride go it still lives on with this fantastic flower bed!


If there is one ride that people know about even if they haven't been to Blackpool its the Big One!


How many nerds just got a little bit moist with this picture?


This ride just dominates the park!


I personally think this is still a pretty solid ride. It can be very cold at the top and sometimes it is a bit to rough for my liking but I still enjoy the ride and the GP still LOVE it.


Can anyone spot where the ride was re profilled here?


For all you super ride nerds you can buy ride parts at Pleasure Beach so you can build your very own Big One!


Im pretty sure some Arrow fan boys just passed out!


All ride parts come with an official certificate of authenticity and a little bit of information about the part.


You can also buy Steeplechase parts but I would much rather ride this over and over again! This ride is insane amounts of fun and I think the 2010 UK Trip proved it when most of TPR spent all of ERT on this rather than the Big One!


Relocated SLC........




This is my favourite ride at Pleasure Beach and not just because Robb violated me on it in 2010!


It tells you to keep your arms inside the car at all times but you can pretty much guarantee you will be doing that as you will be holding on for dear life!


Yay doughnuts!


Ice Blast really feels like its lost its punch over the past few years but still offers some great views of both the park and Blackpool!


Avalanche is a good ride, bit bumpy but no worse than any of the other Bobsled coasters I've been on.


The Ghost Train is pretty long at the park and apparently its really haunted! I have to say I wouldn't wanna be the one walking through the ride area shutting the ride down at night, that would be a slight squeaky bum time!


When Wallace and Gromit was installed this ride did undergo some slight modifications.


But over all its still a great ride with some really weird stuff in it. Pleasure Beach definitely has the best selection of dark rides in the country!


How about a ride on the Monorail?


Hmmmmmm maybe another time


All aboard!!!




Is this guy taking a dump?


But my favourite is the bone years where Valhalla boats go to die! :(


Everyone loves the Big Blue Hotel!


Any idea what that creature is in the top left?


Here is a POV of Pleasure Beach Express. Train fans rejoice!





Lets all enter Alice's wonderland!


This is a classic dark ride that for some reason plays "Ive Got A Golden Ticket" from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


I made a new friend!


I made sure to channel my inner grand prix driver. Sadly I forgot my TPR Grand Prix medal that I was going to wear for my entire trip........


Big Dipper is my favourite woodie than Wild Mouse.


I think it has got a lot rougher over the past few years but its still rideable.


Unlike Grand National. My body cant take the abuse this ride gives anymore which is a shame because it used to be a great ride.


Did I mention Q-Bots are AWESOME!


Flying Machines was having a lot of refurbishment during my visit and it looked like all the support arms were in the process of being replaced.


The park didn't have a time frame for the refurb but good old Mr Q-Bot was kind enough to tell you the ride was closed.


As Flying Machines was closed it just gave me even more reason to spend more time riding Valhalla!


Valhalla is my favourite dark/water ride EVER! I love this ride so much even with its insane wetness. Do people think I am stupid enough to ride Valhalla without a poncho though?


Of course I am!


Which then resulted in this after 2 rides! I got drenched! Its totally worth it though and all credit to the park I would say 90% of the effects were working this time round which is great by the rides standard and they had even covered up some of the ones that were not working which was great to see as you didn't get distracted by it.


This badge is a bit of an understatement really.


For any fans of Wallace and Gromit the park have some of the actual models from the shorts/movie in the entrance building. The detail level is amazing.


Thats if for Blackpool! I once again had a great trip and can't wait to go back again this year!


I hope you enjoyed my trip report! Feel free to comment below!



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I went my one and only time about 3 years ago. Had a great time, although Valhalla was closed during my visit. And it was pre-Wallace and Gromit.


Was surprised at what the rest of the area around it was like... a strange mix of college town, cheap Las Vegas, boardwalk vibe, touristy, seedy and yet still family friendly (for the most part). Lots of apparent partying in the area, though.

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Was surprised at what the rest of the area around it was like... a strange mix of college town, cheap Las Vegas, boardwalk vibe, touristy, seedy and yet still family friendly (for the most part). Lots of apparent partying in the area, though.


Yes, Blackpool is very much an "old school" seaside tourist town.

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Glad you all enjoyed the trip report! Here is a few photos from the Big Blue Hotel which I managed to stay in for one night.



For those that don't know Big Blue Hotel is the parks own on site hotel.


Mrs LD Thompson is the grandmother of current park managing director Amanda Thompson!


The rooms are really nice and the bed is very comfortable.


The rooms are very well finished and the hotel also has free wifi! The wifi isnt the best wifi ever if I'm honest but its free so you can't complain at it.


In the little area for the kids both bunk beds each have their own TVs and you can rent a PS3 from the front desk for the kids to play on.


Or they can play snakes and ladders, thats also fun!


The bathroom is very nice and had a fantastic shower.


Here is me taking a poop in the nice Big Blue Hotel bathroom.


Finally the hotel has a full English buffet for breakfast and its awesome!


If you ever get a chance I recommend staying in the Big Blue Hotel it is easily the nicest hotel in Blackpool in my opinion!

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Wow, thanks for posting all of those amazing pics Craig! I really want to make it to Blackpool eventually, and this photo TR was very well done and enticing. So many great classic attractions and I'm a sucker for a well done dark ride. Thank you for the tour of the hotel as well, it looked excellent and made me want to book a stay ASAP.

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Great TR and nice pics! I really enjoyed this park when I visited in 2003 (it's been a while though!)


Looks like they've made some great additions, and maintained all of their funky rides. My favourite was also Valhalla, greatest darkride/waterride experience ever. You won't get wet - You'll get SOAKED!

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Great TR Craig - how was the Wallace & Gromit ride, any good? I definitely need to plan a UK trip soon...


I actually love the Wallace & Gromit ride. The level of detail inside is really good. The only downside of the ride in my opinion is the amount of dead space where nothing really happens. All in all though it is a very good dark ride and compliments the parks other dark ride offerings well.

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