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Enchante Village Fright Fest report!

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Hello everyone, yesterday I went to the sneek peek weekend of Enchanted Village's Fright Fest. I can say it was better then last year!


Me and my Dad got there when the park opened, there was not a huge crowd since this was a sneek peek but hey, no lines and thanks to the nice ride ops, rerides! We went to the Timberaxe first. The Timberaxe is a Zamperla Hawk, and it's really fun! Since we were the first ones in line, the nice ride ops let us ride it a couple more times! After that, we headed up the hill to get on the bumper cars. We got a extra long ride thanks to the ride ops! After that, we headed on Timberhawk, the parks wooden coaster. It does deliver some good airtime in the back and they added a little surprise at the brake station. They put a animatronic that pops out with a strobe light at the brake area. It freaked out many people.


Then it was time to enter their haunted house "Mausoleum Madness" Last year, it was fun, but there were little kids in our group so their crying ruined the fun. This time however, there were no little kids so I had a blast! They changed the house a bit, and it looked better then last year. With the talent, some looked young, but everyone gave it their all. They rocked the house! I got some good scares, one clown trapped me in a corner, she kept saying"Game? Wanna play a Game?!" My dad just stood there laughing at me as I ran away. One of the great rooms was a room that you went through a switchback, the walls had a bunch of holes and wooden slats. A monster was holding a light, and that light was the only light in the room! About halfway into the switchback, the light went off. Soon I heard a voice say "Can I join your group?" A group of girls behind me said yes and the monster turned the light back on, the screams the girls made were sooo funny! Overall, a great house. I liked this years Fright Fest, I see they are adding many new things every year. I am going back this Saturday so I might have pics this time!

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