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Best B&M and Best Intamin

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i totally agree with maverick as it was my fav before riding skyrush, but what is it about kumba that everyone seems to love??


Kumba's Zero G Roll in the back seat, right side of the train is the best inversion I've ever experienced on any coaster... it tears through that thing like a bat out of hell. The ride probably also has my favorite dive loop and cobra roll... they're both incredibly forceful and awesome. That coaster is so great that every single time you get off of it you'll just be mad at B&M for every coaster they've built since they built Kumba.


POV's make Kumba look the same as every other floorless / sit down but the difference is that while the elements are in the same order and the layout doesn't seem that amazing each element is faster, snappier and more forceful than on any of their other floorless or sit down coasters. This coaster never lets up, it's great. And that zero G roll is just ridiculous.

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As of now.


Intamin: Maverick

B&M: Banshee


It's been a long time since I've been on Kumba i know when i did ride it I got back on 5 times in a row so I must have liked it. I305 i finally get a shot at this summer.

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What a tough question


Intamin- Intimidator 305- Best coaster in the world, that I have been on.

B&M- Alpengist is the best I've ridden. It was smooth and had great inversions and theming

RMC-Goliath *I have never been on a RMC, I know I haven't live yet, however based on pictures it looks sick. Twisted Colossus is not open yet but that would probably be my 1 or 2

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RMC: Outlaw Run by far. One of the best coaster I have ever been on.

B&M: Oh this is a tough one. . . I must admit I really enjoy the Batman Clones. They are fast, intense, and fun.

Intamin: This is a toss up between Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick. I love TTD for the height and the speed, but I love Maverick for the twist, the turns, the airtime, the overall ride experience. . . Yeah, I can't pick one. Those two are tied.

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