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Titanic: The Artifact Experience - Orlando Report

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Hey everyone!


Tonight we were invited to come check out Titanic: The Artifact Experience. I have to be honest this is one of those attractions in Orlando that we've driven by many times, have actually considered checking out, but never got around to doing it, until tonight! Kristen was pretty excited as she had read some books on the Titanic and learned a bit about the whole thing in school.


Our VIP Blogger night was kind of special as you are normally not allowed to take any photos inside the exhibit at all. We really aren't sure exactly why, and it wasn't explained to us, but I'm sure there is a method to their madness for why not, but we were able to take plenty of pics tonight, and had a good time checking out the exhibit!


We took the "guided tour", which I do recommend. It was about 90 minutes and honestly pretty interesting! They also talked about the "Gala Dinner" they do on weekends and apparently you can also get married at the Titanic!


Here is their website for more info: http://www.premierexhibitions.com/exhibitions/3/3/titanic-artifact-exhibition


Onto the photos!



Tonight we are checking out Titanic Orlando Attraction!



Each person is given a boarding card as a passenger, yes, a real-life passenger that was on the ship, and you get to see if you live or die by the end of it! Apparently I'm a bricklayer named "Ed" who just married my sweetheart "Ethel" and we are in a 2nd class cabin.



Kristen's boarding pass says first class!



Of course! She's a diva!



The ACTUAL DESIGNER of the Titanic, Thomas Andrews giving us a construction tour of the ship!



Thomas Andrews tells us about the giant screw! (Don't laugh! Real historical stuff here!)



Frame from a 1970s TV set or actual porthole from the Titanic? You decide!



Random bits and pieces in the exhibit.


Technically the Titanic was a "Carnival Cruise Lines" ship! Not surprised, are we?



We were going to put Kristen to work, but she's in 1st class, she doesn't do manual labor.


As we enter the Titanic the doors say "no exit!" Element of foreshadowing, maybe?



Yesterday we were on Quantum of the Seas, today we just boarded the Titanic!



3rd class Titanic passengers get served from this pot, because, you know, they are garbage.



2nd class Titanic passengers at least get ice cream and string beans!



1st class passengers get booze, classy plates and treated like the gods they are!



NSFW!!! This is what the Titanic looks like NAKED!!!



The "Poop Deck" is where the Carnival passengers hang out!



Spoiler alert!!! Mr. Dick survives!!!



As luck would have it, Mr. Fortune did not survive. Apparently he was better at playing hockey than fleeing a sinking ship.


tl:dr version:

1st class = hookers & blow every night!

2nd class = Outback Steakhouse.

3rd class = poop deck!



Miss First Class Kristen says "get this steerage garbage off my ship!!!"



Accommodations in the First Class staterooms.


Aha! Found within the wreckage! Proof!!! Leo and Kate were ACTUALLY ON the real Titanic!!!



Yes, that is an actual coat hanger from the Titanic!


The Grand Staircase from the Titanic! Yes, you can get married here!



Pretty stuff made from glass.



The on/off switch for this music box cherub is in its butt!!! TRUE STORY!!!



Kristen was dating the captain! (She dumped him after he crashed the ship!)




The official song of the Titanic playing in the background!



Women! GET OUT!!!



MYTH BUSTED!!! Jack and Rose did NOT actually "do it" in this car!!! (they did it in the back of a 1957 Volkswagen Beetle)



We are in the boiler room. Apparently, well built strong men work only in their underwear here. Any interest?



Water Tight Door Indicator Panel says... "You're screwed!!!"



Noooooo! Don't close that water tight door!!!



Turns out Elissa's character and all her kids died on the Titanic. Oh, well... Maybe next time...



Sadly, a lot of the crew was lost at sea. Ironically, this is still how most Carnival employees feel today! ;)


Kristen hanging out with a REAL iceberg!



Cool model of the Titanic on display.



Pro Tip! When the ship be sinking, grab some brandy & start drinking! (No, really, this actually saved one passengers life!)



And the crown jewel of the exhibit... An actual piece of the Titanic hull!


Was most certainly a fun night! Check out their website for more info: http://www.premierexhibitions.com/exhibitions/3/3/titanic-artifact-exhibition

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I have done the Titanic Experience in Branson, and I really enjoyed it!! I would love to do it again some day!! Looks like you all had a blast!! Great photos!


I really wanted to do the one in Branson, but sadly it was far to expensive for my liking.


Thanks for trip report! I've always wanted to go to Titanic exhibit. I use to be really into the history of it as a child, so it's always cool to see artifacts from the real ship!

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I saw the traveling Titanic exhibit at the Mariners Museum in Newport News, and they also assigned you the name of an actual passenger. As I recall, I "died" a watery, icy death, too.

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I am morbidly fascinated with the Titantic. We saw the traveling exhibit when it came to Birmingham but it didn't have all the elaborate rooms and staircase and stuff. There was one thing that really stood out to me: there was a perfume sample kit that was found in the wreckage and the perfumes still smelled even after all those years on the bottom of the ocean. I could have spent all day at that exhibit and would love to visit this one.

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I loved the one they have out in Vegas, and I too had a person who died at sea. I think it hit home when you saw all those names on the list just how massive the whole thing was.


Great report Robb! Looks like the Orlando one is just as awesome as other versions!

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I did it in Vegas. Pretty interesting. They had a picture of plates all lined up on edge stuck in the mud. They explained it that the cabinet they were in fell over and over the years the wood rotted away. By that time the silt had built up and the plates stayed upright. Pretty cool.

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I've passed by the Titanic attraction in Branson several times and after seeing this report I am wanting to visit it. Does anybody know if it's the same company that does all these exhibits, or are they all independently operated?

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I've passed by the Titanic attraction in Branson several times and after seeing this report I am wanting to visit it. Does anybody know if it's the same company that does all these exhibits, or are they all independently operated?

I *think* the Branson and Pigeon Forge attractions are run by a different company than the Orlando, Las Vegas, and California ones.

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