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Robb Alvey's Top Theme Parks for the Holidays

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Hey everyone!


As most of you might know I do a bit of writing and collaboration with the Travel Channel on some of their shows and website articles. This time around, they've asked me to write an article on the best theme parks for the holidays. It was VERY tough to narrow down just a few holiday events and parks themed around holidays. Here is the list I chose:




What are some of your favorites?


Top 7 Theme Parks for the Holidays

I would really appreciate it if you could click the "Facebook Like" button they have on their page, or even share it on your Facebook or Twitter!


Thank you!



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Top Posters In This Topic

Ive been to both phantasialand's wintertraum and PortAventuras Christmas event. Actually this is the only time of year that I've visited either of the parks and I had a great time at both. Phantasialand is beautifully decorated with lights, trees and snow, plus it has an ice bar and gluhwein when taking a break from the coastering. Winter is a great time to visit PortAventura too as when I've been there's been virtually no queues, the live shows were god too, however the constant christmas/navidal music throughout the park can get quite irritating. Overall I would say of the 2 that I preferred the christmassyness of Phantasialand.

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Great article! As if I needed another reason to visit Tokyo Disneyland......


Hopefully more articles like this come out in the future. It's nice to see an article about theme parks by someone very knowledgable about them, rather than a GP-type journalist using a couple quick Google searches to throw something together. The addition of Holiday World was great. They actually did a Christmas event for a few years, but after they couldn't make money, they canceled it. They did the same with a Halloween event but ended up bringing it back successfully (well....the first year ended in the red). Hopefully we'll see a Christmas event in the future as the park grows.

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Back in 2012 while I was working on a show on tour we ended up in Tennessee for the opening weekend of Dollywood's Smokey Mountain Christmas. We has to get from Memphis to Atlanta over the weekend. Now, for those of you who don't know the state, Memphis and Pigeon Forge are on opposite ends of the state. It would have been way easier for us to drive southeast through Mississippi and Alabama to get to Atlanta. We had other plans. Nobody on the cast or crew had been to Dollywood before and since we had the weekend off we decided to say screw it and go! We drove across that state that night and had a fantastic weekend at Dollywood. The Christmas event is superb like Robb says and the park itself is one of my favorites! Highly, highly recommended to get out there if you can!

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