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The last new Coaster in your Count

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"Coaster" at Blackbeards FEC in Fresno was 289. Don't worry guys, I just stopped on my way to Yosemite, I'm not THAT big of a credit whore! It looks some kind of relocated Python Pit, it's still listed as unknown on rcdb. Between Wild Waves (3), PNE Playland (3), and Silverwood (5) later this month, I can hit 300 on Tremors! (Only if I don't miss any credits. I also don't count powered coasters)


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The last new coaster in my count is Banshee but I'm going to BGT for the first time next month as well as returing to Universal and Islands for the first time since 2000, so I will have a lot to add here soon. I will fanboy soo hard when I enter Harry Potter World.

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Carolina Cobra @ Carowinds. I was trying to have Fury 325 be the last, but Carolina Cobra wasn't operating the first day of my trip last week. I just couldn't wait until the next day to ride Intimidator and Fury 325. Fury 325 was the last coaster I rode however...Eh it is what it is...lol


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Shockwave at six flags over texas, The texas trip was very fulfilling, finally getting iron rattler, new texas giant and shockwave, as well as the new batman and some smaller texas parks and frontier city.

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Not sure which one was the "last" coaster of the day, but I got to add 4 new coasters to my coaster count recently! All at Luna Park/Coney Island!


- Thunderbolt

- Soarin' Eagle

- Steeplechase

- Cyclone (Pretty sure Cyclone was actually the last coaster ride of the day!)

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I believe it was Afterburn, at Carowinds. My coaster count varies, depending on a number different variables (including whether I've remembered every coaster I rode as a kid, long before becoming an "enthusiast" and keeping track), but according to my higher count, it was #226.

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