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The last new Coaster in your Count

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On 10/31/2021 at 10:23 PM, bert425 said:

since i finally went to SWSA, I added three "new to me" coasters:

Great White (Batman clone), Wave Breaker: the Rescue Coaster (a multi launch "jetski" coaster over the water. . pretty tame, but fast, and fun). . and the best of the bunch?

Texas Stingray - reminded me very much of InvadR at BGW, but with trains that were very much like the ones on Mystic Timbers.   Really good during the day, and INCREDIBLE at night.

(and no, I didnt' bother with Super Grover's Boxcar Derby. . . tho I DID get my fat ass in the seatbelt to ride Grover's Sesame Street Carousel (so there!))

I completely agree about Texas Stingray. I was expecting a "solid" ride but it turned out to be one of my favorite wooden coasters.

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On my Birthday a couple days ago, I finally collected my official (for counting purposes, though I never made a hardcore point of counting credits back in the day, so it may not be100% accurate) 300th credit! It ended up being Steel Curtain at Kennywood, through no planning or coordination, but I thought it was a great milestone coaster! Very enjoyable, and unique, and while it didn't dethrone Phantom's Revenge as my favorite coaster at KW, it's an easy 2nd!  It was my daughter and my 8 year old's favorite coaster there, however!

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204F6D00-443C-4DCE-8190-414E2C231580.thumb.jpeg.dab1cb571401f22e909177a2505c78b8.jpegWild Chipmunk at Lakeside Park in Denver. Loved it for it’s weird quirkiness and wacky fun! Missed it due to it being down on my first visit over 20 years ago, but enjoyed riding the Cyclone. This time around, Cyclone was down (as well as the new Zyklon?
coaster), and Wild Chipmunk was running one car. Had a blast and I’m glad they were running it, but it was quite the long wait. The ride operator said the other 2 cars were waiting on parts. I can’t imagine it’s easy to get parts for this oldie-but-goodie. 

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An Infamous one. Goudurix after years of trying to get on this coaster after hearing how bad it was I finally did it. And then it disappointed by being not as bad as I expected, It's far form good but it only caused a slight discomfort, I have a feeling I've been on worse.

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Goliath @SFOG a couple of weeks ago. Actually ended up being my 200th roller coaster. It was my first time visiting the park, and I really thought about what I wanted to be #200. Glad I chose Goliath, it ended up being my favorite B&M hyper (I've ridden Goliath, Nitro, Diamondback, and Apollo's Chariot).

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