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The last new Coaster in your Count

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Velocicoaster just over a week ago!

Great little coaster, isn't it? Plus, since the place isn't too busy, you can ride it quite a lot.

Manta at Sea World Orlando 2 weeks ago.

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The last new coaster in my count is -


I tried to ride that coaster at Hersheypark two years ago, but my size wouldn't allow the restraint bar to safely lock in. Now that I lost over thirty pounds, I was able to lock in without incident and got to enjoy one crazy coaster ride.


"When you lose weight, the riding season will be great!!!"


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Rode it yesterday.

Hate the "comfort collars". They aren't comfortable at all. Shoulders slammed into them riding in the back row while going down the drop after the inversion. Otherwise I liked the ride. I'll try the front next time. At least I know to brace myself now when riding. This wouldn't be an issue without those unnecessary things...lol

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally rode Wickerman at Alton Towers. It was pretty good and probably my second favourite coaster at Alton Towers (although that's damning it with faint praise)

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