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Photo TR: Japan and southern China


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That is a extremely beautiful looking park...just wow.


But I feel sorry for all those animals in the park with little space, and in a highly unnatural environment



It was very sad seeing the polar bears just walking around in circles. I am sure the Chimelong company is doing their best in the care for these animals(as does Sea World and all the zoos around the country) but you do tend to feel for them.

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After we spent the day in Macau lounging around and doing a little shopping we jump on a high speed boat and travel to the port of Hong Kong for our next park, Hong Kong Disneyland. This park holds a special place in my heart since this is where I proposed to my wife (at the wishing well in front of Cinderella's castle) so we try to visit this park as much as often. After about a 40 minute subway ride we finally arrive at the Sunbay station which is the gateway station to Hong Kong Disneyland. At this station we board a Disney Subway train that takes us to the entry plaza at the Disney resort.


Here is a video of the Disney subway arriving at the Sunbay station...






Now on to the pre Disneyland pics...


The inside of the Hong Kong Disneyland subway. Mickey head windows and Disney character statues make the journey to the Disney resort very exciting. Now why can't we get Disney transportation in the states to include Mickey head windows?


We stayed at the Disney Hollywood hotel. It is a nice hotel with a friendly staff. English here is definitely no problem, I never encountered any communication problems with any staff member.


View of the room from the door.


View from the window looking towards the door. It really was a nice room but what else would you expect from Disney.


This is the lobby of the hotel. It is themed as a 1940's era art deco hotel.


The bathroom was compact but at least it has a western toilet (yes western toilets in Asia make me happy).


The view from the room was nice and looks out over Lantau bay.


Statue of Minnie wearing a 1940's era full length fur coat, found in the lobby.


The following morning we had breakfast at the Hollywood & Dine restaurant. This is a cafeteria style restaurant.


88 HKD (or about $12 USD) you get microwave eggs and meat. I figured it was Disney so everything will be expensive anyways.


Fancy light fixtures in the restaurant keeping up with the theming of the hotel.


Trying to get fancy with my picture taking.


Saw this movie poster and immediately thought of Robb and his obsession with Frozen. Robb Alvey, I present to you Frozen in Chinese.

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Mmmm can't get enough of that lovely Hollywood Hotel.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, during the TPR China Tour in 2012.

And I definitely want to go back and stay there.


Great look at it, so far. Looking forward to more great shots

and what you enjoyed in the park, itself.


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English here is definitely no problem, I never encountered any communication problems with any staff member.


I work at a hotel in the U.S... it makes me very sad that I can't say the same for our staff

Looks like a nice hotel, though the room in the Venetian was obviously much more luxurious. I bet Disney's rooms were more expensive, right?

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English here is definitely no problem, I never encountered any communication problems with any staff member.


I work at a hotel in the U.S... it makes me very sad that I can't say the same for our staff

Looks like a nice hotel, though the room in the Venetian was obviously much more luxurious. I bet Disney's rooms were more expensive, right?



That is a shame about your hotel, I have encountered that at small roadside hotels where me and the desk clerk have a hard time communicating. I work at a hotel here in Vegas and I sometimes get calls from the front desk asking to help with language for Asian guests and it is usually Chinese guests. I keep telling them I speak Japanese, and not perfectly, not Chinese.


At the Venetian I stayed in the Royal Suite (the smallest they offer) and that room normally costs $260 USD, our room at the Disney Hollywood hotel was a sea view room and cost me $397 USD but you go in knowing that Disney is going to be expensive plus the Hong Kong Disney resort is on Lantau Island so there are only the two Disney hotels here so you can get cheaper rates but you will be traveling to the park.

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WOW, over 11,000 views and here I thought maybe a couple of people would check this out and that would be all. Thanx to everyone who has checked out my trip report and I hope you check back often because I have so much more coming. I was in Asia the entire month of October after all.

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I had heard so much about Hong Kong and their Halloween event, I heard it is not like Halloween at all the other Disney parks but more PG 13 oriented with several Universal quality haunts and I wanted to check it out really bad. The weeks and months leading up to October I constantly checked their website but they never put up information about the event and it was getting close to time for me to book a room so I looked into the event from 2013 and saw it was Thursdays through Sundays in October so I booked our trip to be in Disneyland on Thursday. Unfortunately they finally released the schedule and for 2014 the event was Fridays through Sundays so we missed out on the Halloween event but still had a great time at the park.


Being a Thursday the park was empty but that was okay because multiple rides on the new attractions. Unfortunately the air was the worst while in Hong Kong of my entire trip to China so the pictures are really bad plus a lot of them you will notice are brown because I had to use different filters on my camera phone just to get the details of the subjects in the pictures.


On to the pictures...


Here is the park map so you have an idea of the layout of the park. This is a very small park so depending on the crowds it can easily be a 3/4 day here or if you love Disney it is a full day park.


Selfie shot with the wife and I at the entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland.


Entry plaza fountain with a surfing mickey. yes, he does go up and down.


The Disneyland railroad station at the entry gate. The train was not running due to construction of the Iron Man Experience attraction opening in 2016.


Walt's speech from the opening of Disneyland but now in Chinese.


This is the city hall building on Main Street and to the average guest it looks perfectly normal with nothing out of the ordinary. BUT... if you look closely they are flying the American Flag. Other than the American Embassy this is the only American flag I have ever seen flown on Chinese soil.


Looking down Main Street at the glorious castle.


I felt I needed to call out Disney on this FAIL on their part. The round roof glass building pictured here is a new gift shop that they just opened. This building looks so out of place on this street also look at the road and sidewalk in front of it. This use to be a side street leading to the backstage area and when they built this building they did not even bother to continue the sidewalk across the front of this building. I will just leave it at that but I was very disappointed with Disney when I saw this.


Lily loves the balloons when they are in a group like that. I would have bought them all for her but I was afraid she would fly away like the house in UP did.


A view of the castle at Hong Kong Disneyland. And seriously, any castle with a mountain in the background is just that much more spectacular. By the way, did I mention the park was a ghost town today?


As you go to the left you come to Adventureland. In this land you will find Jungle Cruise, Tarzan treehouse, rafts to Tarzan Treehouse plus the Lion King live stage show.


A random waterfall that I found on the Jungle Cruise river.


The torches were nicely themed to the Adventureland area. This was on a path walking through Adventureland.


An Adventureland gift shop.


Part of the Halloween haunt festivities. This is the Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire section.


This is the Revenge Of The Headless Horseman haunt. I really wish I was able to experience a real Halloween haunt at Disney.

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Next up are the 3 new lands at Hong Kong Disneyland


Upon traveling under the train bridge you come to the new lands.


The first land we come to is Grizzly Gulch. This land only has the Big Grizzly Mountain roller coaster and a counter service restaurant. The area is set up like a 1920's gold rush town.


Buildings in the land to resemble a gold rush town.


That is one heavy piece of gold, the entire shack is leaning towards it.


Of course my wife was drawn to the gold. Looks like I'm gonna need a second job to support her gold addiction.


Roaming characters in the land.


There are geysers in this area also.


It's a gusher.


The highlight of the land is Big Grizzly Mountain runaway mine cars. This is best of all of Disney's Thunder Mountain and Thunder Mountain clones. This coaster is a blast. and it was a walk on so throughout the day I rode it 7 times. Night rides are highly recommended.


Here is the QUE, when I say this ride was a walk on I mean it was a walk on. At one point during the day I saw a train with only 2 people in the front seat. Once at night I rode with 2 people in the front seat and I was alone in the back seat.


The mountain is very similar to Grizzly falls mountain in Disney's California Adventure.


Guests having a great time.


Train flying backwards into the final show scene.


And then being launched out to the rest of the course.


speeding past the geysers.


And after the final turnaround into the brake run. This coaster is really awesome with a fun back story.

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Next up is the true highlight of Hong Kong Disneyland...


Next to Grizzly Gulch is the newest land Mystic Point. In this land is the Mystic Manor dark ride and Explorers Club restaurant, a table service restaurant.


This is Mystic Manor, Hong Kong Disneyland's very own trackless dark ride and it is simply amazing. After reading all the reviews of this ride I went in expecting it to knock off Poohs Honey Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland as my favorite all around amusement ride, it was close but Pooh still is my favorite but this ride came real close. This ride is a ton of fun, the effects are amazing (the China room was fantastic). And the story was a lot of fun.


The architecture for the show building was really nice.


Even at night the building is illuminated very nicely.


The ride had a 5 minute wait all day. I got 9 rides on this today, so worth it.


Some of the theming in the que.


The interior que.


Next to Mystic Manor is the Explorers Club restaurant.


Separating this land from the train is this depot.


Lord Henry Mystic is an explorer and these are some of his finds during his journeys around the world. The unique thing that Disney has done here is they associated Henry Mystic with Harrison Hightower III from Tower Of Terror in Tokyo Disneysea. They are both members of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers so they have a story together and you will find references of them at each park now. That's kinda unique.


Through these gates you enter the next new land.


Toy Story Land is next. All the same rides are that are found in Disneyland Paris.


RC Racer is a really fun Intamin half pipe with really cool theming.


Lily driving the RC racer.


The Halloween theming followed into Toy Story Land.

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It has been a couple of days since I have updated this trip report, crazy Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.



Now on to more pics...


The next land you come to is Fantasyland. There is a large construction wall in this land, I have not heard any rumors of new attractions in this land so your guess is as good as mine.


Philharmagic is here in all its glory. This is Lily's favorite attraction here.


We decided to have lunch in the Royal Banquet Hall which is a cafeteria "pay for each item" restaurant. This is the statue you come upon as you enter.


The seating area has wide open walls so the birds are aplenty begging for food.


Grand Carousel.


YAY, Winnie the Pooh is here also. The sign said 20 minutes but in reality it was a walk on.


Although do not get too excited, it is a clone of Disneyland California's Winnie the Pooh (although all the effects work in this version) and not Tokyo Disneyland's trackless version.


Aww, poor Eeyore, he gets no love. We still love you.


Fantasy Gardens is Hong Kong Disneyland's character meet and greet area. This is also one of the Halloween zones.


No honey, we can't take it home with us.


The Mad Hatter's Tea Cups are here and no you don't need to be a body builder to get these cups to spin (that was a jab at Disneyland California when they tightened their tea cups so they barely spun).


I admit, I loathe the live Disney stage shows BUT The Golden Mickeys here is really a good show. Special award statues, Golden Mickeys, are awarded to various Disney Characters. Here is the opening of the show.


Mulan received an award for her bravery.


Lilo and Stich were also present.


And the greatest love award went to Beauty and the Beast.


Well since it was closed in Tokyo might as well ride It's A Small World in Hong Kong with it's unnecessarily too long que line. For anyone who didn't know, Hong Kongs version was the first to add Disney characters, BLASPHEMY they said...


Mandatory couples selfie in It's A Small World.


We're entering Asia... but we are already in Asia... so... how does that work?


Had to take a picture of the China section, for the irony.


And the Hawaiian section.

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HKDL was very underrated IMO. I really can't wait to get back now that they have added so much!


Also, I believe that the Venatian in Macau has the worlds largest casino floor. I wish I realized the exchange rate when I sat down at the cheapest blackjack table we could find...

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More pics...


Here is the rear entrance into Tommorowland. I hear there is construction of a new ride but I just don't know where it is but I will keep on the lookout.


The first attraction you come to is the Stitch Encounter but the geniuses in Hong Kong (unlike the geniuses in America) realized that people other than just Hong Kong residents will visit this park so they offer this attraction in 3 different languages... Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Check times to see the show in your desired language.


Space Mountain + walk on = numerous rides.


Here is the construction area for the new Iron Man Experience ride and it is HUGE. The entry area will be between Autopia and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. As I said the construction area is HUGE and they have already started vertical construction on a very large show building. Even though it is a motion simulator ride I have a feeling that it will be AMAZING.


Iron Man construction taken from the que of Autopia. No rules were broken.


A better idea of the Iron Man Experience construction area taken from the Autopia que.


Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is a clone of the California version.


Photo op with Buzz Lightyear... check.


Here is the Starliner Diner, a counter service restaurant.


Here is an overview of Tomorrowland. Space Mountain with an actual mountain behind it is really just too cool.


This is the main entry into Tomorrowland.


This is the ride time board at 5pm.Look at all those 5 min. wait's. Love empty Disney parks.


One of the better Jungle Cruise's because it has FIRE!!! now to be fair I did not ride the new version at Tokyo Disneyland because it had a 2 hour wait (I know, right?) all day.


Just like the Stitch encounter this ride was available in 3 languages... Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Our skippers English was not the greatest so she sounded like a stereotype Chinese person speaking English that you would see in movies from the 50's and 60's and that kinda made the bad jokes that much funnier. Wish I had video of it but alas I didn't get any.


This is from Disney's Paint The Night Parade and exactly as TPR member rosscoe stated in his trip report the gimmick is slightly flawed. For this parade you purchase a magic paintbrush and as the parade goes by the brush is supposed to change colors but like roscoe described I witnessed the brushes staying solid unless one of the performers actually came up to you and only then would the brush change colors. I hear this parade is coming to the states so I hope they work out this small issue because the parade is rather unique (think Main Street Electrical Parade but with current Disney Films).


More From Disney's Paint The Night Parade.


Disney's Paint The Night Parade.


By the way, at the end of the night Lily got her balloon.


Thank you for having us, Hong Kong Disneyland. We really had a great time here and we look forward to coming back soon.

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Here is a video of Lily and myself riding the Autopia at Hong Kong Disneyland, This Autopia is unique because the cars are electric not gas, they have working speedometers, they make a cool Jetsons sound as you drive, there are tunnels with LED lighting packages, and one of the 4 lanes actually drives over part of Tomorrowland. Fair warning though, Lily and I are acting goofy in this video because I never thought of publishing it but this is such a unique version of Autopia I decided to post it here.




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In case anyone wanted to see the fireworks show at Hong Kong Disneyland here is a full video of it. Unfortunately with my crappy HTC phone camera the fireworks look like the spirits that walk down the stairs in the movie Poltergeist.




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HKDL was very underrated IMO. I really can't wait to get back now that they have added so much!


Also, I believe that the Venatian in Macau has the worlds largest casino floor. I wish I realized the exchange rate when I sat down at the cheapest blackjack table we could find...



I completely agree with you on it being underrated, I think because it opened so small people base their opinion on that. I personally rank HKD as my second favorite Disneyland behind Tokyo and in fact I like how they present this park more than Tokyo Disneyland (my one and only complaint about Tokyo Disneyland is it feels like you could be in California or Florida by the look of it. I thought it would have some Japanese influence to it) where as Hong Kong Disneyland has many Chinese accents to it to make it different yet the same and the whole Feng Shui design is cool.


Venetian Macau does have the largest casino floor in the world, It dwarfs MGM here in Vegas (the former largest casino floor). I highly recommend you install XE currency converter to your phone for your next trip so the "sticker shock" won't get you, LOL. I bought some souvenirs for friends and a bunch of HKD pins not thinking about it and when the girl rang it up I checked the currency conversion and it came to $412 USD. I was like what the heck did I just buy, I never spent that much at a Disney park... Oh well, when in Rome, right.

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Loved that the longest waits were for Dumbo and Autopia, lol.


Great ongoing report on HKDL. One can never get enough.



Our wait on Autopia was 25 minutes because we waited for the only track that does a flyover Tomorrowland plaza, easily add 10 minutes for that track over the standard track. Hong Kong Disneyland truly is an amazing park.

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^ Yes I remember doing that too, waiting a bit longer for the "special track." The funny thing was, once I got going, the person behind me apparently couldn't figure out how to drive their car LOL! She was on her own, but somehow she moved along, slowly and gradually having anybody behind her, catch up etc. I got back and waited. It took over five minutes for her car to get back to the station, followed by at least 8 very unhappy drivers. I did feel bad for anybody that followed her, and thanked the theme park spirits for giving me a break, lol.


One of my last times in "the overpass queue" for Autopia, final night. With Space Mountain looking on. (TPR 2012 Tour)

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Finally all caught up with your updates. Ocean Kingdom is very impressive, well minus the miserable bear exhibits. I hope to be able to visit it one day. Were the beluga and dolphin shows in an indoor arena? It looked like they were from the pics. When you showed the largest aquarium panel I did the conversion math and saw it was 2 feet thick and thought, there is no way that's correct... then scrolled down and the next pic was of the side of the glass and it was indeed that thick! It must be very difficult to maintain it as acrylic scratches so easily. I had no idea there was even a Venetian hotel in Asia so besides enjoying seeing the coasters and parks I'm learning new things!

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Love the colors on Space Mountain. All these posts are making miss Hong Kong Disneyland again.


We were there when the Halloween stuff was starting up. A lot of 'green lighting' all over the park, lol.


And blue lighting, too! I loved that the themeing was "darker" than I expected from any Disney park. Very cool. (o;

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Finally all caught up with your updates. Ocean Kingdom is very impressive, well minus the miserable bear exhibits. I hope to be able to visit it one day. Were the beluga and dolphin shows in an indoor arena? It looked like they were from the pics. When you showed the largest aquarium panel I did the conversion math and saw it was 2 feet thick and thought, there is no way that's correct... then scrolled down and the next pic was of the side of the glass and it was indeed that thick! It must be very difficult to maintain it as acrylic scratches so easily. I had no idea there was even a Venetian hotel in Asia so besides enjoying seeing the coasters and parks I'm learning new things!



Glad you have checked out the trip report, hope it is interesting to you. All 3 of the sea life shows at Ocean Kingdom were indoors, the arenas were all very large but while I was there they were only about 1/3 full. It was scary to think how they would have looked if they were all at capacity. As far as the aquarium window it was really quite impressive and standing next to the sample piece really leaves you in awe. In Macau most of the major players from Vegas are there (Venetian, Wynn, MGM) because that is where the Asian Whales (high rollers) started playing once China took possession of Macau from the Portuguese several years ago. There is definitely money in Macau, I like to stand on the main street and watch the cars, it is nothing to see Lambo's, Ferrari's, real Nissan Skylines, etc... This year I saw my first Lexus LFA (my "if I hit the lottery" car) at the Venetian.

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