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2014 ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange!

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Once the boring non-TPR gifts were open, the wait was finally over!


Thanks once again to Robert (Bert425) for the lovely gifts!


Now on to the photos!


What's this?


Toby investigates the contents of the box.


Then Bowie shoves him out of the way to also investigate.


I have received this lovely card.


A Disney Princess light switch cover and bathtub treads (safety first!)


Plus the super-mega-wicked-awesome book about the Disney Park Mainstreet windows!


The book features windows from Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Paris Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. Pictured: Marty Sklar and Tony Baxter.


Blurb regarding the above.


Thanks again! I positively love them !

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Very glad you liked em!


(stupid Customs making me list what was in the package. . but at least it was a surprise to what EXACTLY they were)



hehe. . and your Cats were smelling my Dog, Roxxi. I'm sure all the paper has the whiff of her, as she was all up in my business while I was wrapping.

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Thank you so much Secret Santa!! These items are PERFECT. I can not wait to read this book (its one I have not read yet), try this awesome looking tea, play RCT 2 with this expansion, and watch this movie in blu-ray!!! Its funny this book was sitting under my tree this long, my boyfriend and I were just talking about it about a week ago.


flavored teas, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 expansion pack, World War Z, and Tina Fay's book Bossypants.

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OK. Christmas was almost a week ago, yet still checking to see posts of everyone about their gifts.


Even a simple thank you would suffice, but it seems now two years in a row, the person I sent gifts to hasn't even posted a quick thanks.


It would be nice to know that all of our hard work was appreciated.

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Just a heads up to my Secret Santa, I am not home until Sunday evening. Sorry about the address fiasco. I literally moved Dec 20, and was hoping that my gift would have gotten here regardless.


Nevertheless, I will post when I receive something, as I am eagerly awaiting! Hopefully it's here before Kwanzaa! Haha.


Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Joyous Festivus!

Happy Kwanzaa!


To All!

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I love getting presents after Christmas! Time to do some opening!


All the way from Switzerland! Seems a shame to tear open such nice paper.


An uber official Intamin Swiss Army Knife! This will come in very handy when . . .


. . . I need to cut the cheese!


I have my official traveling hat for next year.


All sort of cool Intamin/B&M promotional material! One of the Intamin cards is about a Mine Train Coaster I rode in China with TPR a few years ago.


A very Shiriki Christmas to all--especially you, Matteo! Thanks for all the cool stuff!

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As promised here is the photo! I can't wait to cook with this book along with reading this amazing book and also make the Jello Jigglers for the big Ohio State game coming Jan 1st! Thank you once again!!!


You're welcome, man! I apologize for not including who I was with the shipment, haha!

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Just going to say it.


My 2nd year doing this gift exchange, and no thank you from the recipient.


I know you cannot make it mandatory, but when someone takes the time and effort to buy and ship gifts to a complete stranger, a simple thank you does not seem to be asking too much.

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^100% agree. My giftie posted, so I was very happy they liked what they got. But last year, I was in your shoes. I was more concerned that they didn't get the presents more than anything else.


I would also like to take the time to thank Brandy. Not only was she My Secret Santa this year and nailed it! But she also coordinated an awesome event. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your work does not go unappreciated.

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Brandy did a wonderful Job. THANK YOU Brandy.


(add me to the list of those from last year who never got a thank you, or pics posted, of what I sent. . which was frustrating, as I had included something from my personal memorabilia collection last year).


I participated again this year, and had a great time doing it, and my giftee did post and did like what I got. so that makes it ALL worth it to me

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Sorry I'm just now catching up on everything! I was off work from Christmas Eve until yesterday. Yay for an extended vacation, but boo to having to catch up on a million things afterward. Not to mention I've now started rehearsing for another show, and I had a family member pass away this past weekend. Welcome to 2015, lol.


I too am disappointed when folks don't post that they've received something. It's very frustrating. There are only 2 or 3 folks who we haven't heard from and I'll check with them to make sure that they did in fact receive a gift, just to make sure nothing got screwed up on the post office's end of things.


And I have to post, the Saturday before Christmas as Danny and I were headed out to our last shopping trip I checked the mail and low and behold I had an anonymous card (although the address was not entirely unfamiliar, lol) with a restaurant gift card inside. That was a welcome (but completely unnecessary) treat and we enjoyed a nice lunch at Macaroni Grill (without the kids!) during our shopping. Thank you very much, "Secret Satan." I really enjoy doing this, y'all. It's so much fun to see what everyone comes up with.

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Just going to say it.


My 2nd year doing this gift exchange, and no thank you from the recipient.


I know you cannot make it mandatory, but when someone takes the time and effort to buy and ship gifts to a complete stranger, a simple thank you does not seem to be asking too much.

It's not at all. And it annoys me that this happens. I think next year we should make it mandatory. I wouldn't think that having to add "common courtesy" to the list of rules is something we would have to do, but apparently it is.


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