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2014 ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange!

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What a joyful season....


My target/victim has received my shipment...


And I received an unexpected box from Amazon.... I wonder what it could be!!!!!



Magical box that appeared on my doorstep


Darn.... another box full of air.... Amazon has already sent me enough air for the next year or so!!!


Cool Stuff..... Thanks 1pizza14!!!!! (Eric)

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I got back from a trip to my gifts! Thank you so much to my Secret Santa.I apologize for not giving you much to go on, I just like being surprised.photo-3.thumb.JPG.ff07d9ebbc778deee1ae2c92d99156c1.JPG

All I know about you is that you're a guy.Judging by the movie choices.Thanks again and have a great ChrisHanKwanSivus everybody!

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Yes, please, please let us know when you've received something!


I've gone through the thread and my list and here's where we stand:


13 people have not posted that they've received a gift.

9 of those 13 senders posted when they mailed their gifts so we know at least that many are in transit.

7 of those 13 were either coming from or going to international folks so they could be taking a little longer.

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Santa has found me in the heat of summer



Nice wrapped, the Elves are working overtime


A coasting Santa Card


OMG Santa knows I been on the Nice list this year. - it was on my Wish List


I"ll be needing a Revival after the Book of Mormon


This sends me for a Loop de Loop or is that a quick drop!

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Yes, please, please let us know when you've received something!


I've gone through the thread and my list and here's where we stand:


13 people have not posted that they've received a gift.

9 of those 13 senders posted when they mailed their gifts so we know at least that many are in transit.

7 of those 13 were either coming from or going to international folks so they could be taking a little longer.


There's a chance that I've received my gift, but I'm out of town until this Friday (I left home last Thursday). But I'll go ahead and open it and post about it here when I get back, assuming that it has arrived! Sorry I didn't post this earlier- this is the first time I've checked TPR since I left town!

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My gifts arrived! Well, actually, they arrive earlier this week and I finally stopped by the apartment office to pick up the packages, hahaha. Rocket Raccoon Bobblehead, a Baymax pin, and an Olaf "ICEA" Instructional Poster were the main gifts. There were also a bunch of park maps and guides thrown in for good measure. Thanks a ton, Tyler (disney4me2001)!!!


You're welcome! I'm glad you liked them!

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I have been diligently tracking/stalking my recipient's package (dirty! ) and finally got an updated message beyond that it arrived in a foreign country! According to the tracker, it is being redirected the the recipient's new address and will HOPEFULLY be there very soon.

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^ Without using too much deductive reasoning, let me present the case.


1. I haven't received anything, have been assuming my gift is coming internationally.

2. I recently bought a house and moved (thus submitted change of address with USPS). I move in on Saturday.


So, I am eagerly awaiting my gift, and will post when it does arrive! As I didn't figure out who I got my gift from last year, I'm intrigued for what this gift will hold!

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I was beginning to get worried that I was a bad boy this year or my feats were not strengthy enough but my fears were for naught. Today my festively wrapped gift arrived from the North Country. I have a special place in my heart for Canada (ahem Moose country) so I look forward to seeing what my package contains, but it'll try and wait till Christmas morning, so I put the present under my tree. One of my cats promptly claimed it as her own.


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I couldn't wait any longer, I opened my gifts, and they're great!

Thanks so much secret Santa!!!


Cute card


I love hot sauces.


Yo Gabba Gabba is always fun.


Domo shirt, notepad, sticker and keychain!


Cute little sushi pillow.


It's perfect, it fits right in with the rest of the sushi pillow family.

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A nice little package has arrived on my doorstep today. Low and behold my present arrived. Thank you Karen! (BTW, do you have a pet? my dog went crazy when I opened the gifts and he actively assisted me in opening the presents this year, which is odd b/c he hates wrapping paper, lol but it was greatly amusing none the less!)



What do I have here?


A helper named Frankie wants to help


TARDIS hat! Which Frankie wants to eat.


The hat on!


Chocolate blueberry stuff, that I can't wait to try!


Because I love books, I was gifted an old edition of The Queen's Cross. It looks interesting, can't wait to read it.


Frankie deciding to take all the wrapping paper and shredding it into tiny little pieces.


He still wasn't satisfied that the wrapping paper was shredded enough.


PS- just dug into the chocolate, OMG delicious!

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It's here! Actually it's been here awhile- I was just out of town all last week and then I was busy over this past weekend. But anyway, onto the photos!



Hmm...I don't remember ordering anything from Australia...let's see what's inside!


Looks like a lot of interesting stuff!


Thank you, Aaron! Much appreciated!


A POP! Vinyl Rocket Raccoon! I don't have this one, so I'm really happy about this!


Snacks from Australia! You must have seen the part of my post where I said I liked Australian licorice! And I'm going to enjoy the other snacks too!


Park maps! There's Universal Studios Singapore, Dreamworld, Sea World, and Wet 'n' Wild! Thank you so much- some new maps for my Universal collection as well as maps from Australian parks!


A Batman magnet from Warner Bros. Movie World and a mystery Disney pin! I seriously LOVE this magnet- I really want to go to Warner Bros. Movie World sometime, and Batman is my favorite DC Comics hero! And of course, I'm an avid pin collector as well!


Here's the pin I got- it's Donald wearing a beret! Awesome!




Thanks Aaron (aka azza29)! You really hit it out of the park with these gifts! I can see that you really put some thought into everything, and I am so grateful and appreciative of what you did for me. Merry/Happy ChrisHanKwanSivus, everyone!

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I just stopped by the post office to get a box from USA!!! I am so excited but I will have to wait untill tomorrow evening to open it!!!


Just a small piece of general advice for the future of gift exchanges. I hope this does not sound too bad but I think that if someone is sending a gift throught the post it is better in my opinion not to write the exact value but to put a lower number in case the other country decides to add more taxes! What I mean is that it is not really good to send a gift and force someone to pay to get it!

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Merry Christmas to you all and many thanks to my Secret Santa for an amazing gift!


Lets start with a nice cards with all the things I love in it! He did a good research about me because these are really some of my all time favourite breweries!


Yes, I love space and you can't have too many Nasa t-shirts!


A really nice beer glass! It's hard to read but it says Sweet Water Brewery from Georgia! I can't wait to try it!


This is something I have always wanted but I never had a chance to buy it!


And finally I leave you with a mysterious item! Can you guess what it is???

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