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2014 ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange!

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I can neither confirm nor deny tha... ...yeah! I can confirm that AMAZON PRIME IS PISSING ME OFF! I was told the rest of my stuff was to be here before Friday, now I'm told it might not get here till Monday. Anyone else having problems with shipping this year?


Come Hell of High Water, my Satanee will have their loot before ChrisHanKwanSivus!


Or will I?

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Anyone else having problems with shipping this year?


Yep- ordered my giftee something from a site (it's a popular and generally reliable site, though it's not Amazon), and the order is still processing! While it probably doesn't help that I ordered it right before Thanksgiving, it should have shipped by now! When I've ordered from this site before, it's been fast to process and ship.


But everything else is ready to send out, and I'll be sending those items tomorrow!



EDIT: I've PM'd Brandy about this so that she'll be aware (though I know she'll also see this post).

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Yeah, this is really weird in a not so funny way. I just got another email confirmation this evening that my package coming to me, shipped today. And should be here by Wednesday now. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Going to send out 1st 2/3 of gift tomorrow and the rest when it gets here. I apologise in advance to my giftee, whom so ever you may be. It's weird, cause Alana ordered a bunch of stuff on the same day from Amazon as well and two things arrived earlier this week, then she got notification Wednesday that one of her items wouldn't even get sent out until the 20th. I know it's the holiday rush and all, but they have been real spotty at best. And, they've been sending out conflicting emails which isn't helping the matter any. I have never had this many problems with them. And we get stuff all the time from them. Probably 1 or 2 packages a week.


If it weren't for all the merriment, good tidings, happiness, and good cheer during Christmas, I might consider hurting someone.


I know all this will pass, and my giftee will love what I got them, but it is frustrating.


Sorry, I'm venting.


I'm done!


Peace on earth and good will toward man and all that crap!

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Anyone else having problems with shipping this year?


I have heard stories already this year from others buying Xmas gilts online. I bought some things for myself online recently and it took almost a month to get to me. I am glad I was able to go to the store myself and buy my giftee their things.

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Regardless of what it is?. . it's the thought that counts.


I'm already counting it as a "win" just seeing everyone posting that they shopped (even if it IS frustrating waiting for stuff to arrive so you can re-ship).


it's just a joy to see people caring!





Edit to add, since y'all were just talking about Amazon.


I bought my Partner the complete Riddick collection on Blu about a week ago as a Lightning Deal (it was a good deal, only ~$13 for the 3 films on Blu plus an animated short).


(he doesn't read here, so he'll not see this ).


anyways, on Wed, i got an update from Amazon that it would arrive between 12/28 and 1/15. I wasn't THRILLED about that, but since I already have enough gifts for him anyways, I figured "no problem, I'll just hold Riddick for his Birthday in March"


*today*. . less than 48 hours after getting the order update saying I won't get it prior to Xmas? I moments ago just got an update saying my order will be here by 12/10.


so we went from 4-8 weeks out to next week.


in two days.

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^This is what I'm talking about. They have been all over the place with communication with their vendors and recipients. I just got word that the package that Alana wasn't to now get until after the 20th, may arrive today? Their employees must be backlogged like crazy, and are just sending out email responses left and right without knowing all the information.


Thank God I'm going to Dollywood tomorrow. I can take out my frustration by anger riding coasters and stress viewing shows. Hopefully hologram Dolly will deliver.


How can you not love HoloDolly?


Get it? It's like Hello Dolly with the Holo for the Hello. You saw it here first people. That right there was comedy in action. I saw the apple sitting ripe upon the tree, I plucked it, and I delivered it right to you the fine reader. If you think about it, it's magic. A ChrisHanKwanSivus miracle in action. I spread the joy, and you all recieve the joy.


I do it out of love.


Merry ChrisHanKwanSivus to all!

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I sent out my gift on Friday, and I received my package today!!!!! And let me say, it was SUPER AWESOME!!



My present has arrived! I loved the sausage tape!


Three nice Spiderman wrapped gifts.


First gift was a bag of Lossepladsen!?!? They were good, but a little weird.


I got a Super Awesome coloring book! Let's take a look at the best pages inside.


Slicey the Pig tastes delicious.


This is by far the best version of Abraham Lincoln I've seen.


It has Zombies, that's a sign of quality!


This will be amazing to color in!


A cute dog card. I Definitely love dogs!


The next present is literally, SUPER AWESOME!


There was a ton of super awesome stuff in it.


First up was Saint Martha. I'll put her in my office, and hope for some extra tips!


I love erasers like these, and can't wait to add them to my collection.


A nice new bottle to bring to work. I bring a new bottle every day, so this is perfect.


A tasty snake lollipop


I don't know why, but I love these things. I wish I had these when I was in grade school.


A monkey charm. I turned it into a zipper pull for Jacob's Jacket!


Nothing like the smooth sleek feel of a snail.


Because square mints just don't cut it anymore.


These could be amazing, or terrible.


Devil duck bandaids, with a free toy!


Amy needed one so it was perfect timing


My own personal Alexander the Great!


Completely random, and completely perfect!


I will have fun with these! Who needs an iPhone app when you have these?


My sister had to get a bug removed from her ear about a month ago. She sure could have used these!


I think I should wear this for my next formal night on a cruise!


Seriously an amazing collection of completely random and amazing stuff!


Time to try the effervescent cupcake drink!


It tasted salty and fizzy, and not very good. I can't wait to trick my nephews and nieces!


Thank you not-secret secret santa for a seriously amazing and perfect gift box!!!

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