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Six Flags Acres of Adventure

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Nice choice coasterdude5! Anyway, here is what Park Manager Cornelius Polo had to say on the parks web-site...


It is an honor for me to announce that for the first time in the parks history, we will open two major roller coasters in the same year. We have El Bandido, a world class Intamin wooden coaster, and Jester's Wild Ride, a classic favorite that we have re-located from Six Flags New Orleans. The story behind the Jester's Wild Ride is that it began at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and was moved to Six Flags New Orleans as The Jester. Due to the destructive power of Hurricane Katrina, The Jester was damaged, and we "took it off their hands." Now, it is all ready to be constructed here at Six Flags, with some minor changes. Due to some spacial issues, the track layout has been modified slightly, which provides for an interesting ride. Consecutive reverse corkscrews and a more fast-paced ride make for a classical ride you will ride over and over again. Hope to see you opening day.

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Here are the much anticipated opening day photos. Southern Territory is nearly complete as is the park.


El Bandido and The Jester's Wild Ride can be seen here


El Bandido's Monsterous lift and drop


Two new water rides now call Southern Territory their home. Here you can see La Cascada and Rio Grande Adventure


Here is Southern Territory as of now


For the first year ever, the park will be holding Fright Fest. Unlike most Six Flags Fright Fests, this one is a part of the park reserved only for those who wish to be scared. "The Fright Zone" area contains three haunted mazes, food and drink stands, and a group of crazed "scare monsters" ready to jump out and scare you out of your mind!


here is an overview of the maitenance/construction/catering area which is now "FrightFest." It is located across from "The Lakeside Inn" reservable restaurant on the main midway.


Overview of park so far. On the main midway, you can see Fright Fest occupies the land where an open field usually would be.


The park is nearing completion. Expect a download fairly soon!

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Well, if you have a fast computer and riding the rides sounds fun to you try RCT3, but if you would rather make larger and better parks with tons of scenery then use RCT2. Keep in mind that RCT2 would also be cheaper (even with the expasion packs).


This frightfest thing looks awsome!

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Did you steal "Fright Zone", from Dorney Park? I was just there last night and they have a quarter-mile stretch of people in masks with noisemakers(gongs, whistles, ect..) on the way to Steel Force and it just seems similar, since it is also only voluntary.

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^I guess so, but not intentionally. I didn't really mean for "Fright Zone" to be a name, just more of a description, hence the quotes. And obviously this is RCT2 so dont' expect to dowload the park (when its up for download) and see little monsters running down the path with chain saws. I did put knight and bandit entertainers in their respective mazez though. To be honest, I never expected to do the "Fright Fest" thing so it is done totally without any haloween theming. It was pretty difficult actually.

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I'm happy to announce that Six Flags Acres of Adventure is finally up for dowload. I had a lot of fun making this place, and I hope you all like it. The download version does not include Fright Fest, because it was mainly a decoration and was pointless for guests. Well, here it is. Enjoy!

Six Flags Acres of Adventure Download.SV6

Here it is!

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Zburns you still didnt tell them.. who started the "REAL Construction" Thingy..? *cough* *cough*


Sorry. I forgot about that. I believe all praise I have gotten for creating such a creative way to present my park should go to CoasterFreak24. He started the idea over on RCPro and I told him I was going to use it and thats about it. However, although It was not my idea, I am, (as far as I know) the one who started it here on TPR, but as I said, it wasn't my idea. Just ask CosterFreak24 and hell give you a link to his park on RCPro, or maybe he'll just post it here.

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I'd love to see a link to the park coasterfreak24! I haven't said it yet, so AMAZING!!!!! You've done a great job, Mr. Burns! Any ideas on a future project?


A great part of what you've done is the media days. They are great, and I can't wait to use them. And the last post, with the attraction list, was great.


Again, great job! And I'd love to see more from you!!!

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