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Six Flags Acres of Adventure

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The park has released photos of Camp Six Flags, along with Timber Top Twister, which runs through the middle of it. Also, the park has added (in what seems like over night) an S&S tower called SCREAM, painted to the typical Six Flags color scheme. Here are the pics...


Here you can see most of Camp Six Flags along with Timber Top Twister


Kids and enthusiasts alike can enjoy this great family coaster


The train travels over the full queue and into the station


The S&S complex, SCREAM


A second view of SCREAM


As promised, here is an overview of the park so far. The park has big plans for the remaining land.

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The Park has officially announced "Southern Territory," a Mexican themed area featuring two water rides, many flats, and two roller coasters, which will be announced in the near future. Southern Territory will connect the two ends of the park along the lake. "This is our best expansion yet!" said park manager Cornelius Polo. Check back for the announcement of the newest coaster soon!

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A season pass holder managed to get a few photos of track arriving in one of the maitenance areas of the park. This area is obviously strictly off limits, so for security purposes, we are not able to release the guests name. Anyway, the one pic he managed to take is certainly a mystery. Yes, the prefabricated track is for El Bandido, this we know, but, as for the pink steel track, you can start guessing.



To get an idea of what is going on, a friend of mine e-mailed park manager Cornelius Polo to see what was going on. Here is his reply, which was put on this site with Mr. Polo's permission.


Dear Dan,


It brings me joy to know that someone is interested in our coming park projects, although I do not approve of whoever managed to get the photograph. As you know, we are bringing to you America's second Intamin prefabricated wooden coaster this year, along with something else you and many others have picked up on. While I will not give you any details, I will say this: One of our sister parks has found that they must sell one of their attractions, thus leading to what you see next to track for El Bandido. I'm sure with some research, you will be able to figure out this mystery. Good luck, and we at Six Flags hope to see you next season.

Park Manager,

Cornelius Polo


Let the guessing begin!

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