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Six Flags Acres of Adventure

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Batman Begins media day kicked off with a pre-event breakfast. Soon after the huge buffet, the park director Cornelius Polo arrived to adress the public...


It gives me great pleasure to introduce to everyone, enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, Batman Begins. I am proud to say that Bolliger and Mabliard were great partners and with their great help we were able to get this ride up as soon as possible. Batman Begins is a totally unique ride experience. Starting with a tight and intense 90 foot drop, the train will then rush into back to back vertical loops, which is an element never before seen on an inverted coaster. Following this, the train enters a cobra roll, and finishes with two intense wingovers. This is certainly one of the best inverted coasters ever made!


Here are some pictures of opening day...

Some familliar faces were seen around the buffet tent. Paul Ruben was there to declare Batman Begins his number 1 coaster, Ron Toomer was upset B&M didn't use pipeline coaster track, Robb liked the ride, and Elissa did also, even though it wasn't an Intamin.


This is pretty much the entire layout


Another layout pic

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^True, but I'll probably add the standard Batman dirt/pavement under the ride anyway. As for the colors, it's supposed to be dark bluish black, but yeah it does kinda look purple. Who knows, Six Flags might repait it yellow in a few years like they always do.

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New Rumor


Screamscape has posted rumors that an Intamin Rocket coaster might be on its way to Six Flags Acres of Adventure. It is rumored that Six Flags has been meeting with Intamin representatives discussing the new ride. Some suspect that a record breaker could be on its way to the park, while others say that something along the lines of Storm Runner should be expected. Remember though, this is just a rumor.


However, it has been confirmed that the park will expand for the season with a large childrens area, featuring childrens rides and even a small rollercoaster.[/b]

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Official Pics of Superman opening day...


The 125 foot top hat into the first inversion


The train thunders down the vertical drop into the twisted layout


Smile for the camera!


The slanted breakrun over the path


Some of the first riders come into the breaks and towards the station


An overview of the madness


The park will release photos of Camp Six Flags and Timber Top Twister soon!

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