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[RCT3] District of Fun - 2002 Opening Day

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Good that you are adding a large water ride and renaming/rethemeing Green Thunder to Simba, it gives a better theme to that area of our park. Also, new theaters and complexes are good, especially for events and other non-ride related things. Nice work!

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Saturday, December 30, 2000


Hey Matt Kelott here. It's another offseason, but not all is bad! DoF sent out the logo for Simba today! Pretty nice new years present.


From the pic, I am guessing that one of the colors is orange, probably the track.



I like it a lot to be honest.


NOTE: Park said this was subject to change.


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Satrurday, April 28, 2001


Hey! Matt Kelott here. Today was the opening day for DoF and I had to be there! Deep in the Jungle opened with some new additions.


Read more to find out whats going on at DoF in 2001! (rhyme not intended)


I only took photos of new stuff so it's a small report.


Other news not addressed in pics:


-Fun racer only running red side. Did not see blue trains at all.


-Stormchaser closed all day. I hear its a mechanical issue.


The new hotness of the year.


AMAZING. Simba>>>>>>>Green thunder. The pain is amazing.


Jungle Rapids. I don't know why there was no permanent sign yet but there were temporary ones. Didn't ride it yet cause it was pretty cold today. Not that popular on this chilly day.


NOTE: Ride op on Simba said those little face statue things will have speakers that will talk to guests. She said it is supposed to be funny. Apparently they tested the on the employees but they are not ready for public use. I guess there will be a camera to see what to say to guests. SUPER COOL!


Nice seating area over path. I smell expansion going under tunnel to big area of grass behind.


Sweet views from upstairs seating. The new dining experience was REALLY excellent. It was a mix of BBQ and sandwiches and salads. I got the BBQ chicken sandwich with beans mixed with pork. Really awesome.



SIMBA! new paint on station and they FINALLY added a queue cover.


Mat slide is gone. hhhmmmm. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE ADDITIONS?!?!?!?!

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Friday, May 4, 2001

Matt Kelott here. The park was open this friday for some event, but was open to public as well. It was empty cause it was a friday while kids were in school, and it was cold.


The hours were 9-8 today.


The entrance for the new entertainment complex.(see announcement). It is not open yet. I heard this first shows are memorial weekend. There is still work to be done to the entrance, I hope. Definitely a sign.


Blue side of fun racer is still closed. Ride ops said something was damaged with chairlift and they are awaiting a part.No word one how long that could take. Red side line is much longer now unfortunately. Line today was about 30 minutes.



Yeah I did!



Simba looking great! Still haven't tried out rapids.


Queue for mat slide still there.



Big Thunder was running great today! Had no line all day. WHAT DO YA THINK OF THE PARK?

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Sunday, May 6, 2001


Matt Kelott here. I am VERY excited. I have just been invited to Germany in late July for work related reasons, and I will have the chance to visit Heide Park! I know that they opened the first Intiman Pre-fab this past August, And I am stoked to try it out. I won't do a TR on this thread, but maybe on the Heide thread.


On another note, I headed to the park today and the Blue side of The Great American Fun Racer is still closed. Stormchaser is also still closed.


I will probably visit the park again on the first weekend after memorial cause I am busy right now. When I go the entertainment complex should be open.


See ya soon!

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Sunday, June 3, 2001


Matt Kelott here. Went to the park today with a friend of mine visiting from New York. We also went to Kennywood the next day.


He really enjoyed the park. We did not see any shows because we decided to do as many rides as we can while he's here.


Lines were pretty long but we took advantage of the 30 minutes of early entry if you bring your receipt from seven-eleven.


Notable max waits:


-Simba: 50 minutes


Fun Racer: 40 Minutes


UNLEASHED: 100 Minutes


Roaring Rapids: 35 Minutes


Rush Hour: 45 Minutes.


Park hours


8:30 (early)



Weather was very nice today, though at night the temp dropped like a QB getting sacked by Ray Lewis.


It also rained for like an hour off and on from 3-4


Took some pictures.


Empty during early entry.


Blue side was open. Apparently it opens for the first time this season yesterday. I guess they fixed the chain.


It was racing all day, but when I took the pic red was winning, it was at bottom of drop.



Why is there a mix of fence. Strange. Must be replacement from damage maybe?




Food court was PACKED latter in the day. Never seen it that busy idk why.


Rain is bad, mkay? Don't rain, mkay?


Right after rain Simba had NO line!




Look better, please

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Monday, July 30, 2001


Hey Matt Kelott here. Just got back from Germany. Went to Heide park and had a FANTASTIC time. I was able to try their brand new ride, Colossus, the first Intiman pre-fab wooden coaster. It was the best roller coaster I have ever been on, steel or wood. SO MUCH airtime and such a smooth coaster. CRAZY! Boy if only they built one on the east coast. One can always dream!


I mean, we haven't got a coaster since 1999 (UNLEASHED) so I am expecting one this year. You never know


The park (District of Fun) is announcing their announcement day tomorrow. I hear there will also be a teaser .


Very excited.


Well, thats all for today.


"Have a fun filled day"

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Tuesday, August 1, 2000

The park sent out a teaser for when the new attraction will be announced. I see wood!!!!! You never know!



Also, the park is going to do a thing next month called five nights of fright, where each night for five nights they will announce a maze for district of fright.


***First three suggestion/comments about the park will get to see layout/plans and the whole ordeal for the new ride. I will pm the person.***


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Sunday, August 19, 2001


So the big announcement tomorrow and I have been thinking. Why would the track be there if they are not building in that spot. I have no clue what intimate roller coaster could fit there. PLEASE be an actually thrill ride.


Also, I hear supports are on site and they are the same shade of blue. hmmm, blue on blue. Okay.......

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Monday, August 20, 2001


Park just announced next years attractions!!!

NEW FOR 2002 IS....


HIGH VOLTAGE- An Intiman Inverted impulse coaster.


Color Scheme: Blue/Blue


Trains: 16 rows seat 32.


Height: 208 ft


Speed: 67 MPH


One spine is straight and one is twisted.


Located where mat slide used to be. It will pass under Storm Chaser at one point.




Also, there will be a new family or kiddie ride. Type unknown.

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Wednesday November 7


Hey Matt Kelott here. Sorry for my absence I have had a lot going on, which resulted in my lack of ability to attend District of Fright. My friend told me it was slightly worse than last year. Oh well...


Any who, the seasons over and now its the offseason slump, but in all goodness the park sent out a picture of the supposed logo for High Voltage.


(It came out blurry for some reason. The park better have a high res one!)


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Friday, November 30, 2001

The park sent out a statement this morning saying that the Fun House brilliantly named Fun House, will not return for the 2002 season. The building however, will not be removed for future purposes.


My guess is that it will be used for mazes for future years during District of Fright.




The park said that District of Fright will have it's first ever "scare zone"!!!!


No word on theme for that yet.


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Saturday, May 4, 2002


Matt Kelott here. Just attended opening day 2002. Park was PACKED!!!


Regarding High Voltage, it was closed all day with mechanics working on it. Rumor has it HV could be delayed close to three weeks or a month. Oy.


Also, I am not crazy the park did say there was going to be a kid's ride, and to my understanding there is not so far.


Here are some pics from today...


High Voltage really stands out over the park.


You can get really close to it.


looking down HV. You can kind of see how crazy close HV gets to Stormchaser




This just shows how busy the park was




Entrance looks nice.


Exit of ride. You can see the really open station from here. Well thats all for today. I may go back to the park next week or the week after. FEEDBACK REALLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

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If you're enjoying building the park and the storyline, keep going. That's what it comes down to- it's ultimately your choice.

If you're that discouraged by the lack of comments and it means that much to you, then don't continue. It's not worth your time/effort if you're not enjoying yourself.m

I always enjoy reading through park timelines, but I won't always comment. Hope this helps your decision.

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