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Photo TR: Holiday Park, Germany October 2014

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I noticed parks in Europe are catching on to frights and haunts. And, were open nearly everyday in October. Decided to check out Holiday Park.


Most parks find a hearse limo. But I suppose a stretch will suffice.


Casper the Ghost will pummel you with a pumpkin.


All hail Das Pumpkin Fuerer.


Pumpkin Fuerer is not amused.


Oh yes... first things first. In front of Berg Falkenstein is grilled brats..... YUM.


Traditional German breakfast for Manson.


To my dismay, the boob-a-matronic was broken. No boobie credits.


Please coaster Gods. I'm almost on. No Intamin ailments.


All still seems well. Only one train op's, so the wait best be worth it.


Here we go.........


GREAT RIDE, only one train because they appear to be parting one out. For 130 Euro's. You can really buy this seat in the gift shop.


G-force is great, I mean REALLY GREAT. Deserving of an extra bratwurst and beer. Disclaimer: (do NOT attempt to enjoy beer like me, I am a freak of nature and you won't survive. )


This looks SUPER. ...... Dude!


The monument of the Wirble corkscrew has an Alton Towers aura......


The exterior theme of Sky Scream is Seven Flags. Very nice.


Very nice indeed.


The que is bland, but, not finished. The Dippin Dots Dude confirms. 2015 shall have fog, music and a light show.


If Premier is the new choice in cookie cutter coasters. I am pleased..... VERY PLEASED.


Sky Scream awesomeness deserves another treat.


There's something. .. in....the....... tree.


I would marathon Manhattan Express for 3 days before I get back on this painful mouse.


At the zombie boat show. Water is frigid but they are zombies, so they care not.


Zombie boat show........lost in translation.


Oh h€££ to the NO!!!! Did this last time, and thanks to Kevin, I am more of a baby than Soupy towards these things.


Thank you Holiday Park. No mazes, but very cool! To be on the safe side. We'll let the Parrot drive us home. What could go wrong?

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"Please coaster Gods. I'm almost on. No Intamin ailments."


^ The mantra of coaster geeks everywhere.

Especially when it comes to Intamin rides! We have most certainly had our fair share of Intamin "luck" with Expedition GeForce!

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Great report!


I think that we might be able to keep up in the beer drinking with you...especially when it's awesome German draught!

I dunno, many have tried, and they got in trouble on TPR trips. Plus, look up the chug offs. But, either way. You can't go wrong with an awesome park great coasters and Perfect beer.


We heartily would accept the challenge, as me and my partner can drink quite a bit and yet still manage to respectfully keep it together in social situations. I guess it comes with old age? Or is it a cast iron liver? Or because we are of German & Irish heritage? Or all of the above?


We managed to gulp down 7 Maß at Oktoberfest in 2011, drink our way around the world at the Epcot Food & Garden expo in 2014 and I kept up with my South Korean co-workers that wanted to drink many, many shots of rice liquor washed down by chugging several glasses of beer. Will I live to be 70, 80 or 90? Most likely not, but I'm cool with that.


It's all about having fun now.


It amazes me that some people in the US think that they are party animals if they can polish off a 6 pack of Bud Light, but yet fall over if they drink two pints of good IPA and one/two shots of whiskey!

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O.K. so yes Philrad. You do sound like you walk the walk. It is not normal in American culture to drink beer like the Germans. That's where I built up my love and tolerance to beer. I can't drink hard stuff (that's for Piers) But beer, if I'm not working, I drink it all day. And no LIGHT beer. YUCK. I don't recommend this type of beer consumption for NORMAL people. As Robb truly had to add a new rule on trips about alcohol consumption. Some people can't do it. But, they tried, and it didn't turn out so good. It started as fun by people trying to count my daily beers on Europe 2012 trip. They lost count at 28 and tried to do so themselves. Not a good thing. Our park behavior is supposed to be exemplary. Even though we aren't representatives of TPR, our actions represent it. There are very few people that can be aware of their surroundings after good beer. Keep it cool and, it will be nice to meet you sometime.

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^100% agree!


To be honest, if I could somehow work it out, I would love to move to Germany. Not just for the beer drinking, but coming from a German heritage I just felt like I "fit" when we were vacationing there several years ago. I just loved the people, culture, friendly, laid back attitude...and of course, their awesome beer, food and theme parks certainly help!


I could certainly see where too much drinking by inexperienced people could turn a TPR trip into downer in a hurry. I have seen that happen when we have taken bus trips to Sabres and Bills games and it's amazing to see how stupid some people will act after they have drank 10 or 12 Bud Lights.Pretty sad, really.


Definitely would like to meet up with you at a TPR event sometime. While I know there is no way that I could handle 20+ beers throughout the day, it would be cool to hang out and have a couple of beers at a park...providing that it was good beer, of course!


Take care!

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