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Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Test run POV of Abyssus!

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Wow. The park just announced another new coaster.

Apparently they're planning a GCI wooden coaster.


The park posted a photo of the GCI booth at EAS, with the following description: "Just back from Sweden, full of new ideas and concepts for Energylandia. In this photo one of the attractions that is scheduled for installation in our park."




source: Energylandia

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They've also posted a full overview of the current (?) progress of the land, including the other coaster (Vekoma family boomerang like the one Farup just opened) and the flat rides:  

Here's a POV of Abyssus which to me looks to be one of the better coasters for 2021:  

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Generally i'd say vekoma is a great and underrated manufacturer.


Besides their older boomerangs and slcs, they make great coasters,

And i'm just so happy to see someone investing in them!


Poland is actually not that far away from where i live, so flights should be cheap

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^That's what I thought too. I mean, they get this reputation mostly because of their older rides and it makes you wonder if they still deserve it.

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I mean seriously, back in the 80's the only manufacturer not making horrible coasters is Schwarzkopf. Vekoma had the most successful business and they sold more coasters than anyone else. They were actually pushing the technology limits instead of copy and pasting the same inversion from the mid-70s or only building the same vertical loop over and over again. Why so much hate towards them?

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^ Actually, what was the last rough Vekoma?

That's probably Odyssey (2002), their last design with an Arrow-track.


(2014) Seven Dwarfs

(2013) Bandit Bomber

(2012) Big Grizzly Mountain

(2011) Ben 10

(2010) Battlestar Galactica

(2009) Stingray

(2008) Muntanya Russa

(2007) Kvasten

(2007) Jimmy Neutron

(2005) Expedition Everest

(2005) Space Mountain HK

(2004) Booster Bike

(2004) Oki Doki

(2002) Odyssey

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