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Quik-Trips by Chadster: Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

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This season I've traveled a ton, probably more than any other season. These are trips that were mostly unintended and either for work or because of airfare that was too good to be true.


As travel winds down I thought I would share my 'last minute' trips with everyone. And because these trips are mostly short in nature my time in the parks was usually limited, hence 'QuikTrips'. The end result? I hit the highlights at each park in which I'll share with all of you.


With my home park being SFOT it's refreshing to get out to other Six Flags parks and see how the chain is doing nationally. This trip took place around the end of May and landed me in Chicago to check out the progress on Goliath at Six Flags Great America and give the RMC guys kudos for their hard work over the harsh winter.



Ready? Visual Scan...5,4,3,2,1 clear to see the photos


If you took the top three strong points of each park in the chain, added them up, and through them all into a single park, you'd have a stellar park. This board outside the front gates is one of the top 3 things from SFGAm that I'd place at each park.


Traditional photo that must be included in any SFGAm report.


Wild Mice can be fun, and this one is still fun.


After seeing the light into the heavens...


I walked over to the Goliath Construction site and waved at the crew.


Pretty sure one of them saluted me, but it's ok, I provided them with cheap beer, so jokes on them.


Its quite large


Which is what she said


Anywho the guys had worked hard for 12 hours and it was time to boom down and take a siesta.


In just a few more weeks people would be enjoying its high speed thrills and chills.


But for now, its time to do something implusive


which included getting shot towards the sky


Speaking of flying


I was disappointed that the effects had been turned off. The fog and water canons really added that missing element to turn blah into not so blah.


At least it's still photogenic


And its still fun.


I've still never been on this


I really do like this park. Nice collection of flats and coasters, its well kept, and has nice landscaping.


du ne ne ne nenenenenenene BATMAN


Still not sure about the World, but it is clean


But as this quiktrip to SFGAm came to an end, I went to take a Whiz


LOOK! It's Halley's Comet!


Adios SFGAm


It's been real.

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I agree with your "blah" assessment of X-Flight, which I thought meandered when it should have soared. Goliath is very good, though, and I rather like the Dark Knight, too--better a mouse in a themed box than a mouse on a concrete slab.

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This 'QuikTrip' landed me in Louisiana for a few hours at Dixie Landin' on July 4. I had honestly expected a larger crowd at the park and had expected some sort of event for the 4th of July, but alas, neither were true.


I suspect most people were gathered along the river for the 4th of July fireworks show which was perfect for me as I could casually roam from ride to ride and enjoy what the park is for the short 3 hours I was there.


Pro-tip: Arrive after 5, except concert nights, for discounted admission to the rides park.


Welcome to the Bayou!


The do's, don'ts, and other note worthy information.


Walking past the spin and spew...


we find this old looking ride. Well it looks old because it is. And because its old its scary. And because it's scary its suspect. And because its suspect, its awesome!


Rides Rides Rides Rides

Rides Rides Rides Rides Rides




If you're single, you soon won't be on this here pride ride.


Redneck shower.


They seem to have a ton of old school classic almost carnivalish rides. Which isn't a terrible thing.


Love Himalaya's. But this is a Musik Express.


That runs backwards!! Yay!


There is a stud in this photo. If you are able to ID the stud in this photo, you will win points.


Taking a stroll around the grounds...


I ran into an Enterprise.


Made by Huss. I know this because the plate says so.


And holy crap, they run this the way it was meant to be, straight up.


This is where you go in.


To sit on a boomerang.


Which slooooooowly pulls you up from behind...


...and finally uses it's giant boot to kick you around


Actually this is one of my top 3 smoothest boomerangs. In fact, it was so smooth that I re-rode just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. No clunk nor neck brace needed on the second tower.


Enough of that, time to move on.


So here is a strange ride. Several of them around the country. All of them allow 4 riders. This one, only 2 at a time, one on each side, opposite of each other. Talk about boring. The hard part was finding someone who would ride opposite side of me.


Moving on. Hey, whats that out there? A John Deere ride?


Pretty much. The trains look like a tractor, the track green, aka John Deere coaster.


I found the kiddie area to be unique and had some rides I hadn't see before. No, I didn't ride them. That would be creepy.


Solo ride on the scrambler, talked them into full power. Then with the ride underway, talked the op into an extended run time. Love this classic ride.


But as quickly as I had arrived, the sun was setting.


A few more quick rides and I would depart.


Had a fun time at Dixie Landin' If you are near the park, don't hesitate to check it out and enjoy the park for what it is. If you credit whore it, well, you're just wrong.


If you like these quiktrips, post a comment, it will keep them commin'

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This is one of the few parks in the country I haven't been to. Your report makes it look a lot like Lake Winnie. Does it have that sort of vibe?



To me the Dixie Landing is not as "folksy friendly" as Lake Winnie. Urban/Redneck feel versus straight up redneck.

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This is one of the few parks in the country I haven't been to. Your report makes it look a lot like Lake Winnie. Does it have that sort of vibe?


I think Larry closely describes the park goers as urban redneck. I didn't encounter anyone rude and quite the opposite really, it's just a heavy country loving crowd hence they have pretty much nothing by country concerts in the summer with some fairly big names.


Taking the clientele out of the equation and minus the lake, to me it has a similar feel as Lake Winnie. The water park seemed to have good business but nothing spectacular there. Its just a good old fashioned amusement park with a decent mix of old school and new school attractions.


If you were to experience most all of the rides, the max time needed would be 3 hours, pretty much the same as LW.

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The paratrooper was indeed fun and if I recall correctly, they ran it forwards and backwards.


The last time I rode a forward/backward Paratrooper was at the Stanislaus County Fair in Turlock, Calif., when I was a teenager.

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After a few weeks off for the holidays, I'm back with this weeks' Quiktrip which brought me to Worlds of Fun for Haunt 2014 opening day.


Having not been to the park for two years I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. The park looks GREAT! And of course they went all out for Haunt with skeletons and dead bodies all over the place that accented the 9 different haunt experiences. New for this year was Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus and The Boneyard and both were excellent additions with Ed Alonzo expected to return next year.


But enough of the blah blah blah, lets head back to everyone's favorite time of the year....Halloween!


Welcome to Worlds of Fun, amazing weather!


Early entry, check.


Fly high, Patriot. By riding the coaster. This isn't Colorado.


The park looked fantastic, I had forgotten how much I like this place!


And the Halloween decorations? They were everywhere!


They also made the most of the new Coca-Cola agreement with a Coke Pagoda!


Dead fisherman.


Even the spinner had some death



Wait. Is that what I think it is? I must walk closer to inspect.


Bamboozler is dressed up for Haunt!


Wait, I'm not in California!


So let's run through the checklist before riding, bathroom used, granola bars in pocket, sunscreen, hat. Ok, looks like I'm ready to ride.


Well if that's what they want to call it, I'll buy it.


This special photo is for the storage container enthusiasts


OH NO! WE ARE STUCK! Just kidding. The placement of Windseeker is perfect, they've even painted the top the Coke stand with the Coca-Cola logo. Details matter.


Details like this. Lost your park map? Grab one in the restroom!


Looks like my last boss.


Wait, it's just now noon! Oh, ha ha, 1am, yay!


This years Haunt lineup


Seen one, seen them all, I chose not to see this one.


Now its time for the entire reason for coming to the park. No, not Zulu


No, not Zombie high....PROWLER!


I have no words. Well I do, but this is sort of a family site.


Made it to church, finally.



The weather has certainly taken a toll on the ride, and it does need some offseason TLC, but overall, she's still great!


Whoa, now that's spooky.


Dammit! Someone call Jurassic Park and tell them their animals are loose again!


Its like death staring you in the face.


I'll just leave this artifact here.


Best looking renovated carousel. I'm sure those up north are still crying.


Ugh. Seriously, parts of this 'thing' are not bad, other parts make you wish your eyes were being popped out.


Anyway, it's time for Haunt to start


Hey Knott's, this is your chain competition.




This car was headed to the Boomerang. Not sure why.


Anyone recognize this guy? Points if you do.


So the funeral procession of sorts starts with the waking of the overlord. Not going to show all that overlord stuff as its not changed much. So, here are the banners representing each Haunt




Is that Robb?


Creepy British people.



My date for the evening.


So anyway, after all the pomp and circumstance the park is flooded with fog.


This was the line for cornstalkers 30 minutes before opening. Seriously? For cornstalkers?


Because I didn't get fright lane this year (I knew people would leave around 11am since it was turning cold and I could walk in to almost everything I wanted) I chose to get a cinnabon. Got the hookup on pecans.


Night rides are also fun with fog covering the tree tops.


So while I waited for lines to die, it was off to see Ed Alonzo. Funny as hell and not for those under 13 in the evening. It's very much an adult humor magic show.


But honestly, the hot dancer chicks distracted me and this is all I remember.


As you can see, fog was everywhere


This years new haunt replaced doll factory, finally. All I remember is I liked it. You should go.


And finally I'll leave you with this. Seriously I know the pictures don't fully show the awesomeness that is Worlds of Fun Haunt, (partially because photos are not allowed inside the haunts and partially because its so darn dark and foggy that photo taking it quite difficult) it seriously rivals Knotts Berry Farm. In fact there are some who would argue Worlds of Fun does a better job.


But, don't take my word for it. Go next year, it starts mid-early September. You won't be disappointed.


If you like, comment, and I'll take you somewhere not often seen next time.

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