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[RCT3] DTC's Merlins Magic Mountian (Entry 10 Concept art?)

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NOTE: This is my thread for my current park. I'm just going to start off from where were at over at SGW. The rest of the thread can be found here




As you may notice in the thread linked above there is a download to Phase 1 already up. Now given that not all of you probably have accounts on the SGW site needed to download the file I've uploaded it here too. SO just click below and download to enjoy your day at the park!




Anyway let's get on with it shall we, here you join us as we start Phase 2 of the park (oh yeah and just to mention in case you were wondering it is NCS as per usual with my work).





Entry 8: Phase 2 begins!



Hey guys and girls I've got some good news. That lovely bank manager said yes to us having the loan so together with the money that we've been taking in from the park being open were able to go ahead with Phase 2: Codename: Hollow.


Anyway even though we have the go ahead, we've yet to make a start on the actual phase two yet so we don't have anything to show you on that front. We haven't however been totally idle as currently this is what Leaky Creek looks like.




Now despite the look of it this is actually a very good thing. See with the ride closed we could commence on some much needed interior improvements to the ride. See although the guests weren't too bothered by the lack of any interior details other than dirt Merlin was. So the ride was closed and the landscaping team's holiday cut short to come back in and rework the interior (and some of the exterior) of the ride. Here are some of the images of the work currently being carried out.


Firstly what the first area of the ride, just outside the station used to look like. Lots of dirt.




Anyway several frantic work days later and the landscaping team have finished reworking the area. Apparently they found some random skulls while digging so incorporated them into the theming. Re-cycling and all that jazz.




As mentioned above work also happened on the outside of the ride like this extra overhang underneath Gargoyles steeply swooping helix.




Anyway that's all the rework images I've got so far, still its nice to have some images showing that we've started to put some of that hard earned (and grovelled for) money to use.


Finishing this entry is this shot of Cauldron blasting unfortunate guests into the air!




Till next time


DTC Spokesperson

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Entry 9: Phase 2: new area?


Well, today is all good news, or at least looks like it!


Firstly though I'm happy to announce that the improvements to Leaky Creek have been completed and the ride is open again with a greatly improved ride experience for all. I can also reveal that over several days the same treatment was given tot he underground turnaround of Gargoyle to bring it in-line with the new standard of the water ride.


Anyway that's all brilliant news but not as exciting as what appears to be a expansion to the park. There's not a lot that I can tell you at the moment (trust me Merlin is rather indecisive. He changes his plan's from one day to the next, it's a nightmare for the local council's planning department.) however Merlin has said this at a press release.


'Following on from the success of the first few phase, DTC Park's is keen to continue to improve the park to compete with the other large UK parks such as HS Designs: Kingdom Of Legend, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Blackpool etc....


With this in mind I can reveal that for the next phase we will have an entire new area. I want to reveal as little as I can at this moment in time but I can say that it will hopefully cater mainly to a demographic widely ignor.... I mean forgotten by us so far.'


Not a lot to go on but at this point we felt it was best to stop Merlin before he said something that may later come back to haunt us.


Anyway what I can show you are these images taken and sent in by a guest to the park.






As you can see the construction seems to be happening next to the current entrance and behind what was a simple dead end (some of you may have seen this and been wondering why the dead-end was there). As can just about be seen the new expansion will contain at least one new ride.


Anyway that is quite literally all anyone but Merlin knows about the area so I'm afraid I don't have nay more news so to make up for it we'll finish this entry with some nice night shots of the Harpy area of the park.



Rocky Grill serves flamed grill burgers fresh form the fire pits! It's also one of two licensed eateries in the park.




As seen from this angle, the main drop on Harpy is small but still rather intense and the highlight of the ride!




Anyway that's all for now. Hopefully next time I will have some more news on the expansion for you all.


Till then


DTC Spokesperson

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Entry 10: Concept art?



Hey guys just a quick update today. I came into work and found these lying on my desk with permission to show you guys.





Now as you can clearly see the first drawing is definitely the Gargoyle ride but I'm not sure what the second is. It seems to be concept art for an area called Harrington Hollow but without a park name this could be obsolete concept art from before this park started or scrapped stuff. Mind you it could also be this park I suppose, we'll just have to see.


Anyway as I said a short update though there has been some progress as you can see from these two images.





Anyway that is all I have for you today, sorry for it being so short, just wanted to show you the artwork.


Hopefully next time I'll have some more solid information for you all.


Till then.


DTC Spokesperson

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Wow, no one has commented yet? I've caught up with the whole story and like the twist and approach you are taking to this. Those hand drawings from the last post make it really special. I'm definitely following this park so keep posting here!

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