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Sassaquin Pond Park (RCT3)

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Hello everyone!


This is my first attempt at posting a park on here. I've been playing RCT3 off and on for years so I figure why not build a park on here from the ground up for everyone to see! The first few updates may be pretty small because there just isn't much there as of now, but soon the park will grow. Enjoy!


The Story of Evergreen Forest.


Evergreen Forest was a very small local picnic & garden grove that opened in June of 1909. The park located on the banks of Sassaquin Pond located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. In the 1929's, The park added The Grand Carousel, a 30 passenger ride featuring hand crafted wooden horses. While this brought in the crowds for a few years, the owner, Mr. Abrue, realized that it wasn't going to be enough. So to meet the demand, In 1931, The park added the Whip! I managed to find a collection of photos of the ride while it was under construction!



Welcome to Evergreen Forest!


Here is the beautiful Grand Carousel! Hold on a second. What's going on in the background?


Heres a look up at the cranes as they construct The Whip!


Whats been constructed off the distance.


The scaffolding is up so they could start work on the frame and roof that will house the ride. Its so weird seeing it with no roof!


The frame work is almost complete!


The ride itself is complete. Looks like all they had left to do was the paths and landscaping.


The Whip is finally complete!


There's even a on-ride shot in the collection!


While The Whip did help attendance, it didn't help enough. In the fall of 1935, the park was forced to close its gates.


In the fall of 1963, a local man named Kevin Pedro purchased the park. One major change that was coming to the park was its name. He wanted the park to reflect the surrounding area and not the abandon park of the past that it recently became. The parks new name became Sassaquin Pond Park. His goal was to breath new life into the park while retaining its charm. He knew that the park needed a lot of work. The Grand Carousel & The Whip have been sitting motionless for 28 years. He decided to completely overhaul both classic rides so that future generations could enjoy them. The park has also begun construction of some new rides that will be sure to entertain the young and old alike!


I hope you enjoyed a brief history into the park. Stay tuned for the reopening of the park for the 1964 season!


Make sure to comment below letting me know what you thought of the park.



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Hello everyone!


My name is Kevin, I'm the owner of the park. I wanted to personally welcome you to the first season at Sassaquin Pond Park! In the last update, we went over a bit of the history of Evergreen Forest and its closure. Now i'm going to show you the amazing progress we made over the off season getting this park back up and running. During the winter, we completely rebuilt The Whips floor and roof. The Grand Carousel held up decently well over decades, but it did get some new paint and some new landscaping.


For the 1964 season, Sassaquin Pond Park introduces 4 new rides!


-Swinger- This isn't your ordinary swing ride. The adventure begins when you sit down in one of our single open air seats, then the ride will start spinning at high speeds round and round in circles. It's a must for all thrill seekers in training!


-Bumper Cars- This family classic allows you to get into head on collisions with your friends and family! Its fun the young and old!


-Americana- This 60ft ferris wheel will take you and your friends or family high above the trees delivering beautiful views of Sassaquin Pond.


-Thunderbolt- This thrilling 70ft wooden roller coaster will take you flying through the trees and speeds reaching 45mph. With 14 seconds of airtime, this is sure to be a experience you won't soon to forget!


Here are some photos of the construction and opening day 1964!



Here is an ariel view of the land clearing for the 1964 expansion/re-opening!


Here are the bumper cars under construction.


The ride is completely assembled! Now all thats left is the paths and landscaping.


You may not know, but Evergreen Forest was famous for its perfectly cut hedges. This is something we plan on incorporating into every ride to keep this once famous tradition alive!


Here is the all new swinger. This ride isn't a permanent model, but after all the landscaping planned for this ride, you won't be able to tell the difference!


Here is a photo of the ride almost completely landscaped! You can't even tell its portable!


Meanwhile, Americana is also already up!


With a bit more landscaping, these two family friendly rides are almost ready for riders!


Here is Thunderbolt. Soon this scream machine will be ready to roll!


After 28 years, the park has finally reopened!


Here are some guests enjoying the amazing views from the top of Americana!


Staring down the 60ft drop! What a thrill!


Heres a glimpse into the 1965 season! We will continue the expansion outwards towards Thunderbolt. I wonder what's coming? ;)


I hope you enjoyed all the construction updates and the reopening of Sassaquin Pond Park!


Feel free to post any suggestions to what rides you'd like to see come to the park over the next few years! Or what you would like to see get improved in general!


See you in 1965!

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Hello everyone.


Welcome to 1965 Season at Sassaquin Pond Park!


The first season was great for the park! Attendance wise, we saw a little over 350,000 guest come through our gates. Back in the parks heyday in 20's, they saw about 100,000 guest annually, so this was a big accomplishment for the park. We know that the park still has many areas we can improve on, so during the 1964 season, we talked to guests to find out what they wanted to see come to the park.


Many guests expressed their concern that there was very little food choices, so this season we added a few new food and drink stands to try to meet up with the parks increasing demand.



Here are the brand new Hamburger & Lemonade Stands!


We have also added a new Drink and Fries Stand!


In terms of rides, some guest said because of the very warm summers in Massachusetts, that they wish the park would open a water ride of some type. Other guests wanted to see the park add a new family thrill ride. And then you have those thrill seekers that want a new roller coaster! We took many of these suggestions into consideration. For this season, we bring you three new attractions!


The Teacups- This family attraction is great for kids of all ages! 48 guest at a time are seated in to one of 12 teacups and are able to control how much they spin!


Magic Carpet- This family thrill ride is a must for all the thrill seekers in training. The 12 person gondola rocks back and forth until it finally makes it all the way around and completes a 360 degree rotation!


Blue River Falls- This thrilling log flume type attraction will take you on over 3,600 feet of watery adventures through dense forest. The climax of the ride is a 60ft hill that will drop you all the way back down to the ground at speeds of 35mph. You're sure to get wet on this new thrill ride!


Sadly, this year because of the very harsh winter we've had up here in Massachusetts and due to the scale of massive construction projects across the park, only our Tea Cups was ready to open on opening day. While Magic Carpet construction was completed, it was still in its testing phase and wouldn't be ready for another 2 weeks. Blue River Falls on the other hand was ready just in time for the summer season to start!


Here are some photos of the park over the course of the 1965 season. Enjoy!



Welcome to another season of family fun!


As you can see, the Teacups were ready on opening day, but the ride still needed some last minute landscaping.


As you can see, the parks Grand Carousel is as popular as ever!


Americana has also turned out to be a family favorite, sometimes seeing lines of up to 20-30 minutes!


Even the Whip is starting to see long lines!


Looks like Magic Carpet is almost ready to open!


Here is the construction area for Blue River Falls!


Looks like some flume pieces have started to arrive!


Work all the way up to the first lift hill has been completed!


Work of Blue River Falls has been moving at an amazing pace. Not even a two weeks later, workers are already working on the 60ft drop!


Blue River Falls flume construction is now complete!


As part of our conservation project at the park, we saved many of the trees we removed during land clearing to replant them around the new rides and the park! Also as you can see, line construction has also begun!


Testing has completed! Looks like the ride will open any day now!


Here are the first group of riders!


Looks like they got soaked!


Here's an over view of the whole area!


One final overview of the park!


I hope everyone enjoyed Sassaquin Pond Parks 1965 Season. Make sure to comment below letting me know what you thought about the park. What do you think we should add to the parks line up next?


Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the 1966 season!

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Thanks everyone for the support so far!


Welcome to the 1966 season of Sassaquin Pond Park! The last two seasons have been amazing for the park. The park has more than tripled its daily attendance from 150 guests per day to more then 500 guests per day! While it is defiantly an improvement, our goal is to start getting at least 1,000-1,250 guests daily to come though the gates. To start improving these numbers, we have started adverting in the national news papers and at colleges around the country. We have also started shooting some T.V. commercials!


Anyways onto the photos!



The midways may seem empty this season, but the lines are far from empty!


As you can see, Americana is still a fan favorite and proving to be one of the parks most popular rides!


One change that you will see this season is to the park skyline with the addition of the Giant Slide!


Giant Slide has proven to be an instant hit! Its rare that this ride will ever get a line because it has an extremely high ride capacity of around 800 guest per hour!


Another big change this season is to the Thunderbolt. Can anyone tell whats missing?


While Thunderbolt is growing in popularity, the ride never really has more than a one cycle wait. So to cut down on maintenance costs, we decided that the ride will operate with one train until it is needed.


As you can see, most guests don't seem to mind the change as the ride is still a walk on.


The new park skyline!


I hoped you enjoyed a look at the 1966 season. What do you guys think is coming in 1967? Make sure to comment blow letting me know what you guys thought of the park and what you want to see next!


See you in 1967!



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Hey everyone!


The 1967 Season has brought a few changes to the park this year, so lets just jump right on in and see whats new!



It's another season at Sassaquin Pond Park! =D


We've decided to add a bunch more trees in the Blue River Falls area of the park. We want you to feel like you've stepped out of the park and are really traveling down a wild river!


The Bumper Cars received a new paint job over the off season to make it stand out more. Due to its hidden location, It's old black and white paint scheme made it look more like maintenance building then a ride. We feel the new blue and white is much more welcoming. Do you agree? =]


Americana and Thunderbolt have been instant hits ever since the day they opened!


Looks like the skyline has changed a bit since last season!


Flying Cages in the new ride for the 1967 season! This new family thrill ride looks like a normal ferris wheel, but it's not. This high speed ride will allow riders to control they're ride. They can chose to let the cage rock and flip on its own, or they can lock it into place so they will flip during certain parts of the ride. This ride is sure to be a hit!


The ride is a portable model, but like Swinger, we have hidden the trailer and other parts of the ride to make it look more permanent. We think it looks much better this way, don't you?


We think these upgrades will really enhance the guest experience and add for an overall better day at the park.


What other upgrades do you think should happen at the park in the near future?

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I really love your flat ride collection! I also like the roller coaster & the log flume! Just a question, why does the log flume have no straight splash zone at the bottom of the drop? I feel like the logs would be going really fast around that curve, and since the logs often have no side or upstop wheels, it could be a danger. I would also personally put some sort of cover over the food shops as well. Good park and keep up the good work!

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I really love your flat ride collection! I also like the roller coaster & the log flume! Just a question, why does the log flume have no straight splash zone at the bottom of the drop? I feel like the logs would be going really fast around that curve, and since the logs often have no side or upstop wheels, it could be a danger. I would also personally put some sort of cover over the food shops as well. Good park and keep up the good work!


Thanks for all the kind words!


Regarding the Blue River Falls, The logs don't take that turn at a high speed at all. As soon as the log levels out, it creates a huge splash and slows down right at the start of the turn. I'll see what I can do about covering some of the food shops. =P

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-Kevin (Park Owner/Manger)


Hello everyone!


Welcome to the 1968 Season


Last season we saw a very slight increase in attendance from the Flying Cages. From doing surveys, our guests wanted more thrilling rides added to the park. So thats just what we gave them! We also received multiple awards for being the Cleanest, Most Beautiful, and Safest park in the Country! We are honored that our guests love our park so much!


Lets take a look around the park and see whats new this season!



Another season at this beautiful park!


It seems to be a pretty busy day at the park! But then again Americas line is always long.


I'm glad the new white in blue color scheme on the Bumper Cars made it much more popular now that people know its there!


Looks like a busy day at Blue River Falls!


Speaking of Blue River Falls, It received a little bit of love during the off season. We added a catch pool for both drops for all the excess water that the ride loses during its cycles. Keep an eye out on this ride though, from what i hear, the park has a few more surprises for this ride over the next few seasons!


Thunderbolt looks to be getting full trains again. If the lines keep up on this, then we'll have to put the 2nd train back on!


Sadly, Flying Cages hasn't been getting the ridership we hoped it would. Hopefully this changes soon because it hasn't seen a line since its opening day!


Remember how I told you guests wanted more thrilling rides? Well here it is! We are thrilled to welcome Cyclone to Sassaquin Pond Park!


It's a beautiful modified out and back coaster that also takes advantage of a natural valley!


It also features an elements such as a trick track and a double down! This is sure to be many guests favorite part of the ride!


Looks like this ride will be a hit for the park!


As I was about to leave for the day, I saw construction workers starting on a new project!


What ever it is, it looks like its going to be huge! Especially if they are starting this early on it!


Well, that's all for the 1968 season. Stay tuned for a big update that covers the construction for the 1969 project and opening day. I'm very excited for this project as its going to fill a void that the park has missing. I'm sure everyone in the whole is going to love it!


Until next time!



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Hey everyone, Kevin here.


So over the off season we saw our 1969 additions come to life. It was great to be able to watch the construction of 4 new rides, a new show, and a new eatery over the winter.



The first new ride that was installed was the Flying Trapeze. This new children's ride will swing riders around forwards AND backwards!


Red Barron will take our little fighter pilots on a high flying adventure by the water!


Flying Elephants is our family friendly ride that allow guests to see what its like fly on the backs of these magical elephants!


Here is the all new Circus Show & The Big Top Resturant!


And finality Clown Cars will let the whole family jam into a car and spin you in circles!


Circus World got a new fountain and garden area.


Thanks to the addition of Circus World, this seems to be the busiest opening day on record!


Its rare to see the Teacups with a line due to its high throughput.


Even Swinger has a long line!


If lines stay like this, we may have to do another major expansion in the near future!


Thunderbolt is still popular even years later!


Im glad to see Flying Cages starting to finally get a line!


Cyclone riders about to take the plunge!


Looks like the new family favorite seems to be the Flying Elephants!


I'm really glad that Circus World is a huge hit! Let's hope numbers stay up all season so we can do all the things we have planned for next season!


Thanks for spending opening day 1969 with us! I hope to see you again next season!

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Circus world looks great, one of the more unique areas I have seen. Big Top restaurant should be a hit, seeing as it is the largest eatery in the park, this should help even out the food options. Lots of family friendly rides around Sassaquin Pond Park, realistic for the time period. I also like how Cyclone utilizes the terrain to make a unique ride experience, that seems to be this park's signature ride.


Keep these updates coming, and I hope the 70's are just as good as the 60's.

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^ As of right now, the park only has two coasters. Maybe that will change in the very near future.


Circus world looks great, one of the more unique areas I have seen. Big Top restaurant should be a hit, seeing as it is the largest eatery in the park, this should help even out the food options. Lots of family friendly rides around Sassaquin Pond Park, realistic for the time period. I also like how Cyclone utilizes the terrain to make a unique ride experience, that seems to be this park's signature ride.


Keep these updates coming, and I hope the 70's are just as good as the 60's.


Thanks for all the kind words! The future for the park seems very bright right now. We have been seeing a record high attendance for the past few seasons and it looks like the park will finally hit over 1 million guests this season!

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