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What parks do you plan to visit in 2006?

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Already visited this year: Moviepark Germany


Parks planned this year:

SFMM, KBF, USH, Seaworld San Diego, Disneyland, DCA, Belmont Park, Las Vegas (September)

Europapark, Tripsdrill (August)

Phantasialand, Walibi World, Efteling (June or July)

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^^ Just in case you didn't know this...A gay rule that I found out about Lake Winnie a couple of weeks ago. You have to be 21 to go in by yourself, if not you need to be accompanied by a guardian that is over the age of 21 It is the most pathetic thing I have heard about any theme park....talk about turning away a big part of the business....teenagers.

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Though I am a teenager (at least for 10 more days dammit!) and I feel your pain, especially since I love the place, I think their decision is commendable and I respect their commitement to preserving a family environment.


Oh, and as for the thread...


Already done: Wild Adventures, Sea World Orlando (x2), Six Flags Over Georgia (several times), Cypress Gardens, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, Magic Kingdom, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, EPCOT, Busch Gardens Tampa, Lake Winnie, MB Pavilion (x2), MB Grand Prix (x2), Magic Mountain, Beech Bend, Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, SF Great America, Indiana Beach, Family Kingdom, White Water, Schlitterbahn... somehow I think I forgot some, oh well.


To do: ?? - SoCal again, Orlando again, and...?

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Regrettably, my significant other and I can only do one major trip per year. However, we've got things pretty well blocked out. This year is spoken for to go see relatives. HOWEVER....





Marineland of Niagara Falls (Canada)

Toronto Zoo





Back (finally!) to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for the Intl. Marine Animal Trainers Association annual conference, AND to visit our (likely) host facilities for the conference, Xcaret and Xel Ha, AND to participate in the best swim-with-dolphins program I've found to date. Might even visit the Tulum ruins (pyramids and such) while we're in the area.





Giving serious thought to Valencia, Spain. The world's largest oceanarium. L'Oceanografic, opened there not too long ago (saw a special about it on the Travel Channel). If it's even half as good as it looks, it'll make Sea World look like a traveling circus (then again, given Sea World's current shows, 'Believe' and 'Blue Horizons,' they're just about at the 'circus' level anyway).





Hmm... Haven't decided yet. I turn middle-aged that year (50). Might have to do something special... Australia's Gold Coast? Ireland? Heck, almost anywhere outside the US where they've got decent oceanariums and/or zoos will do nicely.


Oh, and for the record... Despite what it says in my post headers (which I don't know if I can even change), rodents are considerably more than 'OK' with me. I have nothing at all against most mice, rats, squirrels, etc.


Keep the peace(es).

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Not many this year...


Already went to BGA


Will be going to:


SFGAm (about a million times)

Any other six flags theme park if we stop by

Mt. Olympus

Timber Falls Adventure Park


(I was originally planning to go to Cedar Point, Paramount's Kings Island, and Geauga Lake, but I decided to get a six flags season pass instead. Maybe next year!)

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carowinds, cedar point, geagua lake, myrtle beach pavillion, kings island, kings dominion, six flags georgia, and if i can make it to california paramounts great adventure, and if i make it into ontario canada wonderland.


i am trying to get full use out of my paramount parks season pass.

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