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What parks do you plan to visit in 2006?

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Hmmm...Planning so far out? Tough.


TPR UK Trip list: 85% Likely

Add-ons: Ammsterdam Dungeon: 50%

Walibi World 75%

Walibi Belgium: 75%

Bobbenjaanland: 66%


Tysenfrund: 30%



Mitsui Greenland: 75%

Kijima: 75%

Kobe Portopia: 85%

Small Nagoya area parks: 85%

Chiba Zoo:99%

Kamine Park:99%

Yomiuriland 99% (return trip, new credit!)


Hong Kong Disneyland: 75%

Everland, Seoul: 75%

Lotte World (return trip, maybe Atl Adv will be open?): 75%

Funtastic Park, Guam: 95%


Maybe a few others, depending on my ship's schedule.


Any American park: <5% likely


Chris B

(Now you see why my coaster list is so weird.

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i'm looking forward to our usa trip which we have planned for June next year. We are going to visit : geauga lake, cedar point, pki, hershey, kennywood, dorney, sfga (possibly also knoebels).


In europe will visit most likely following parks again : phantasialand (black mamba), efteling (vliegende hollander), bobbejaanland, walibi belgium + world, Dlp + wds, plopsaland (new mack supersplash + skyflyer), moviepark germany, ....

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Is it your first time coming to the US? Sounds like a great way to see the best of it all! I would reccomend checking out SFNJ and SFNE while you're in the Northeast.


My park plans...


Late 2005


10/08 Six Flags New England


10/12 (fly to orlando) Sea World Orlando

10/13 Busch Gardens Tampa

10/16 HHN @ Universal's IOA

10/17 Animal Kingdom, Epcot

10/18 Magic Kingdom, Disney Studios


All of '06 -- SFNE biweekly


4/'06 Back to Animal Kingdom to get some rides on Everest


5/'06 Six Flags Great Adventure

5/'06 Long Island Adventureland


6/'06 Lake Componce


And that's all I'm up to right now.

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Is it your first time coming to the US? Sounds like a great way to see the best of it all! I would reccomend checking out SFNJ and SFNE while you're in the Northeast.



it will be the second time that i'm coming to the US. Last year i visited the orlando themeparks.

We have considered fitting in sfnj & sfne but it will already be quite a tight schedule, so will not be able to make it to those 2 parks. That will be for my 3rd visit to the US

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This year:


My home park Six Flags America

Islands of Aventure

Universal Studios Orlando

Hersheypark next week!!!



Next year:


Kings Dominion (new Italian Job!)

Six Flags Great Adventure (New Park!!!)

Six Flags America of course

And I'm 50% sure I'm going down to Florida next year, and I'll end up at 1-2 parks there!

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The parks I have planned for 2006 are:



Phantasialand (Black Mamba)


Western USA Trip

Paramount's Great America

Six Flags Marine World

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Knott's Berry Farm

Sea World San Diego

Disney's California Adventure


Universal Studios Hollywood

Belmond Park

Bonfante Gardens

Legoland California

Adventure Dome (Canyon Blaster)

Buffelo Bill’s Resort & Casino (Desperado)

Nascar Café (Speed)

New York New York (Manhatten Express)

Stratosphere Tower (High Roller)

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well my dad came up to me and said "i looking into taking a road trip" and first thing out of my mouth is "ONLY IF WE GO TO CP!" and thats the story, it is actually quite a bit longer, but you get the idea.


and i would like to be put on the list for "longest drive ever to get to an amusement park" list thank you very much! car from LA to ohio? **shudders** 34 freaking hours nonstop (according to mapquest)


but im not sure if it will follow through, i actually hope it does.




PS has anyone actually taken amtrak? i see it stops in sandusky

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  • 2 months later...



Park and Current Planning Satus. All trips tenative, naturally, and pretty much depend on funds.



Six Flags Over Texas (100%)

Six Flags Fiesta Texas (100%)

Six Flags Saint Louis (90%)

Six Flags Great America (90%)

Indiana Beach (90%)

Beech Bend (90%)

Holiday World (90%)

Frontier City (80%)

Bells (80%)



Silver Dollar City (90%)

Clebration City (90%)



Disneyland Resort (30%)

Knotts Berry Farm (30%)

Six Flags Magic Mountain (30%)



WDW Magic Kingdom (60%)

Epcot (60%)

Animal Kingdom (60%)

Disney Studios (60%)

Universal Studios Florida (60%)

Islands of Adventure (60%)

Sea World Florida (60%)

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The only trip besides local parks (SFNE, Compounce, Canobie) I have planned for next year is a trip to Dorney, Knoebels, Hershey, and GADV. That could all change, but that's what it looks like currently.

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Definites (TPR Trip):

Chessington, Oakwood, Drayton Manor, Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool South Pier, Southport, Gullivers Warrington, Camelot, Lightwater Valley, Flamingoland, Fantasy Island, Bottons Pleasure Beach, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, Joyland, Thorpe Park, Liseberg, Tusenfryd, and probably Legoland Windsor.


Looks like I might be hitting Disneyland Paris (both parks) with my friends in March/April, if not then I'll definitely be going in November, haven't been over since 2003. If I make that, I'll be trying to hit Parc Asterix too.


If I end up in decent employment after Christmas, I may hit a few more parks in Europe either after the TPR trip or after I hit Paris, tentatively hoping to head into Spain or Germany, but this is majorly dependent on where I end up working.


Then, starting July, I'm hoping for a work placement in the States, which will most likely be in Philly, Boston, D.C., or somewhere in Florida or California, they're the most common areas for the placements anyway. I'll be in the placement for around 8 weeks, with free weekends, and then I'll be staying over there and travelling for around four weeks, so should be able to squeeze some more parks in.


A lot of this is "if"s and "but"s though, which I hate, I like to make very definite plans.

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As usual, I will visit the local parks... PKI, CP, HW, and SFGAM (if is open when I visit Chicago in April).


I am still deciding upon my major trip for next year. Possibly Boston along with SFNE and LC.


I would like to visit Germany next year, but Expedition GeForce is actually just a plus for the trip. There is something else in Germany I would prefer to see. I will just leave you in suspense as to what that could be.

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Well, I promised my daughter another visit to SoCal this year (we can only afford about every 2 years).

First, we get a season pass at Six Flags "Enchanted" Village.


Oaks Park

Enchanted Forest

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Knott's Berry Farm

Disneyland (and CA)


Belmont Park

San Diego Wild Animal Park (hey, it's got a train)

SF Magic Mountain (the REAL reason for the pass)

SF Marine World (bonus on the way back)

and possibly

That awesome looking bumper car place in Seaside Oregon

Fun Forest (formerly Gayway)

Calaway Park


and probably Playland/PNE.


Those awesome bumper cars in Seaside I'm going to check out this year

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I AM going to WDW next month and there is a good chance I'll get to go to IOA and Sea World Orlando that same trip.


SFMM, Knott's and DLR are a given.




Liseberg, Tusenfyrd or DLP, Parc Asterix (right after UK trip)



Wonderland TX


Frontier City


Joyland KS

Silver Dollar City

Celibration City

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Here is what I'm currently expecting to visit next year:


Coney Island




Memorial Day weekend

Canobie and the parks in Maine (new parks)



TPR UK trip with Scandanavian add-on (new parks)



Independence Day Weekend


Ocean City/Maryland shore parks (new parks)




Labor Day Weekend

Holiday World

Beech Bend (new park)

Camden Park (new park)

Indiana Beach


I also have TBD softball tournaments in October hopefully in Dallas and Palm Springs:

If so, side trips to SFoT (new park) and SFMM and possibly DCA (new park)


I have no idea how many new coasters that would be, I'll figure it out after we get the itinerary for the UK trip

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