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What parks do you plan to visit in 2006?

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Next year i have planned:


SF Magic Mountain

Knotts Berry Farm

Disneyland California

Universal Studios Hollywood


Also plan to go back to Florida too,so the usual suspect parks there


And in the UK:


Alton Towers

Thorpe Park


Drayton Manor


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90%+ sure about:


Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Williamsburg



Sea World Orlando


70%+ sure about:




Silver Dollar City

Universal Studios Resort

Walt Disney World Resort


50%+ sure about:



Cypress Gardens



30%+ sure about:


All of the smaller parks near those mentioned above.


10+ sure about:


All of the larger parks near those mentioned above.


0%+ sure about:


All of the parks throughout the known universe, and any universes yet to be discovered.

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Hmm let's see:


- Holiday World

- Kings Island

- Beech Bend

- SFGAdv

- Dollywood

- Silver Dollar City

- Celebration City

- Knott's Berry Farm

- Disneyland Resort

- Walt Disney World Parks

- Thorpe Park

- Alton Towers

- Oakwood

- Blackpool

- Chessington

- Great Yarmouth Area

- Drayton Manor

- Southport Pleasureland

- Lightwater Valley

- Flamingoland

- TusenFryd

- Liseberg

- Disneyland Paris Resort

- Parc Asterix

- Europa Park

- Holiday Park

- Heide Park

- Walibi Belgium

- Walibi World

- Movie Studios Park

- Toverland

- Phantsialand


maybe more .. crazy year already

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Hmmm, let's see...


The usual 20+ Dorney visits

The usual 10+ SFGAdv visits

I'm sure I'll make it to Knoebels a couple of times

BGW in March

PKD for Grizzlyfest

Kennywood, DelGrosso's, Lakemont, Conneaut Lake (maybe Geauga Lake)

Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure (maybe BGT)

William's Grove (if they are still open next year)

I'm sure I'll get up to Lake Compounce, probably for OcBoulderFest

I'm also hoping to make it to Holiday World, PKI and Cedar Point but those don't look too promising

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Im definately gonna visit Tusenfryd and Liseberg next year. I have also been thinking about going to the UK and visit Thorpe, Chessington, Alton Towers, Drayton Manor and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. If not, I might be doing a trip to Denmark

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At this point, I really have no idea. Here are some possibilities:


Always visit at least once a year:


Cedar Point

Geauga Lake



Definite Trips Next Year:


Holiday World, Beech Bend



Possible Trips Next Year:

MFI, Canada's Wonderland (Spring Con)

Knotts, SFMM, USH (Solace)

Carowinds (C3)


Dells / SFGAmerica

BGW / Kings Dominion

Disneyland Paris


I am sure there are some I am forgetting, but you get the idea.

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2005 was a very quiet season for me as far as coaster riding went. 2006 will be alot more action packed thankfully. I'll be visiting the following parks:



Alton Towers

Thorpe Park


Paultons Park

Fantasy Island

Great Yarmouth Pleasue Beach

Pleasurewood Hills

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Pleasue Island & Cleethorpes





Six Flags Holland

Heide Park

Hansa Park


Holiday Park

Europa Park


Park Asterix

Port Aventura

Park d’attractions




Disney World

MGM Studios


Animal Kingdom

Cyprus Gardens

Wild Adventures

Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios Florida

Busch Gardens Tampa

Sea World Orlando


Old Town Kissimmee

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Hey Gregg be carefule with Holiday World, they aren't usually open in October and if they are like this year it's the first and second weekend usually. Last year they closed at the end of September.


I'm going to be out there on business. So if they are open, SWEET, if not then it's no biggie. I'm just hoping they will be open like they are this year.

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Jan 24 SeaWorld San Diego

Jan 25 Knott’s Berry Farm

Jan 26 Disneyland Resort

Jan 27 Disneyland Resort

Jan 28 Six Flags Magic Mountain/Universal studios


May 29 Paramount’s Kings Island

May 30 Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom or Indiana Beach

May 31 Holiday World

June 1 Cedar Point

June 2 Cedar Point

June 3 Geauga Lake


That’s our 2006 schedule so far.


And the usual; Six Flags Marine World, Paramount’s Great America, Bonfante Gardens, Funderland, Train Town…

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Planning an almost two week road trip (could be two weeks) with my friends.


(Maybe) Morey's Piers

Six Flags Great Adventure

Dorney Park


Hershey Park

Kennywood Park

Geauga Lake

Cedar Point

Paramount's Kings Island

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Holiday World

(Pending overall tiredness)Paramount's Kings Dominion

(Given PKD visit)Busch Gardens Williamsburg

(Given BGW visit)Six Flags America


And, hopefully a few times, Paramount's Carowinds since I'll be in Chapel Hill till May and then be back for sophomore year.

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Next year so far I have planned:


WDW stuff


Lake Winnie





Myrtle Beach stuff

TPR UK trip

Holiday World

Beech Bend




Movie Park Germany


Europa Park

Holiday Park

Stuttgart fair

Oktoberfest fair


There's also a chance I'll get to Liseberg, Tusenfryd, Tivoli Gardens, Bakken, Kennywood, Conneaut Lake, Ocean City MD, Rye Playland, SFMM, SFMW, PGA, SCBB, Martin's, PCWo, and SFDL, but I won't hold my breath just yet.

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What I'm deffianatly doing:

- LA Area parks

- TPR UK Trip

- Liseberg


- Parc Asterix


Parks I have a good chance of doing:





- Cypress Gardens

- Walibi Belgum

- Walibi World

- Holiday Park

- Europa Park



- Tusenfryd

- Cliff's

- Wonderland TX

- Fronteir City

- SFoT

- Silver Doller City

- Celibration City

- Nor Cal Parks

- ???

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Here are the definates:


Vegas coasters




Pacific Park

Adventure City





Cedar Point



Holiday World

Beech Bend


Then there are a lot of possibilities that haven't been set in stone yet. There will likely be several parks added on to this list. It's going to be a good year.

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