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Ever had a train all to yourself? Which ones?

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Beides the wild mice and raton locos, I have ridden Colossus and Ninja at SFMM all by myself. Both rides were during TPR WCB ERT. My buddies and I had a Forward Superman train to ourselves (4 people, one row), but that's not the same as chillin alone on Colossus. Just you and the parking lot. And a bunch of wood.

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One of my favorite theme park memories was riding Mind Bender at SFOG over and over with just my brother and I on the ride. The park was completely empty as the remnants of Hurricane Andrew was supposed to come into the area that day and fortunately the rain held off until late afternoon.

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I've had my own car on single car coasters several times, but as for a whole train I can only think of three occurrences:


-Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg during an ERT session.

-Pony Express at Knott's Berry Farm on an extremely slow day

-Possessed at Dorney Park by going there 10 minutes after opening


Especially when visiting Knott's and SFMM during the off season or riding during ERT on the trips, I've had numerous occurrences where there were less than 10 people on the train (ex: one ride on Beast at Banshee Bash had only two or three others), but that's not quite the same.


Also of note (though a little bit different), I've been the only person on a flat ride a handful of times, I've had my own boat on Pirates of the Caribbean and own jeep on Indiana Jones Adventure, and I was once the only person on Snow White's Scary Adventures as cars had to be cycled empty just so I could exit.

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Brad and I on Escape from Gringotts. Last week. Row 4. First ride of the day after it opened late and was down all morning.


And also El Toro also with Brad 2 years ago very back row multiple times. It was torrential downpouring and we literally stood there for 2 hours hoping by some miracle it would open. It did. And we rode it over and over again. Rain hurt so bad. But I would ride El Toro in a hail storm with no hesitation so rain was no problem.

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Dania Beach Hurricane several times during Spring Break 2008, I will say Boomers was about two hours from closing when I got the credit. But it's just interesting to hear the wind, creaking of the wooden track and the noises of the coaster all by yourself. I rode the ride about 10-15 times, a good 4 or 5 of them with 4-5 other people. But, the occasions when I was alone... it was just calming in a mechanical way.


It wasn't that bad of a wooden coaster at all. As the TPR Facebook page commented, it's a woodie that defies the laws of regular wooden coaster physics. It was insanely smooth! Fun ride, shame it's been sitting dormant of activity the last couple years.

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I've been on many coasters where there were maybe 2 or 3 other people along with myself in the train (people who weren't with me), but there are only a couple of times I can distinctly recall being alone (me or me and one friend) because I found it kind of eerie both times. The first time was way back in SFA's pre-SF days, when it was still Adventureworld and the Mind Eraser was the newest coaster. My friend and I had gone there close to Halloween and we decided to take a 2nd ride on the Python (the old Arrow shuttle loop). Our first ride wasn't that crowded either, because that coaster had quite a few flights of steps you had to go up just to get to the loading platform, and I guess for most people it just wasn't worth it. Well, on the 2nd ride, we noticed we were the only riders on the platform and no one else joined us. It was a really weird experience - the silence (other than the sound of the coaster itself) and the fact that it was pretty dark in that part of the park made it rather surreal. Python wasn't that great of a ride (though at least it didn't bash riders heads in like the Mind Eraser!), but that is one of my favorite coaster experiences none the less.


The other one was on Verbolten - just me, myself and I. It was after dark and I looked back right before they dispatched the train and I realized I was the only one on it. That was also rather eerie, and also one of my more memorable coaster experiences.

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Currently on my relatively long list of solo rides are;


Skyrush - Had been broken down all day and I decided to go wait at the gate for it to open... Just as it re-opened


Hurler, I305, Woodstock Express, and Volcano at Kings Dominion. The park was absolutely dead and everything was a walk-on, I did get really lucky with I305 and Volcano though as I rode both of them after they re-opened after some downtime (This was also just before I305 had its lift cable replaced so I'm lucky I got to ride it at all!)


All 4 coasters at Canobie Lake Park. I go to the park at least once a year, previously every weekend, so of course I've managed to get at least one solo ride on everything


Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Goofy's Barnstormer... Three of the most difficult solo credits to get, but when you live literally walking distance away from the gates you get the see the park on some crazy quiet days...


Montu and Kumba, these two are always particularly line-less when I go to BGT... Cheetah Hunt and Sheikra always seem to have at least a fifteen minute wait though. Doesn't matter how dead the park is.


Big Bad Wolf. Got on the first two rides of the day... This is the only reason I can die happy

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