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Where Are You Planning to Go in 2015?

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For the first time in a long time I think I will be staying close to home. Probably hit up CGA, SFDK, SFMM, Knot'ts and Disneyland. There is a chance for Disneyland Paris in the Spring but it is not cast in stone yet.

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Wel I had a great 2014, so 2015 won't be big.

Sure one's:

Efteling (I gotta try out that Dive really bad.)

Gardaland (2 Dives in a year isn't a bad plan, right? besides been there before and don't have a single credit.)

Mirabilandia (Sounds like a B&M year now, Katun will be one of the reasons.)


Unsure one's:

Hansa Park (Kränan sure looks fun, but might wait another year then its on my route to Sweden.)

Europa park (going there this weekend, depends really how well things go that weekend)

California trip: SFMM (Twisted colossus), Disneyland (Disneyland), SFDK (Superman). (Going to be my first America trip so depends on a lot of things, really hope it.)


But it's early things might change so who knows.

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New-to-me get an *


Fo Sho:

SF New England

SF Great Adventure


Cedar Point




In all Likelihood:

*Holiday World

*Kings Island

*Kentucky Kingdom


*Del Grosso's



Somewhere between possibly and hopefully:

SF Magic Mountain

Knott's Berry Farm

Cali Great America


Rye Playland


*Beech Bend

*Indiana Beach

*Morey's Piers

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This is a very tentative list and will likely change (especially the non-California parks), but for now I've got...



-Knott's Berry Farm (may have a pass)

-Six Flags Magic Mountain (will have a pass)

-Universal Studios Hollywood (have a three day pass (two days remaining) through September)



-Disneyland Resort



-Adventure City


-Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino

-California's Great America


-Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

-SeaWorld San Antonio*

-SeaWorld San Diego

-Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

-Six Flags Fiesta Texas*


Slim Chance:

-Playland (PNE)*

-Six Flags Over Texas*

Deep South Trip:



-Lake Winnepesaukah*

-Six Flags Over Georgia*

-Splash Adventure*


* indicates new park


I've got a feeling next year will end up being light and I probably won't get outside of California, but we'll see what the cards hold.

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Tentatively planning Mexico for next spring and Florida for a week this time next year as I'll finally be done with school and able to get the time off. If all goes well, possibly a trip to Carowinds/SFOG/Dollywood.

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Silver Dollar City

Cedar Point

Kings Island

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas


Six Flags Over Georgia



Frontier City

Worlds Of Fun



Six Flags Magic Mountain

Knotts Berry Farm

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Orlando

Islands Of Adventure

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Hopefully I will get to make my first ever trip to Kings Island. KD and Carowinds are also possibilities, but stretches.


As for places I go every year multiple times: Dorney, Knoebels, Hershey, GADV, CP, and Kennywood. I'd really like to get back to BGW if I'm down in Virginia at any point next summer, haven't been there in a couple years now.

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A bunch of Midwest parks I've never been to or want to get back to (mostly in/around Missouri)



Pretty Unlikely:

Japan (Nagashima, small Nagoya area parks, DisneySea, LaQua, Yomiuriland, Sea Paradise)

BGW and KD



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