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My Art Work (Coaster Credit Drawings)

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Now here's something that I thought some of you may be interested in. Basically I've recently started drawing/painting (my deviantart page in case anyone wants to see more of my stuff http://89james89.deviantart.com/) my coaster credits.


Anyway here's the first three. Hopefully you'll be able to tell which coasters they are (one is slightly obvious) without actually reading the page notes but hey, I hope you enjoy them anyways.






PS. Coaster Enthusiasts may notice a error that may annoy them but shouldn't affect people that don't know the coasters. Kudos to whoever spots it first.





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Schawarziland: Thanks and you are indeed correct. I screwed up a bit their but oh well (as I did with the sky also) but hey you learn from your mistakes right.


DoinItForTheFame: Thanks and here's some more for you plus I'm sure you could draw like it. Just takes some practice lol.


GCI Wooden: Thanks and yes Swarm is a rather nice looking coaster (pity I screwed up the train length a bit lol). Yep I'm only drawing coasters I've been on but don't worry there's been a fair few to keep me going for now.


YoshiCraftt2011: Thanks and yep they are simple. Just something for me to pick up and do quickly when I have a few minutes spare (mainly I'm using it so I don't get too rusty at sketching).



Nemesis Inferno and Stealth



Just a update to show that I am still drawing these. Here we can see Nemesis Inferno and Stealth and this time their both accurate so yay lol.






Two more down, two more to go till Thorpe Park is done!






(EDIT: Apologies for the lighting its a bit dark in here at the moment so I had to take them with the light on.)

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