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[NL1] Cmbgo12's Crappy Creations!

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Well I've taken a major break from RCT3 to move onto an even older game! I'm of course talking about NoLimits 1 the best piece of software I've had the pleasure of using! Since I'm still REALLY bad at using it don't expect anything spectacular for a long time, but I'll use this thread to periodically post coasters that I've created or designs I've copied from existing coasters...


The first coaster I'm going to post is an Intamin LIM Launched Coaster

Second Coaster: Sidewinder Elitch Gardens

Third Coaster: F'ed Up Euro-Fighter 320+

Fourth Coaster: Airshock (Custom GCI Woodie)

Fifth Coaster: SilverArrow 2.0 (Custom Schwarzkopf)

Sixth Coaster: Iron Man? (Working Title...)



General Overview, its pretty basic but onride it has all of the elements that make great coasters (Ejecter Air, Floater Air, G-Forces, and the train almost stalls at the top of the loop, who doesn't love that! )


There's that wonderful loop stall I was talking about!


A dash of ejector air


120 Degree over-banked curve that's very reminiscent of B&M hypers...


87 Degree Drop after the MCBR, the back rows get a good amount of ejector air here too!


The evil Zero-g Roll that originally pulled like 2.9 Lateral G's . Now pulling an acceptable .8 G's and being run at an appropriate speed...


And the final floater hill into the brakes!


Not bad for a first coaster, but I hope to get some feedback to get better... Or to get some ideas for future coaster creations. Next I think I might move onto an Arrow or Vekoma of some sort, maybe a generic Double Corkscrew or a custom looper if that ends up being too difficult... Well, I guess this will start the thread. I hope you all like it and would like to see more!

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Nice. How many more "crappy creations" do you think you'll be making?

As many as possible before it gets boring


Alright so today I bring you a recreation of Sidewinder at Elitch Gardens, Denver, Co... I had written out this long thought-out post, but unfortunately the website reloaded and it deleted most of the post . So this coaster will just be Screen-shots, however if your interested in the coaster or want to see it in action I'll upload it to the Game Exchange.


So this recreation is unique in the it is realistic, the first launch pulls .65 G's, the max speed is 45 MPH, max G-force is 4(.3), and the height of the coaster is 56.45 ft. Some of those are just happy accidents, but in any case it turned out beautifully. The loop is a little messed up though, so if someone could give me some tips on how to work with inversions I'd be really grateful. Anyways here are some screenshots... Enjoy!


From above


Side View, looks really good far away


First Launch, this one is a winch (Chained) launch while the second one is a drive-wheel launch/brake combination


Another overview, this is my favorite Screen-shot of this coaster


Shows how messed up the loop is, seriously, if you get how this game works and could give me some pointers I'd make my day (or night)


At this angle the loop looks pretty good .




The second launch... Oh yeah, at this point the coaster also crashes about 1/50 times due to how the game works. Its a small bug, but if you reload the coaster typically it won't do it again for a while.


The loop also looks good here, maybe I didn't do too bad of a job on it?


The final pop of airtime going into the brakes/station/launch...


Well that's all for this coaster, if you liked it it'll be in the Game Exchange. If you didn't comment and say so and I'll try and make something more difficult next time

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I love the first coaster you posted! Looks awesome!!!


I wish I were able to make a realistic Arrow Shuttle Loop, but no... Every time I try... I fail. Your's look amazing!!! To answer your question on the loop, if you try selecting all of the vertices of the loop, and clicking smooth that should help you out a lot!!


Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see more!

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That looks pretty good. I'm terrible at NL1 and am still waiting for a mac version of NL2 so I can't really give you any tips on the loop, other than to smooth it and make sure it's symmetrical. Also, is there a reason you're using the wrong car texture on the train? I don't know why, but it's really bugging me.

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Also, is there a reason you're using the wrong car texture on the train? I don't know why, but it's really bugging me.

Oh yeah, I'd mentioned it in the longer version, but forgot to add it to this one

Basically its because that texture is pretty close to Sidewinders actual train and I don't know how to make skins for NL1 trains... So for now cars are going to be either standard or once of the skins NL1 comes with

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Today is Sunday and it's super dreary and gross outside... Well, might as well spend it making a NL1 coaster!

So I present to you a pretty basic Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter. This one is a custom model because I screwed up making a 320+ and just rolled with it, I mean this is called Cmbgo's CRAPPY creations for a reason!

Anyways, I also figured out how to make custom supports in-game so be prepared to see more custom supports on my coasters and not just generic looking junk.



For those of you who know anything Euro-Fighter 320+'s you will instantly see the mistake I make I made... For those of you who don't know that model very well, there is supposed to be an Immelmann where the Over-Banked turn is


Ehh, I kinda like it though...


Oh, that lift hill


90° of beauty with 97° of awesome! (Now with custom supports )


Going up?


Coming down.




Defying the laws of physics with unrealistic supports.


90° banked turn. This turn was a serious pain in the behind, because originally I had it too close to the station and the supports would cut into it so I ended up moving the station back like 4 ft.


Hangtime! (Supposed to be zero-g )


High-speed turn into a high-speed S-bend! Somehow the smoothest part of the entire ride


HELIX (of death). For some reason this helix pulls a ton of G's... Not really unrealistic when you consider the real-life counterpart, but still weird since I put a ton of effort into making it smooth and comfortable.


Magnetic brakes!


Lookin' good


Aerial View.


Welp, not too bad for a third coaster! Still tons of room for improvement, but still OK! This coaster won't be going on the game exchange unless someone really wants it, but I hoped you all enjoyed this little project!

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If you are simply trying to boost up the number of posts, you're doing nothing but asking for a suspension - or a ban. If you like somebody's post: Comment on it. Tell them what you think of it. Describe what you like about it. Using a smiley or related and then hitting 'post' is NOT acceptable.????

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These crappy creations aren't crappy at all!


I'm sorry to disappoint you ! There's definitely a learning curve though so even of you only play it for a few minutes a day you get pretty good really quickly...


If you are simply trying to boost up the number of posts, you're doing nothing but asking for a suspension - or a ban. If you like somebody's post: Comment on it. Tell them what you think of it. Describe what you like about it. Using a smiley or related and then hitting 'post' is NOT acceptable.????


...•_• What?

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  • 1 month later...

Soo... I finally got around to building a woodie. I've named it Airshock, hope you all like it!


Its a custom GCI woodie with 3 Millennium Flyer trains, its max speed is 58 MPH (93 kM/h) its 4160 ft long and is 126 ft tall (38.4 meters). At max it pulls 4.2 G's, both at bottom of the first drop and during the 360 degree helix about mid-way through the ride.


Whooo airtime on the first drop!


Its quite quick... And not afraid to get forceful




Take the tunnel!





I went back and added steel for the many, many cross-overs




The only point of ejector air on the entire ride...



Helix of intense G-Forces, and a little bit of death.


This... uhh... thing.


~Mind your head~


I kinda messed up the banking here, so while it looks pretty good it has some insane laterals (Like 1.2 G's )




I banked the airtime hills, just cuz...


Into the brakes!



Now for some overviews of Airshock


Station and the second half


The first half from on top of the lift hill...


Looking down the lift hill


Aerial Overview of the first half


Aerial Overview of the second half




Hope you all enjoyed Airshock!

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Can't wait to see it!! Have you figured out vertical loops yet??


For this one I just used the premade element


Alright well its currently been over a month since my last update, so today I bring something that ended up taking way longer than expected. An updated version of the Schwarzkopf SilverArrow! Creatively named the SilverArrow 2.0. Anyways, sorry for the long wait here it is! (Now with video!)



The first thing you might notice is that this version is much taller standing at approximately 78 ft compared to the original at 60 ft.


It also features a larger loop than the original.


The turnaround after the loop is also different from the original as it is only a turn around and doesn't go 360 degrees as the original did.


However, after the new MCBR is still threads the loop!


The the train goes through a banked turn, over an airtime hill, through another turn, and into the brake-run. Making this version about 400 ft longer than the original while still fitting in approximately the same perimeter.


Lifthill Porn.


Curved first drop!


Tons of head choppers (But still plenty of a factor of safety!)


Through the loop!


More head-choppers!


From above


From the good side!


From the not-so-good side


And from the other good side!





Hope you all enjoyed this coaster... And while the next coaster is already finished I won't be able to post it until I get back from Christmas Vacation. So until then Ill give one hint: The crow caws from the creek bed.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Welp, got side tracked today and began work on a massive Hybrid... It should be finished tomorrow (I'll post the other one tomorrow too )


Here's a teaser picture of the hybrid... Enjoy




Specs (Hybrid):

Height: 147 ft

Length: 4181

Inversions: 1

Overbanked turns: 5

0-G Moments: Lots!

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If you are simply trying to boost up the number of posts, you're doing nothing but asking for a suspension - or a ban. If you like somebody's post: Comment on it. Tell them what you think of it. Describe what you like about it. Using a smiley or related and then hitting 'post' is NOT acceptable.????


Thats pretty unusual for a first post?


Never tried NoLimits, but these look quite nice. I have RCT3 but just dont have the time anymore for computer or real-life modelling.

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If you are simply trying to boost up the number of posts, you're doing nothing but asking for a suspension - or a ban. If you like somebody's post: Comment on it. Tell them what you think of it. Describe what you like about it. Using a smiley or related and then hitting 'post' is NOT acceptable.????


Thats pretty unusual for a first post?


Never tried NoLimits, but these look quite nice. I have RCT3 but just dont have the time anymore for computer or real-life modelling.


Yeah, that was pretty bizarre... Oh and I completely relate to that feeling ... Though I find that if I put aside just 30 minutes to mess around, then eventually projects start to come together.


Nice coasters!

I'm installing it now and wonder one thing, is it hard to make coasters?


Thanks! And yes, it can be immensely difficult at times, especially if you haven't worked with splines before. I'd recommend going on Youtube and watching some tutorials before jumping right in, or you might get a little confused.

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Alright, so I currently have a massive backlog of coasters I was working on, including the Hybrid (Which might not get posted... ), a decent terrain woodie, and a few other miscellaneous coasters... However I have come up with a coaster that I feel will be really good once I get the scenery and buildings put in. So here it is


With the temporary working name of Iron Man (<- This will also be what the coaster will eventually be themed too as well.) It's specs are currently:

Height: 219 ft

Drop: 208 ft

Drop Angle: 120 Degrees (Second steepest coaster in the world after Takabisha if it were built today...)

Max Speed: 74 Mph

Length: 4475 ft

Maximum G's: 4gs

Designer: Maurer Söhne

Type: X-Car (With on-board audio that will play Iron Man by Black Sabbath)


The lift itself is also steep at 78 degrees...


Magnetic Holding Brakes, gotta love'em


Negative G's!


Not-so-Negative G's!


So, I looked I guess this element has never been done on a coaster before... Which is strange since it seems pretty simple, anyways I officially dub this the Kamikaze Dive and let it be known that I did it first... Nana nana poo poo stick your head in doo doo.

Its pretty simple though, you go up and twist into the 176 degree banked, inverted top-hat-ish element, then you rotate, turn, and dive all in one motion to the right... It produces some killer zero-g if I say so myself.


After the Kamikaze Dive theres a zero-g area into the first brake run, which actually accelerates the train so that it won't stall...



Hey, guess what? I finally perfected my loop making skills!


B&M-like cobra roll (To prevent stalling in the event of a E-Stop)


Heartline Roll


Second Brake-Run and then into a 90 degree drop (With more Magnetic Holding Brakes!)




Airtime Hills,EuroFighter2-150301222607016.thumb.jpg.75c6430d46ebc015c1039e9591dc9f32.jpg

And then Final Brake Run. Overall I think this coaster is probably about a 9/10, because while it is forceful, smooth, and enjoyable it still isn't perfect. IMHO it has Volcano Syndrome, good concept but too short to be any good...

Now for some on-ride pictures with limited commentary...




So this is how it looks while in the Kamikaze Dive, its quite different from any other element I've come across...





Very Noticeable custom support work...


The 90 degree drop actually holds the train so that all row are facing straight down by the time the brakes release...




The ending brakes were one of the hardest parts to set up... Since they're actually made up of like 5-6 different blocks to make it feel as realistic as possible...


So anyways I hope you all enjoyed this coaster and want to see more, because I sure do have more!

Feel free to comment with suggestions for theming or if I should change the name. So I guess that's all for tonight!

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