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Photo TR: Enchanted by Enchanted Forest (Turner, OR)

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Howdy All!


I've recently did a bi coastal move to the burbs of Portland Oregon. Great city, clean air, but REALLY lacking on amusement options.


Being that I had a broken my tibia at the beginning of the summer...I'm somewhat healed, but more importantly am cleared to go on rides! It was a toss up between Oaks Park and Enchanted Forest, after watching a video on the history of this park, I was all in for exploring this park.


It's worth the watch. Basically, the park was completely handcrafted by the owner, Roger Toft. It took him over 7 years, but he sculpted all of the awesomely scary fairy tale scenes.

Don't we all wish to build our own creepy fairy tale forest?


The park itself is VERY unique. Back in Jersey, there were two similar parks: Storybookland and Gingerbread Castle. There were no rides at either parks.....Gingerbread Castle had guided tours. Sad that neither are around (although the remains of Gingerbread Castle are mixed in with a manufacturing company....very strange). Enchanted Forest have loads of little hiding spots and places to explore. Cool dioramas and animatronics. YOU WILL NEED TO GET ON YOUR KNEES TO GET AROUND. No seriously, to get to one of the slides...you have to crawl through a 'bridge'.


The Haunted Mansion is probably one of my new favorite walk through exhibits. It was much scarier than one would think to find at a childrens park. Toft used the Peppers Ghost illusion and the effect that is used on Madame Leota's crystal ball. All in all, so much better than any walk through/haunted ride on the Jersey Shore.


There is a really cool little coaster with those infamous bubble cover jammies. The video shows how it was actually another ride before. It looks and feels homemade and downright scary, like you are either going to "fall off the tracks" or smack your head on the side and get a concussion.


Also, the log flume is pretty neat (they even lend you ponchos if you wish to not get wet)....it's part coaster/part flume. I couldn't get many photos b/c I ended up with some stranger's kid. Literally, the ride op said that the mom would have to get tickets to accompany her child. So she looked at me and my man friend and said "you're adults, she can ride with you". So I was busy minding the child and making sure I wasn't liable for her jumping out of the log.


Oh....and there is a really cool trackless shooting ride. Only bummer is that there werent enough targets. Taft designed/built the theming, ride vehicles are by ETF Group.


Lastly, there are some shows that we didnt do. We were there for about 4 hours and my leg was swelling up....so we figured to save it for another time. My man friend grew up in this area and went to Enchanted Forest as a kid. He said he would watch the shows a few times upon each visit...needless to say, he was thoroughly entertained. Which doesnt surprise me. It may have been since it was the last day of the season, the staff was super friendly. I'd imagine they would also put on a good show.


A few more snoozy details. Enchanted Forest is south of Portland. About 45 min drive....depending on traffic. It's a pretty drive with the view of Mt. Hood. It's right off the highway, but if you are coming from the north...don't wait to see it to grab your exit. There isnt anything to eat in the immediate area, so unless you want sub-par themepark food (which isnt expensive, but it is really bad), I'd plan to eat before hand or pack a lunch. It's on a somewhat steep hill. So plan ahead if you have mobility issues (like I didnt).


Welcome. Now give us some of your money.


More of the entrance....it's so cute!


This is where you start your fairy tale journey.


Yes, there are gators in Oregon.


*There are no characters from that Frozen movie....so don't even ask.


Diorama inside the castle


Sir Goodnight guarding the castle


More details


Now we are talkin'.


The Old Dungeon was dark and I could not get a photo....so here is another diorama.


I'm feeling the enchantment....or maybe it was that mushroom.


There was a storm a little while back....Humpty (or as what my mom calls him, humpy) fell and broke into a million pieces (or 10). The irony was so strong, they even printed about it in the paper. If you've ever read an Oregonian police blotter...you'd know that this is HUGE news.


My name is Lil' Muffet, Ms. Muffet if yo nasty.


Entrance to the story about children getting thrown in a fire.


There is a child in a cage their....obviously, have taken parenting tips from me.


The thumbnail is really small....I have no idea what this is.


(Those are not for eating)


One instance where you have to get on your knees to find out where it leads you too. Maybe next time, I can see where all the cool kids hang out.


It leads you under a path out of this entrance.


This looks nothing like that other Alice.


Along with Humpy, these kids fell down the hill and had to be re-sculpted. They didnt make the paper though. Guess kids being broken hits too close to home for some.


Random path to where??


Snow White and the little men that just happen to live with her house. This is a tiny diorama....for tiny dwarfs. Cute, ay?


Would someone please give her a vacuum?


It's such a cute entrance....inside are cute little paths and staircases. (in Jersey accent) It's freakin' adorable.


Crappy quality cell phone pic of dwarfs jewels.


A few of nuclear water falls


Cave of dwarfs (sadistic sounding).


Going into the mouth of the witch (sorry, witch photo has man friend in it....he would like his identity to be concealed)


Stair case inside the witches mouth.




You can either slide out or take the stairs. This slide looks like it spits you right on the floor...which I'm not that dexterous yet. I opted for the stairs.


'Do we want to clear the path.....naaaa'


Unlike a certain other fairy tale based park...this one doesnt dump you out in a gift shop.


Goldie Locks House


Stupid bears


This is one of my favorite signs in the park.


Its just so cute!


This house is cray cray....the walls and floor are all uneven. Not for the weak stomach.


It looks deceiving.


There is a the old lady and her shoe slide...once you leave the fairy tale part...you enter the 'old west'.


Part II coming soon.

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I love this park! Relaxing and having it's little 'thrills' here and there.

A mini-Efteling, dare I say?


I haven't been there since the dark ride was installed. Great TR to remind

me how close I really live to this sweet place.


Looking forward to Part 2!

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This park looks really cool! It reminds me a lot of Storybook Forest at Idlewild (an old haunt of mine as a child), but this place looks more fun to me! Can't wait to see part II.


I've never been to Idewild (hopefully on my next trip) but have seen photos. I'd say at first glance they are similar. However, I gained tons of respect for this place since it was built by one guy and his friends. Great DIY project!!

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I love this park! Relaxing and having it's little 'thrills' here and there.

A mini-Efteling, dare I say?


I haven't been there since the dark ride was installed. Great TR to remind

me how close I really live to this sweet place.


Looking forward to Part 2!


Hi-ya neighbor! I hope to make it up to PNE one of these days...I grew up in New Jersey and comparatively speaking, there isnt too much around here.

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Part Duex


We zipped through the western part to head straight for the coaster. Being slow operations (which is to be expected) and it's the big headliner for the park, my man friend advised to do this first to avoid the inevitable line that will form later in the day.


Here's the sign to tell you where you are.


It's like a cat carrier for humans.


Looking through clear swiss cheese.


I hope nobody passes gas in this thing....





I don't know what to write here....


Final run


Coming into the station.


Off to play the shooting game.


Cool dragon-y thing-y


Inside the loading station.


Your chariot. The trackless part was pretty neat....I've never been on anything like that except for Aquatica. These movements didnt feel out of place and added a fun surprise element of fun.


Eh-hem....that winning score is mine.


Everywhere you look....it's just so darn cute.




Past the policially correct tepee, that bridge is where you crawl to get to the super cool slide.


From the top of the cool slide (phone was possessed at the bottom....I couldnt get a photo that didnt look like I was having a seizure)


Into the wild, wild west.


All the windows gives you a historically accurate portrayal of life in the west.


Ah...life before yelp.


Re-enactments of the final scene of Breaking Bad.


More fun details.


Why nobody had teeth back then....these guys were terrible. *sheesh*


Antiques Roadshow taught me that tulip poppler holds better over time.


Minus doom buggies.


My man friend refused to go in...something about having nightmares of this as a kid. Which is understandable, this was well done and scary.


*Cue the scary music*


He just wants to be your friend.


This reminded me of inside the other Haunted Mansion.


Leota....I mean, some headless dude.


Off to eat pizza and enjoy the water show....this was a cool room with tables and some benches set up. It was pretty entertaining.


*World of color....*


*something something....world of color*




Grande Finale!


Time to find more food...there is a stand inside of the water show theater. They only serve bread with something red and white on top. I think they called it pizza. I don't know about that though.


I so didnt realize that this is part of the seating area....cuteness.


Walking up to the kiddie area/log flume


Kiddie area




Log flume, here we come.


This was a fun log flume. Like everything else, it was built by the owner.


The log flume was surprisingly well themed. There is a dark-ish ride section with animatronics and whatnot. Better theming attempt than most Six Flags parks. ;)


The last part is part coaster and part flume...fun.


My score of over 2K makes me a knight.


Along the English streets section is a hidden area, Pinocchio's playroom. We thought it was for the real little kiddos and were going to skip it. But decided otherwise. Three blind mice diorama.


This is where they live in.


Such a cute little chair.


Looking across the street at the figures who 'talk' to people below (it's pre-recorded....but entertaining).


Something to keep occupied for 4 seconds.




Looking out on the street.


From this overpass


Finally...there's Pinocchio.


And his super creepy fairy godmother, paying him and his dad a visit.


One last stop into another theater...it was kinda hard to understand the audio, but the songs were catchy and the figures were funny.


Thanks for reading....Hope y'all enjoyed the read as much as I did recapping such a cool park!

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I would definitely check this park out just for the Haunted House, shooting dark ride, and Ice Mountain Bobsleds coaster (that is one bizarre-looking ride). Thanks for the photos. I love quirky little parks.

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Still dont know why Portland doesnt have a larger world class theme park option. Closest larger larks are Wild Waves in Tacoma and then 6 hours away there's Silverwood. I havent personally been to enchanted billage but I suppose I should adventure over there some day

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^I often wonder why both Portland AND Seattle are missing nice theme parks. Maybe the amount of rain the area gets is prohibitive to running roller coasters as often as they need to in order to pull a profit?

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^But Vancouver has a pretty good park, and they seem to do fine. Washington has a few coasters here and there, even a pretty decent woodie, it's just that they don't have a "big" park. Maybe Mt. Rainier's eventual eruption is scaring companies away...

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That's a great looking unique park. Reminds me of the one in Oakland I used to go to. I'll definitely check it out next time I'm in Oregon. Thanks for the report!

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^But Vancouver has a pretty good park, and they seem to do fine. Washington has a few coasters here and there, even a pretty decent woodie, it's just that they don't have a "big" park. Maybe Mt. Rainier's eventual eruption is scaring companies away...


Vancouver DOES NOT have a pretty good park. But they do have a GREAT coaster at their so not good park.

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^But Vancouver has a pretty good park, and they seem to do fine. Washington has a few coasters here and there, even a pretty decent woodie, it's just that they don't have a "big" park. Maybe Mt. Rainier's eventual eruption is scaring companies away...


Probably more like that the past few years (and especially this last) summer have been the driest in MANY years.

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