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Knott's Scary Farm 2014 Opening Night Report!


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Thursday was the opening night of the 42nd annual Knott’s Scary Farm, and TPR was there with David and Spears! This year there are 10 mazes, 4 scare zones, and 2 shows to entertain and terrify guests. This year’s new mazes are Voodoo, Tooth Fairy, Special Ops: Infected, and Trapped: Lock and Key. As always, there’s so much to do at Scary Farm that it’s hard to cover everything, so this report will mainly focus on the new offerings this year. Check out our report below!



We’re at Knott’s to check out the 42nd annual Knott’s Scary Farm!


To mark the start of the event there was an opening moment with The Green Witch and her Tricksters. The Green Witch rose above the entrance stage while she and her tricksters taunted guests.


A helicopter then appeared overhead, announcing that the zombie apocalypse was upon us. Guests were encouraged to enlist in the fight against the zombies. What a cool kickoff for Special Ops: Infected!


And with that, Knott’s Scary Farm was open!


We headed over to Fiesta Village for the media reception in Windseeker’s old location.


There were awesome Dia de los Muertos decorations all around...


An ice sculpture...


Tons of food...


Lots of desserts...


More desserts...


And of course drinks!




The Dia de los Muertos theming was great! These were the table centerpieces.


After the reception we headed over to the Bravo Outpost to experience Special Ops: Infected!


Infected was a lot of fun! You get a laser gun and run through Camp Snoopy shooting zombies.


There is a leaderboard where the top scores will be posted. It wasn’t working opening night, but hopefully they can get this ironed out soon!


Check out our full video of Special Ops: Infected!



After Infected, we headed towards Trapped. On the way we spotted The Headless Horseman!


Trapped: Lock and Key is all new this year (Trapped is in its third year, but the maze is completely redone from the ground up every year). As is customary for Trapped, we can’t discuss any specifics of the experience, but I will say this - they got it right this year. There was some criticism of Trapped last year, but Knott’s took that criticism, changed things up, and once again hit it out of the park this year like they did in year one. Don’t let that understated maze facade fool you, there are GREAT things happening inside! Also, the experience is long this year - I believe it was around 30 minutes for us. For those on the fence, I recommend doing it!


Next up we headed to Calico Square for The Hanging.


As always, there’s lots of pop culture humor. Kanye orders this guy in the wheelchair to stand up!


There’s violence!


Adele Dazeem


I’ve seen TPR members with bigger man boobs! (No really, I have)


The Ice Bucket Challenge makes an appearance...


Bill and Ted...


Star Wars...


Jabba the Hut...


Rob Ford...


And of course, there’s a hanging! In fact, 2 people are hung this year! But if you want to know who you’ll have to go to Scary Farm, because I’m not spoiling it!


Next we headed to the Charles Schulz Theatre...


For Elvira’s Big Top!


Which of course starred the legendary Elvira!


And also featured some other performers like this crazy guy!


He swallowed knives...


And balloons!


The Academy of Villains dance throughout the show.


A guest from the audience gets to pick a number, and on the back is something they get to do to Elvira.


You can hug Elvira, or maybe do even more! Choose your number wisely!


There’s a really great contortionist in the show too! She appears on stage in a tiny box...


And twists her body into all sorts of poses!


How is this possible? I can barely tie my shoes!


She’s really talented!


She even climbs through a bunch of tennis rackets.


Then she gets back in her box and it’s pulled off stage.


Elvira’s Big Top was a lot of fun!


Next we headed through Ghost Town Streets - the original and my personal favorite scare zone.


Ghost Town Streets keeps it simple: lots of fog, and lots of monsters hiding in it. Just how it should be, if you ask me!


Watch out, they’ll jump out and get you!


I regret going this way!


Spears regrets going this way too!


We survived Ghost Town Streets and made our way to Voodoo, another one of this year’s new mazes.


The level of detail on this maze is great!


You really feel like you’re exploring a murky swamp.


More than most mazes, it feels like you’ve entered a different world.


There weren’t really many startle scares in this maze, it just feels as if you’re wandering through a haunted environment with creepy people and creatures living in it.


I was a big fan of this one. It’s not your typical maze!


Check out our video of Voodoo!



Next we checked out Trick or Treat, one of this year’s returning mazes.


You ring the doorbell and step inside.


And quickly regret stepping inside!


Dominion of the Damned is another returning maze. People who went to West Coast Bash this year will recognize this maze as the one we got to tour!


It’s much scarier with the show lighting and monsters running through it though!


Another scare that West Coast Bash attendees will probably remember!


Finally, our last maze of the night is The Tooth Fairy.


Who knew The Tooth Fairy was a total creep? I would’ve been so scared as a kid!


Check out our video of The Tooth Fairy!



Sadly, 1am rolled around before we knew it, and it was time to head home. We admired some of the decorations on the way out.


Luckily there’s a Scary Farm season pass this year...


So you can return and check out everything!


And maybe even get some time to ride stuff. (Most rides are open during Scary Farm as well!)


At Knott’s Scary Farm, you never know what’s lurking behind the door!


We had such a fun time this year (as always)! Thanks to Knott’s for putting on such a great event, and thanks to you for checking out our report! Now go check out Knott’s Scary Farm - it runs select dates through November 1st!

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Spears & David Thank you for the Knott's Review, great pic's! Every year I try to plan a trip with my family to make it a better experience but this year maybe a little hard to attend. Having a 3 month old would be a little young to take. So I may need a baby sitter so daddy can go to this yearly tradition....

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Very cool stuff. I live in So-Cal but for some reason have never been to Scary Farm. One of these days I'll get down there, as it looks awesome, especially Special Ops Infected. Whoever came up with the idea of a zombie maze/laser tag mash-up is a genius! And was that Tony Baxter in the Special Ops video?!?

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I was working the Log Ride Friday night and got to meet Tony Baxter, I got to shake his hand and everything!

How does Infected work? Do you wait in line to get a return time ticket? Can you get a ticket for both sides at close times?


They had 3 or 4 employees handing out tickets at the Camp Snoopy entrance when I went. Once they are all out, you have to wait in the standby line on the Fiesta Village side and hope there are no-shows.


The only thing I don't like about this system is their unwritten rule about having the whole party present. It totally makes sense, except for the fact they don't inform you of this until you get there. I missed out on Infected because of that thinking it would be a similar setup to fastpass or a restaurant reservation where one person can take care of a whole group...

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