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Favorite Photos YOU Have Taken

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Some of my photos and a few more at: Ben Roach


Hope you enjoy!


Heaps more of these photos at my Flickr address!


The Cyclone at Dreamworld.


The same dose of airtime junkees.


Faces = "Woot, airtime!"


Runaway Reptar at Dreamworld.


Warner Bros. Movie World at Christmas Time!

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  • 9 months later...

Some of my favorite shots of "The Beast"



One of my few on-ride shots - "Thunder Run" at Six Flags Kentucky dump... I mean Kingdom.




The hardest coaster to photograph - "The Raven"



"The Legend"


"Wildcat" from Hershey Park



I've realized that I like photos of wooden coasters far more than steel coasters.

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Yes, it's photoshopped. But I don't care. I love it all the same.

I mean, seriously, this picture is so BA.


(Upon viewing the preview, I see clearly that the hi-res version is miles and miles better - this one has "BAD PHOTOSHOP" written all over it. I assure you, the original doesn't look that way. Still a visual treat, though.)

Higher-res: http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/3514/62308046rc6.png


I might as well post this one as well.

The sun sets behind Patriot.

For the record, the ride that followed this photo was freaking awesome.


This is Space Shot at Adventureland, by the way.

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