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Favorite Photos YOU Have Taken

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This is a real quick photo I snapped on the Scenic Railway at Luna Park in Melbourne, Australia. This is a side-friction coaster built in 1912, and still runs as designed (complete with ride-along brake man).


The coaster has been restored since this photo was taken, but it still mostly looks the same.


I love how the tunnel (in the center of the photo) looks like some sort of weird portal into another dimension!


[Edit to make picture smaller ..]


Scenic Railway - Luna Park: Melbourne Australia

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Geezus, Slushie!


You know how to work a camera or what?? Nice photos! I'm officially in love with the picture of Batman Knight Flight (it will always be "BKF" to me). And how did you get Mantis lookin' so pretty? I haven't seen it sparkle like that since opening year.


I would love to see more of your amazing shots.




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None of my pictures are "Photoshopped." All of the pictures were taken by me with a Kodak EasyShare DX3600 without the use of a tripod.


Do not reproduce my images without written consent from me.. thanks.


Russell "i dont need no fancy tripod" Heiman


P.S. First 4 are of hulk.. ill post the others next


Corkscrew in the back section of Hulk.


Loop in the back section of hulk.


Hulk car coming off the first blast again.


Hulk car coming off the first blast.

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Ok.. heres some more


JTA at SWO splashdown


Vortex at PC


Carolina Cyclone at PC


Steel Force at DP taken from the Hydra construction site.


I have lots more at my website... http://free.hostultra.com/~coasterwiz

WARNING: My site has lots of ads... sorry but thats what kept it free... now i'm getting a new site... more info at http://www.coasterwiz.tk


Cool rocks on the safari at AK


Hulk at a really nice angle in the loop. This only took one attempt!


Nice shot taken near ToT at MGM

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A picture as we were leaving cliffs, I turned and shot it, and actually caught the Rattler running


Here we are leaving the park,while the coaster is still running, the joy of tired children

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