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Favorite Photos YOU Have Taken

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I narrowed it down to these few shots...


And my fav shot taken "of" me.


Oh yeah you can also check out todays construction tour of paramount's carowinds completely "re-invented" Nick Central - guranteed to get the golden ticket this year! HERE











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Sorry, couldnt narrow it down anymore :\


6 in the first post here...no order of importance, love all of these.


Little offseason adventure...


This turn is just NOT right...but so fun.


Cool Timbers action shot


Shivering Timbers looking impressive


Cornball Layout


Cornball Express

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Heres the rest:



Most all of these I can get in uber high res for anyone if they wish.


Maybe the yummiest time lapse of them all.


More yummy Time lapse.


Yet more adventures...


More offseason adventures...


MMmmm. I love time lapse.

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All from my beloved Gardaland:



Fuga de Atlantide



Magic Mountain *There was no suitable resting point to keep the camera stiil, considering I don't, and still don't know how to take blurred shots it turned out quite well*



Space Vertigo



The view from the Flying Island. I only found this a few hours ago whilst going through my files, don't know how I missed it!


I'm sorry if you wanted these uploaded onto the forums Robb, but it wouldn't let me..

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Um...yea..here's my first (and best coaster pic). Please note that this was taken in a moving vehicle way before I had a real digi-cam to get pix with.


Otherwise here's the Not so Vertical Velocity. If the sun wasn't in such a bad spot, this woulda came out good and woulda been able to see some of my friends..


Last one for now until I can find some of my first POV images is the Tazmanian Devil @ sfmw...best flat there.


Best ride to go on right after eating =)


V2.5's rear spike, but the sun messed it up.


Don't you just love the Gameboy camera?

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Heres another favorite of mine, the sunlight affecting the light though but it looks beautiful IMO, its SheiKra at BGT.


SheiKra, taken from a construction wall hole (actually, a hole that used to be a doorknob)

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