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Favorite Photos YOU Have Taken

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What are your favorite photos YOU have taken?


Mine has to be one I took from a distance away from Kumba's Cobra Roll at BGT and one of Georgia Cyclone I took from the fourth floor of the Wingate Inn right next to SFOG.


Kumba- Taken a distance away from the Cobra Roll.


Georgia Cyclone- Taken from the fourth floor of the Wingate Inn next to the park.

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Well I have two from my last visit to cliffs


The first is the drop into the underground shed of the NM Rattler


The second is Elissa's favorite named water park, Water Monkey adventure


NM Rattler drop


Water monkey adventure, everyone getting wet

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This picture was took by me on the 31th December 2004 at Universal Citywalk (next to the entrance of USF )

The second one was took at Popeye water ride at Islands of Adventure Look at the face of the people in the boat

And the third and fourth, just for fun because i like them ^_^









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here are mine


finally a coaster!!! This is Scream! at Magic Mountain, i rele like this one


an interesting picture of the Sea World Tower at Sea World San Diego. I guess they're evacuating people from the ride or teaching people how.


my favorite on-ride photo from Space Mountain (My friend and I flipped off the camera)

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