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What's your favorite Robb Alvey line from a TPR video?

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"Look at the lift hill on this thing... it's not even straight, it's not even close to being straight... look at the track, it comes off the wood over here... oh Jesus Christ, this is just not cool..."


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The Banshee video where it is dark outside and the light from the camera makes him pretty much blind always makes me chuckle. Especially when he thinks they're going into a loop and then realizes it's an Immelman.

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Just found myself watching TPR videos on YouTube, and while watching the Dodonpa video I seriously was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!! "OOOOoooohhhhh It's bouncy... my titties are jiggling!" (At: 1:50)

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This one:





I have two seatbelts. One arount the restraint and the other one is just kinda loosing somewhere. We're really hoping I don't need the second seatbelt for this thing for any reason. But pretty sure we gona find out really quick if I do or not.

I spy Helix of death. Helix of death. Ohhhhh ohhh god Wheeeee

Oh that's a really good noise. Sound like this thing was stoped by sealions. I love the sealion braking system this roller coaster has. Hear them? Sealions!

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We're on some sort of Chinese Mine Train, and I believe that is a severed head right there. Yeah that... that's a severed head.


Not too sure what the severed head had to do with the mine train but I'll take it THERE'S SANTA CLAUS! Hurray!


I like how we go from severed heads to Santa Claus in one ride.


I don't think this ride has operated in the last 30 years.


Oh God, it's a huge waterfall!


This is all from one video, this video, actually.


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"Ohhh holy anal sex sheep sh*t f***ing monkey bastard sh*t!" (Manhattan Express)


"Oh crap. I actually said the 'oh crap' before we've even left the station. I'm pretty sure worse things are gonna come out of my mouth when we're actually on the tilt..." (Gravity Max)


"AAAAAHHH LOOP DEE LOOOOP!!!" (old POV of Venus @ Space World)


"This is like something I'd build in RCT and it would tell me people won't ride it!" (Atomic Coaster)

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Some gems here



"It's called The Crows Nest but I call it the Oh Crap turn"


"How is this even legal??!?!?"


"We just went through a house!!!"


Bonus points for the use of "balls out nuts"

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Love when grown men aren't afraid to act childish on rides. Last year I was at my local park Wild Waves and I was screaming "Yeehaa" on the wild mouse coaster and this kid behind me says, "Dude stop being such a (homo)!" I just ignored him, walked off the ride and kissed my hot wife and my baby girl. Then I turned and winked at him and walked awsy. Thank you, Rob for helping bring it my inner child.

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Thank you for sharing this! I don't remember seeing this one before. I lost track on the number of bleeps in the video, and I think a couple of F-bombs did sneak past the censors.


I know. Watched the opening couple of drops prior to the loop, and heard about 3-4 bleeps. LOL awesome!

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Just watch any of his videos of Chinese coasters for some gems.


"If there was ever a time that a ride ejected poop out of my body, it is now."

"That was some wacky sh*t."

"Why must we go on these coasters that are made mostly out of rust?"

"Uh, I think he's pushing in the back? ...Yeah, he is pushing."

"Aww, this is... this is just not cool."


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