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Let's say one would like to find a bunch of patches from various parks (new or old, rides or general, doesn't matter..and no, no patch jackets are involved). Without going to the parks themselves, is ebay the only option for this kind of thing or is there another place that park goers sell/trade them? Ebay's pickings are slim. Alternatively, is anyone looking to get rid of a few?Thanks!

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It's been a very loooooooong time since I collected patches, so I wouldn't know to be honest. I'll move this into the main forum and see if anyone may know what parks still have them or if there is a good place to get them second hand.

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I have a ton of coaster merchandise (rubbermaids full) that I'm trying to sell on ebay over the next two months. I have a decent collection of patches from the mid-2000's that may interest some on this forum. Below is a full list of the patches that I'm willing to part with. Feel free to reply back or PM me if any of these interest you.


-Knoebels Phoenix

-Boulder Dash

-Hades (text only, no logo)



-Millennium Force

-Worlds of Fun




-Shivering Timbers

-Magnum XL 200


-Twister at Knoebels

-Tsunami at Clementon Park

-J2 at Clementon Park

-Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun



-Top Gun (generic, no specific park)


I also have some rare pins for those interested, such as Hercules at Dorney Park and Orient Express at WOF.

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