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Trip Report: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2014

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It is that time of year again! One of our favorite events in Orlando - Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! This is what they call a "hard ticket" event in where the party requires an additional ticket to get into, they limit the ticket sales for the party, and you get some AWESOME entertainment and fun that is not offered during a normal park day at Magic Kingdom.


We've been going every year for about ten years now! Here's some photos and video from our visit this year!



Seeing the giant Mickey pumpkin inflatables over the Magic Kingdom parking always makes me happy!


Newsies at the Monorail waiting to go to Magic Kingdom!


Tonight we are at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party At Magic Kingdom! One of my favorite events in Orlando! We look forward to this every year.



Tonight we are "Carrying the Banner" as Newsies!


I believe this is our first every "family themed" costume for the event!

(ps. Newsies The Musical will be on tour across the USA in 2014-2015. See it! It's amazing! Here's the website: http://www.newsiesthemusical.com/)



We had reservations for Be Our Guest for this evening. I figure that Newsies should be allowed to dine in style, right?



The interior of the restaurant is just fantastic.


"Check me out... having alcohol at the Magic Kingdom!"


Loved the little touches they add to the cupcakes here!


Be Our Guest has a new dessert for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! Chocolate with blood orange filling! Yum! (there appears to be a spider on the plate!)



We were with friends that had never seen Enchanted Tales with Belle, so of course we had to do it!


Wes makes a very handsome knight, don't you think?


KidTums got chosen to play the Beast and got to dance with Belle!


She makes a very terrifying Beast!


Check out those Knights! I'm sure if angry ferocious animals were attacking Belle, these two would obviously fight them off!


OMG! We ran into these awesome Japanese girls and one of them was dressed as Clarice! (And of course Elissa just happens to have her Tokyo Disneyland photo case with her that features this character!)


When you see these - you get candy! (That's how it works)


KidTums goes trick or treating!


And as ever good Newsie should, she is handing out newspapers, spreading the world about the kids workers union!


I think the cast members absolutely LOVED getting something in return for their candy! So many of them were thrilled by this! =)

(pssst. Hey Doc Brown - Maybe you can use your time machine and go back to 1899 and help these kids with the strike? Thanks.)


KidTums is already sneaking in some candy! ;)


We ran into a fellow Newsie at the park also carrying the banner! Seize the Day!


Newsies are totally gonna Seize the Space Mountain!



This is why we love Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - No line for Space Mountain!



Newsies were Seizing the ... um.... Space Mountain?


It's one of the only times you can come in costume at the Magic Kingdom. We really love this event!


And they bring out all sorts of awesome characters you don't normally see! Here's Boo from Monsters Inc!


Just a few of the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party exclusive food items...


...and another one!



We ran into our friends from Attractions Magazine at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!



Quinn is carrying quite the large banner! lol


Sally said she's deliver the message to Jack about the kids union! (no zombie kids making toys in Halloween Town!)



Had to take a ride on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!


SPOILER ALERT!!! The witch is at the end!!! (Oh, wait, I guess I kind of ruined for you, now didn't I?) ;)


I absolutely LOVE the make-up work they do on Haunted Mansion cast members during this event!



Our ghost host Andrew was frighteningly terrifying!



Just some of the Haunted Mansion costumes & effects.



She sits out front and tells spooky stories and makes haunted jokes!


The Haunted Mansion all lit and fogged up for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!


Newsies Stop The... (small) World?


I love that they are using castle projection effects during the Villains show!


Celebrate The Magic is still one of my favorite things to ever have come to Magic Kingdom!


It's got Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and Frozen! What's not to love?


During the Halloween Party there is a special segment just for the occasion.


Boo to you Ursula!


Here's a video of the entire Celebrate The Magic Halloween Show:


HalloWishes is probably my favorite fireworks show they do at Walt Disney World.


Fireworks blast off from everywhere it seems!


And they do the "Fireworks in the round" effect which is just amazing!


And also, castle projection effects are used during the show.


Lots of explosions! lol



The "fireworks in the round" finale of HalloWishes is one of my favorite "fireworks moments" ever!



More little touches throughout the park during the event.



Phineas and Ferb made a guest appearance pre-parade to get people all warmed up!


Here's a video of the complete HalloWishes Fireworks show:


And yes, the headless horseman is back!



Video: Headless horseman is bad ASS!



We don't normally watch parades, but we ALWAYS watch the Boo-To-You Parade!


I don't know if it's just that the song is catchy...


...or because they do amazing things you don't see in any other Disney parade!


The gravediggers are always the star of the show! Such an amazing effect...so simple...but awesome!



Video: Haunted Mansion gravediggers are always the star of the Boo-To-You parade!



The Haunted Mansion and Villains theme is sooooo cool!


Hitchhiking Ghosts!


All your Disney friends are here, too!


For the first time they had Vanellope von Schweetz and Wreck-it Ralph leading the Halloween Candy section!


Sugar Rush!!!



Vanelope & Wreck-It Ralph in the Boo-To-You Parade! Awesome!


Here's the complete Boo-To-You parade!


I love that they keep adding things to this event. In the Diamond Horseshoe they converted it into "Club Villain"


A fun dance club where you can find quite a few of the most despised characters dancing with guests. And this is totally free!


We found Japanese Clarice dancing with the evil sisters!


Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party limited edition MagicBand PURCHASED!!!


What a fantastic night! We will be doing this event more this year! Love it!!!





Construction Photos from early Feb 2005


Construction Photos from early Feb 2005


In case you get lost wandering through the gardens, just look for one of these signs!


Yes, they even have one of these Vekoma torture machnies for the kiddies!

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I had a fantastic time at this event! It was my first time going to it, or any hard-ticket, and it was totally worth every penny. Plus, I was so excited to run into my fellow Newsies! When I saw you three, I kind of started fan-girling (I admit it), but it was still awesome!


Robb, may I please post the picture of us as Newsies on my facebook? And please tell Kristen thanks again for the newspaper!

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I had a fantastic time at this event! It was my first time going to it, or any hard-ticket, and it was totally worth every penny. Plus, I was so excited to run into my fellow Newsies! When I saw you three, I kind of started fan-girling (I admit it), but it was still awesome!


Robb, may I please post the picture of us as Newsies on my facebook? And please tell Kristen thanks again for the newspaper!

Of course you can! I loved that there was someone else dressed up as a Newsie! We were afraid people wouldn't know what the costume was and that it would be too obscure of a Disney reference, but lots of people knew exactly what it was even without seeing the bags that said "Newsies" on them! (but they did help...)


We were impressed with how well it all went over.

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Oh, yeah... Fun Fact! The paper that Kristen handed you... the side of it that says "Trolley Strike Enters Third Week" - That's a copy of the actual prop newspaper they use in the show!


I actually noticed that! I looked at it, and was surprised when I saw the picture of Corey Cott in the middle as Jack! How on earth did you get that?


I had one cast member look confused when I said I was a Newsie (even though I was walking around with my own newspaper-- sidenote, it took forever to find an all black-and-white page in the Washington Post for the costume!), but a bunch in Adventureland said they loved my outfit! Also, I had my friend (the girl in the red hat in the background of the picture) take a photo of me carrying the banner in front of City Hall in Town Square. It seemed appropriate .


Even with the blisters I got from walking all over the place, I would do Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party again in a heartbeat! The fireworks and parade were the best I've ever seen at Disney, and overall, it was a complete blast!

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Amazing report! I've always wanted to do this event for so many years. Maybe one day I'll get to it. The videos you posted were great for those of us that can't make it to the event. It was also fun seeing my friend in the Boo to You Parade as one of the cowboys (he's only been working there for about 4 months and loves it!). I am really impressed with the Alvey clan actually doing a family costume!!! Pretty great stuff guys!


Jimmy "Next year family costume should be Frozen with Robb as Olaf" Bo

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