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[NL2] Atter's No Limits 2 Roller Coaster Creations!

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I started working on my first major No Limits 2 coaster awhile ago and I just finished the layout of the ride. I haven't done any of supports yet, but I will soon! This is just a work in progress. I look forward to posting more updates for this coaster!



A train headed into the mid-course break run.


The final inversion of the ride.


The inversion that is right before the mid-course break run.


I know it isn't much, but I will make sure to show off more of the coaster in the next update!

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I finally had time to work on my No Limits 2 coaster! Here is some pictures of my progress on Wild Rocket!



I finally starting supporting this coaster!


Here is the launch and the the first inversion!


The entire layout of Wild Rocket. It's small, but that's becasue it's my first coaster in No Limits 2.


Here is another project that I recently started working on!


I don't have a lot done on my next project, but I I have the lift hill, the first drop, and the first airtime hill done!


The RMC coaster is only a side project until I finish Wild Rocket. I will also be posting a POV of Wild Rocket when it's finished!

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