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[RCT3] Douglas Gardens

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Hello everybody! Spartan pidgeon reporting for duty (thats my slogan), welcome to my first post! These posts are for my update for a cedar fair park, Douglas Gardens! I hope you guys will like it when I finish it

First off, I'm gonna tell you the rollercoasters:


1. Trition (B&M Hypercoaster 2010)

2. Viper (Arrow Corkscrew Coaster 1986)

3. Wild Mouse (Maurer Sohne Wild Mouse Coaster 1989)

4. Hurler (Philadelphia Toboggan Co. Wooden Coaster 1999)

5. Wildfire (TOGO Stand-Up Coaster 1989)

6. Rampage (Philadelphia Toboggan Co. Wooden Coaster 1981)

7. Flying Ace Aerial Chase (Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster 2001)

8. Woodstock Express (Philadelphia Toboggan Co. Wooden Coaster 1998)

9. Afterburn (Vekoma SLC 2005)

10. Boomerang (Vekoma Boomerang Coaster 1989)

11. Flight Deck (Vekoma Flying Dutchman 1999)

12. Backlot Stunt Coaster (Premier Rides LIM Launch Coaster 2005)

13. Lightning Racer (Philadelphia Toboggan Co. Wooden Racing Coaster 1979)

And on the bottom, are the pictures (I know its a few, but I'm working on my park):


Here is the park's entrance. Like I said, this is a cedar fair park. The sign is stylized like it, too.


Next, here is the information center. Now there's 3 counters so that people won't get in a big line and wait for just 1 counter.


This is the main plaza. There is a lady statue in the fountain and flowers for beautiful scenery.

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Well let me guess on the coasters' old names when Douglas Gardens was owned by Paramount


Trition (built after Cedar Fair bought out Paramount Parks)

Viper (same name)

Wild Mouse (Runaway Reptar)

Hurler (same name)

Rail Blazer (same name)

Rampage (same name)

Flying Ace Aerial Chase (Fairly-Odd Coaster)

Woodstock Express (Scooby-Doo Roller Ghoster)

Steel Fury (same name)

Invertigo (Face/Off)

Flight Deck (Top Gun)

Velocity (Star Trek: The Ride)


I'd like to know what years the coasters opened.

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Actually, the Wild Mouse was the same name, and Velocity had the same name too. But the rest of the rollercoasters you got them right!


I'll tell you the rollercoaster opening years:

Trition (2010)

Wild Mouse (1998)

Flight Deck (2000)

Flying Ace Aerial Chase (2000)

Woodstock Express (1997)

Rail Blazer (1999)

Velocity (1999)

Hurler (1995)

Rampage (1990)

Steel Fury (1999)

Invertigo (1988)

Viper (1994)


The park opened in 1985

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You can put a "Planet Snoopy" kiddie area near the front of the park with Woodstock Express, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, and some family friendly flats in there! You can say that Planet Snoopy was originally "The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera", Then "Nickelodeon Central" before Cedar Fair bought the park!

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Thats actually very good, DarienLaker! I will place it there! I'll put it on the left side. Trition has a dead end where the entrance is. The exit is on the ongoing path. Rail Blazer is kinda far away from Trition. The flat ride kinda next to Rail Blazer is their old flat ride--Thunder Bobs!

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JohnnyRCT3, I posted this because my brain went storming on where the rollercoasters should be placed. So, I need help. And no, this isn't reductant.

Yes it is. Moved to the original thread.

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Hello! Update 2 is here! Now, There are 2 rollercoasters that I placed: Trition, and Rampage. Also, I added a thunder bobs in there, too (DarienLaker gave me the idea of placing trition next to a flat ride). Well, here is UPDATE 2!
























Those are the pictures. I will have more updates in the future. This is Spartan Pidgeon, signing off.

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