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Visionland Construction

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^ It's been a while, I know. But I thought there were at least a couple more, that have been built since then.


I've been lucky enough to ride three of them: Piraten, Kawaseimi, and Fly Over Mediterranean.



I would love to know which is one is the best since i've never laid by eyes on a mega lite.

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Even if it is identical to the other Intamin Mega-lites, this one would win just for its colour scheme! (Or at least tied with Piraten because that one has a tunnel )

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^ That's more than probable.


It seems to me that chinese manufacturers build sections that are "loosely" fitting together (in an extent), but they do the latest adjustments on site. To be fair, western manufacturers do that as well, it's inevitable, but on a more smaller scale...


Look here at the gap between two pieces (although maybe the piece is still hold by the crane) :




And here, it seems that the pieces don't have any support connectors prebuild, but all the connections and adjustments are done on site:


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