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Backpacks at Six Flags (Particularly SFOT)

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How well are you able to manage a backpack at Six Flags parks? I'm not talking giant backpacks, I'm talking a little hydro pack. Me and the gf have always gone to disney or universal parks and at disney you could either take the bag with you, or at universal put em in free lockers outside the ride.


I've heard people talk about pink fluffy bunnys filled with medicine in goo. What in the heck is a pink fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo?!?



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I took a bag to Six Flags Magic Mountain yesterday and you usually leave the bag/backpack to the side, put it in one of the cubbies, place it in one of the lockers, or take it on the ride. For most of the rides in the park, you usually leave it to the side and pick it up from the ground (or from a table) after the ride.

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FYI, I'm going to use "Metal Box" in place of the 'L' word, to avoid the word filter.


As every park is different, I'm unsure of the exact protocol for bags at SFOT (whether or not they can be put on the ride platform).


At Great Adventure (my home park), loose articles are NOT permitted to be left on the ride platform.

However, I don't mind this because of their metal box setup. For $8, you get a permanent metal box assigned to you that you can move to all rides. These can be purchased at any ride, just select "Purchase a multi-use metal box." It actually works out better because you don't have to worry about the security of your phone or other expensive equipment while you are on the ride, as it is secure inside the metal box.


Even if they do allow loose articles on ride platforms (again, I am unsure of SFOT's policy), I highly recommend renting an $8 all-day metal box anyway. It's very convenient.


All in all, you will know if you are allowed to place your bag on the platform when you attempt to enter the queue at the ride. If bags are not permitted on the platform, the entrance attendant will ask you to place your items in a metal box before queueing.

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom cracked down hard on loose articles when I was there on Saturday. Some girl in line for Roar asked if her small napsnack backpack was okay but the ripe op said "If it can fit in your pockets you can ride". needless to stay, all of its stuff wouldn't fit in her pockets. I think her little group devided it up between thewm and manageed to get on, but barely.


If it was for single train operation she would of delayed a ride dispatch or be sent to put it in the locking rental bin or ask someone at station to hold it.

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Every major ride has either bins or curtained cubes you can place it in. But be aware there are more than a few water fountains at SFOT and the concession stands are obligated to give you free water cups.


Specific ride situations: Titan and NTAG have curtained cubes on the platform and zipper pockets in the cars for smallest items (phone, wallet, keys). Shock Wave, Batman, Vibora, and Mine Train have just the cubes. Mr. Freeze has a sliding platform with little bins and no one can access your items while riding. Superman and Sky Screamer have bins. Most flats have cubes, if I recall, though not many of them will pitch your items anyway. Runaway Mountain exits at a slightly different spot than it boards, so they won't let you leave items (IIRC).

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The only ride at Magic Mountain that makes you pay for the fluffy bunny is X2. X2 has an unusual loading station where you enter and exit from the same side of the platform on both sides of the platform so there isn't much room for putting your stuff on the side. The $1 bins are at the entrance of the station and are one time use for up to 2 hours. On Sunday during the day since X2 only had a 10-15 min wait, I left my backpack in my locker while I rode twice.


At SF Great Adventure, most of the major rides require you rent a bin. They have rentable bins in front of the major rides. Each use will let you have the bin for two hours, so the best way is to pick a central location, and ride as many rides in that area in 2 hours. I used a Nitro locker to go on Nitro, Batman, and Dark Knight and a Bizarro locker to go on Bizarro, the log flume, and El Toro.

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