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It isn't a lift hill soundtrack at all but I love the sounds on Steel Venom. I love the screams they play right as you launch. And then also when you are suspended for a few seconds too.


Those aren't screams, they are the sound that the magnetic launch system makes when the electricity is applied to it for launching or holding the train.

Oh really, that's interesting. I like how it sounds though anyway because it adds to the ride haha

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I really liked Euro Mir and Euro Sat, due to the music and length it takes to get to the top.


Also, like stated before, The Beast has great lift hill music as well. Manta has some epic music too but I don't remember if that makes it all the way up the lift...I think it's only the pre-lift to maybe a quarter of the way up.

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I have Several Soundtracks of coasters that I like. For example: Desert Race (Heide Park), Flug der Dämonen (Heide Park), Scream(also Heide Park), Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park), Sky Scream (Holiday Park), Blue Fire (Europa Park), Wodan (Europapark) and both Soundtracks of Helix(Liseberg).

There are also other good Soundtracks.

In this YouTube Playlist there are these Soundtracks I listed and also others, but these I wrot up there were my favourite ones.

Here is the link for this YouTube Playlist:

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IMAscore is the best. They've done a bunch a really cool soundtracks. From Helix, to Dwervelwind, Krake, Chiapas, BlueFire...


One can not forget Euro Mir, all the other Europa Park's songs ; and those from Efteling as well (DVH and Ravejin )!

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I love the Spaceship Earth soundtrack! Disney has so many good ones though . . .


As far as coasters, I really enjoyed Led Zepp at Hard Rock Park. That first drop with Whole Lotta Love was awesome haha

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My favorite is easily Euro Mir. That theme song is just too damn catchy.


Close Runner Ups:

Everything by IMAscore (Helix, Smiler, etc)

CA Space Mountain

California Screamin

Rock'N'Roller Coaster (It's Aerosmith)

Anything else Disney


Stuff that isn't on the Disney/IMAscore/Europa Park Level, but I still enjoy it


Bizarro @ SFGAdv (Yes, I like this soundtrack. Yes, I am in the minority)

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I think Space Mountain-De la terre a la lune is probably the best ride soundtrack that's ever been created. Sadly, I never got to experience the coaster with that soundtrack, but just listening to it while watching videos makes it seem like the ride would have been outstanding.


As for other coasters I've been on with a soundtrack, they tend to fall into one of four categories...



-Space Mountain (Disneyland-new & Ghost Galaxy)

-California Screamin'

-West Coast Bash soundtracks (Terminator and X2)



-Revenge of the Mummy

-Space Mountain: Mission 2

-Space Mountain (Disneyland-old)

-Banshee & Beast lift hills

-Terminator Salvation: The Ride

-Casey Jr. (the Paris version counts as a coaster in my book)



-Bizarro (SFNE-new soundtrack)


-Green Lantern lift hill

-Top Thrill Dragster pre-launch




-El Loco

-Rockin' Space Mountain

-Rockin' California Screamin'

-Bizarro (old soundtrack)

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...I'm still in love with this one: Space Mountain: De La Terre à La Lune. Hopefully, it shall return in 2015!


Actually, ALL of the Space Mountain soundtracks are great, for me. Especially in the late 1990s when

they started adding the soundtracks and speakers in the cars, etc.


^And I agree, the original DLP Space Mtn. soundtrack is really wonderful from 'lift-hill' to arriving

back at the station. Very professional, original, and just exciting! I got to experience it on DLP's

10th Anniversary (2002). And the opening year of Walt Disney Studios, too.

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