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[RCT3] Pinewood Park-Last Day Of The Season!

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Hi, this will be a brand new park project. I will still be working on Six Flags Wild Northwest, so this will be a side project. I can't wait to share this ambitious project with everyone!



Hello, my name is Phil Fields, the park manager of Pinewood Park. I can't believe it is finally opening day for Pinewood Park, as I have been busy making sure that everything is in place to bring joy to our guests. Pinewood Park offers enough to ensure all our guests will enjoy their visit! Cascade Financial Company, a financial institution, from Seattle, Washington, finally gave the green-light for an amusement park after years of investing in the amusement industry. I’m astonished by the location they chose for Pinewood Park, as it happens to be surrounded by the lush and green scenery of the Washington countryside. Well, why don't I just show you how truly amazing this park is? I have some photographs to share from my visit to the park.



I decided to walk towards the park's wooden roller coaster, Rainer Rampage!


The park's tallest attraction, Lakeside Plunge!


It was great seeing guests enjoying their day at the park!


I walked back to the Main Street section and rode the huge ferris wheel, The PineWheel!


Here is a shot of the whole Main Street section of the park!


Rainer Rampage is a magnificent wooden coaster!


Since I'm the park manager, I'm allowed access to some special areas, so I had the ability to get this shot from across the lake!


I think my favorite section in the park would be Stone Mountain Village! This ride is called Blizzard!


I really love the theming in this section!


The building on the left in the last picture is actually the entrance for Avalanche, which was a very fun ride!


I'm very pleased by how many people attending the park's opening day! I would say it was a success and I think that this park will have a very bright future!

-Phil Fields, Park Manager.

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September 24th, 1972

Phil Fields-Park Manager


Pinewood Park has had a very successful first year and Cascade Financial Company, the company that had invested into this park, has decided to invest in other properties after seeing the large income that Pinewood Park gave them! I don't have too may details on what they have planned, but it sure looks like a good sign for this park! Anyway, here are some photographs I took of my visit on the last day of the 1972 season!



I got to the park right when it opened!


Later in the day, I decided to ride Blizzard!


I really like how the park's Main Street section looks at sunset!


The park's entrance sign!


For anyone who is wondering, this is the Fresh Forest Café.


Here is the last shot that I took of the day! It is the entrance into Stone Mountain Village!


I already can't wait for the park's next season! This will be a long winter! I'm also excited because of a brand new addition that we have planned for 1973! It will be a classic ride that everyone will enjoy! Make sure to look for the announcement in the newspaper next week!

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