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[RCT3] Adventure Land Theme Park (CLOSED)

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It's finally 2000. The decade has struck us! A while ago, I started to create a theme park, Adventure Land. So, there are two rides and one roller coaster- a woodie, of course! We didn't have TOO much money so the estimated ride time is, sadly, only 44 seconds long. However, at my local shop, the tree and flower seeds are very cheap, because they're having a discount. Tarmac was our main paving type and I love the idea of having a white thing around it. It looks like rocks or re-used rubble of some sort. Who knows? I took some pictures from a helicopter and on foot. This was the first shot.Shot0066.thumb.jpg.1cf69060a2806528afb1fdc066c4a6e4.jpg

An overview of the park. Dips 'n' Splinters, The Flying Chairs and The Grand Carousel are seen in the picture.


You can see how small the woodie is but small coasters are good so maintenance takes a shorter time and queues go by quicker. The only con is that... well, they're short! They have a short ride time, but because of the intensity of being 6.00 for some reason, it would be a dare to increase the number of circuits. The other con is that they don't always reach the top of a person's favourite rides list but some people will put them at the top. Moving on we have another shot from my helicopter. Shot0074.thumb.jpg.404168d65769487fefe528d3119f60d4.jpg

Aerial view of Dips 'n' Splinters. The Grand Carousel can be seen.


We plan to add more stuff, but we need to save up first! Here are a few more pictures before opening day!



Coasters, rides, tarmac and foliage. Beautiful! Well, one coaster.



Night shot of The Flying Chairs. (Yes I know the real name is Waveswinger.)



The Grand Carousel. I like this ride at night.



Night shot. I love this little park I made! More coming soon!


Look! Our concept art!



Oh no! Someone, something or somebody has tipped our ink! :-(. Our very simple concept art has been ruined! We should try to rub it off. That line will represent something...


That's all I really need to say, so goodbye until opening day!

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Woohoo! Me and the rest of GamingPro941 Inc. have saved up the money for TWO new coasters for 2001!


In 2000 we built a theme park with 3 rides and 2 successful months of opening. They sell hot dogs and drinks like water, milkshakes, fruit juice and fizzy drinks! Here's what the guests said in a survey:


'Is the food high quality?'




'Are the drinks nice?'




Are the toilets fresh and clean?'




As you can see, everyone says this is a very good park but there's only 1 ride for the thrill seekers. So, that would all change in 2001. But first... let's move on to some pictures in the first few weeks of opening...



A healthy queue for Dips 'n' Splinters!


That really is a healthy queue! The new rides cost us around £1.5 to £2 million including the beautiful Dutch wall set brought to us by one of our friends! Here it is. Behold...



INVERTED VERTIGO!!! A Shuttle Loop that's inverted! It's duelling as well! Worth the ton of money we earned from 2 months. By the way my part-time job is a rush-hour Burger King worker every once in a while. My job switches every week. I get paid lots because of my tireless working to get one's food and drink.


Min. height is 1.3m! No excuses!



Ready to launch at 51mph!


This was our final picture before we left.



I love this park.


That's all of what we have to offer today! Let's see another great year in 2001!

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I don't know about 2 shuttle loops... The inverted idea is pretty cool! Maybe some more foliage too!


Yes... in the next update (will start typing in an hour or so) it will include a lot of trees. The park had just closed for the Easter holidays and we've only got about 2 weeks before re-opening. Did I say the updates will be now done once a day? Anyway, as I said, more plants are coming soon! Did I say the update is coming? Yes!- The update will come! Don't get out of your seat because GamingPro941 will be back after the break. Just remember, I only comment after someone else comments. I don't like it when I double post.


Inverted Vertigo- Beware.

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It's been a while since I posted an update. Anyway, we planted some new trees during the Easter break. It's a pattern of trees around both tracks of Inverted Vertigo. It's a very popular ride, but The Flying Chairs appear to be taking the cake right now. The epic, pounding music or the trees, bushes and flowers surrounding it or maybe the colours. I also always thought our current flats were very short. We increased the number of circuits so people get a decent ride time.


The hottest month of the year is set to be in July so we need a lot of shade- but every day is open from mid-April to late July. The park is open from 9am till midnight so we always have to take the night shift if improvements with shade are made so guests aren't burnt from the sun. We plan to add sun cream and sunglasses and also a small mystery thing for the hotter days as well! Here are the pictures of the trees. First one is the Inverted Vertigo pattern:



The classic trees. And coasters. And fancy support work.


Next up is the upcoming cooling area for the summer:



What will be here... will be here.


Finally, this is an overall view of the park. It's a lovely park with fresh smells of greenery.





That's really all I have for you.Next time I will show you what's coming soon!

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I'm facing the same problem with lack of comments. Don't worry about it, keep the park going. I read all the parks but very seldom comment. I know alot of people are like me and are just to lazy to comment.


I like your park it's very good for a NCS park. I wouldn't be able to do this with out CS

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I try to comment on any new park updates that I see, so I guess I will comment on your park! First, you should really crop your pictures, so the menu on the side and the on on top don't show. Second, I really like the foliage you added to your park. Finally, I really think your paths should have fences. I can't wait to see more of this park!

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